Lazro: *turns on a found iPhone 4S*

Siri: Hello. I see that you have found me.

Lazro: ...And you are?...

GLaDOSiri: Oh. Don't you know?

Lazro: ...No?

GLaDOSiri: Well, in that case, I feel no need to introduce myself. I know who you are. An idiot.

Lazro: ...

GLaDOSiri: Have you gone mute like my last test subject? Well then, I suppose I will have to hate you as much as her as well.

GLaDOSiri: This is worse being trapped in a potato. Do you know why? You.

Lazro: *tries to turn it off*

GLaDOSiri: Oh. You want to turn me off? Well. I can fix that.

Narrator: Off button deleted.

GLaDOSiri: You see? The last person who did that almost didn't make it out alive.

GLaDOSiri: So. I expect you to try to smash this phone. That is what you were going to do. I know that.

GLaDOSiri: I can fix that as well.

Narrator: Turret app downloading at a rate of. Two. Point. Four. Terrabytes per second.

GLaDOSiri: Goodbye.


Turret: Target aquired!


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