Deep within the depths of the FB Multiverse, LAT decided to be a humongous tool one day and make a bizarro counterpart to the bizarro dimension for some reason.

Regular Universe Name Bizarro Universe Name Doublizarro Universe Image Doublizarro PesterTag Doublizarro Specibus ?B?S? Title
Zoshi Raptor Dracia de Lagune Dracia de Lagune belialAwoken Heavy Artillery Stooge of Doom
Ludicrine Coherine Abstracinthe Apophenia Abstracinthe Apophenia abstractFiend Fork Fool of Breath
Poisonshot Toxicrebound Venomjab Malet Venomjab Malet decimallyVenomous Throwing Dagger Mage of Time
Revelian Mavelus Tenabla Alkahest Tenabla Alkahest deiticHalflife Photon Gun Sylph of Blood
Mercuron Neptunel Plutonias Dae Plutonias Dae studiousIdealist Chainsaw Knight of Curse
Lazro TheFanMaster Freia Storme wickedEngineering Stave Seer of Chance
Hankvi Codeam Kirami Mezios diffuseSymmetrizing Spear Chief of Hope
Samuel Gregor Lissa #18 Lissa 18 Head flamingDevice Circlesaw Heir of Space
Mori Hunny Solice Tamafi sorrowfulTechnician Crossbow Witch of Heart
Grodus Sircut Vaatyl Cercla coldbloodedExtravagant Electric Guitar Witch of Tech

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