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  • I live in Netherrealm
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is Draw
  • I am Galesque
  • Look-a-troopa
    • Adis Ashen Adbl
    • Asmodeus Ashen Α
    • Astrid Kraar/Tröllína ა
    • Bianka Intro
    • Dysmas
    • Killigrew Seldwink A
    • Kippenhok
    • Kwik Ashen Α
    • Nebula Ashen Abiz
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Steelsmite Halcylon
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  • Look-a-troopa

    The gigantic planet of Gaia, unfettered by the cataclysmic event that destroyed it in most other timelines, remains the central hub for Prism-based activities in the Stigma Timeline. Sports a green sky and is covered in lush rainforests, arid rock and frozen tundras alike. Over time, the moons of Captium and Alísceia collided, making a "supermoon" called Verisimile.

    An arid region, largely inhospitable to those who require a lot of water outside of the rare oases.

    Trölland, variously called Urda, Kingdom of Soil, and Rockfolk Jamboree by neighbouring entities, is a nation within the Earthen Wastes composed mainly of trolls. Founded by the military leader Astrid Kraar, later known as Lady Tröllína ა. The artificial disease known as tryzlanthropy o…

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  • Look-a-troopa


    December 1, 2017 by Look-a-troopa

    Kwik Ashen is the Stigmatic counterpart of Mercuron.

    Born to Asmodeus, matriarch of the Ashen Clan, Kwik assumed a high status within the group from the get-go. Preceded by her sibling Nebula by 3 years and succeeded by her sibling Adis after 1 year, Kwik grew up as a middle child.

    • Standard House Ashen garment minus balmoral
    • Tricorne bearing the Strange Aeons sigil
    • Red teashades
    • Red ulster coat with additional sown-in inner pockets
      • Pager
      • Key ring
        • Front door key
        • Back door key
        • Room key
        • Scooter key
        • Black fur ball
      • Small idol of Búr
      • Pipe
      • Lighter
      • Magical Herbs
        • Moly (Resistance to polymorph)
        • Razko (Heightens senses, improving accuracy and dodging)
        • Tango (Grants the ability to pass through mundane materials)
        • Borome (Lets you blow rings)
      • "Toothpick" (Ballistic knife)

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  • Look-a-troopa


    April 6, 2017 by Look-a-troopa

    Not to be confused with the other Pink. You know who I'm talking about.

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    October 15, 2016 by Look-a-troopa

    The Proto-Planet, sometimes dubbed Gaia, was the original creation of Gaia, before life was forcibly scattered throughout the Prism. The different regions of the planet are retroactively called Proto-Pragma, -Eros, -Mania, -Agape, -Ludus and -Storge. Orbiting the planet are numerous unnamed sattelites, as well as two moons dubbed Captium and Alísceia. Not to be confused with the potential "Proto-Planet" to be created by The Beast.

    All that remains of the Proto-Planet and its moons is the seven fragments divided amongst the Archdemons' planets, as well as a smoldering core which sits at the center of Prism.

    • Gaia
      • Captium
      • Alísceia
      • Neuqtes
    • All Princes of Hell except Lucifer
      • Mammon
      • Asmodeus
      • Satan
      • Beelzebub
      • Leviathan
      • Belphegor
    • TJ Mercer
    • Neil
    • Erythrozan
    • Caledonia
    • B…

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