• Okto-Gredile
    • Gredile: The "main continent", reaches from Opening Street to the Mountain, where the border with Oktov lies. Includes the Village and Resort Isles. Named after Gridmasks, who colonized this area and remain most common here.
    • Oktov: A similarily prominent continent, reaching from the Mountain to Beach 4. Named after the OKTE, which was told to lie past the Mountain range prior to advanced exploration. Not as densely populated due to harsh weather conditions and fear of old rumours, and is therefore home to many late alien visitors (Dark Matters, Oumeth, etc.).
  • Faeric: The densely forested continent featuring Forests 3 through 6 and the unique Forget Tree. Largely obscured by the map, this area remains clouded in mystery to this day and it is said that Fairies (Who happen to be the namesake of the continent) hail from here.
  • Helc: Similarily to Oktov, this continent was originally thought to be the Hell described in pre-Gridmask lorebooks. The even harsher weather conditions make it completely impossible for Gridmasks and many other alien races to live here. In ancient times, Dragons and their related species lived on this continent.
  • Auzos: The "northern continent" completely off the map. Discovered by other alien races before even the Gridmasks themselves, this continent flourishes in multiculturality and is majorly different from the mainland. Named after Aura, and by extension the Aurora which looms over this land.

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