Martedos, a planet locked in time, situated in another dimension, has a complex society of its own. At first sight, it is not unlike that of modern humans. However, nothing is less true. Aside from the fact that human society did indeed inspire this one, that of the people of Martedos has gone in an entirely different direction. Where humans have developed technologies to make life easier, Martedians have essentially, to be blunt, fucked up their planet to make life more exciting. Biological abberations roam the planet, gargantuan mechanical beings constantly attack the unsuspecting, and even time-travel has been developed.

Chapter 1 - Infants

Infants usually get born at home, at often surprising times. Preparation for taking care of the newly born only starts after the birth has taken place due to this fact. All parents raise their child differently, often being antagonistic towards their own upbringing, ensuring that each generation is unique. This also ends up in children being disliked by their grandparents, who more often than not don't want anything to do with them. What never differs in upbringing, though, is teaching them how to defend themselves. At as early as the age of 1, infants get introduced to wielding the weapon of one of the twelve original precursors, who are said to have created the Martedian race. A household god, as humans call them. I won't go into details too much, I'll keep that for a later stage in life. The 1-year old is expected to be able to wield their weapon after about 4 months, when they will be set up in battle for the first time. Their adversary is incapable of killing them even if the child was asleep, but they don't have to know that, let's say. After their first victory, the child officially enters the next stage of life: Youngling.

Chapter 2 - Younglings

After their first adversary is defeated, infants enter the lifestage dubbed as "Youngling". During this lifestage further expertise of the weapon is developed, and at the end the child will get a personal weapon to keep for their entire lifetime. Numerous other opponents are fought, getting more and more dangerous towards the end of this life stage. Communication with those of other families starts here as well, due to the antagonism Martedians express against their own nondirect family. Standing relationships are very rare, due to a certain event further elaborated upon later. Pets are commonly adopted by the direct family at this stage, the pet being chosen by the child itself. This will have an effect on their own personal weapon later on.

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