—Mainyu to Zoshi

Mainyu of the Nightday


Facade (Oumeth/Gridmask)
Ludusian Witches
Maiden Witch of Nightday, Kudlacz


Daughter of Belphegor, before demonhood. Having an unknown Oumeth as a father as evidenced by her appearance, Mainyu had always possessed special properties. Before becoming a Witch, she even worked as a stage magician with Caledonia, who would rob the audience of their belongings. After her mother became an archdemon, she was put on trial and was due to be executed publicly. However, before this went through, her partner in crime escaped with her and they both became witches, effectively erasing their former legal identity. During her school years, Mainyu was attacked by a follower of Gaia who remembered her face. Her throat was slit open in the ensuing conflict, which also resulted in the fiery death of the assailant by the hands of the Seer. Being traumatized and muted, Mainyu secluded herself from her classmates and only interacted with Caledonia and the Seer from that point on. She passed on her knowledge in the form of a letter to Zoshi. Mainyu was killed through direct impalement of her heart.

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