Well, here we are.

It's funny how things work out sometimes. We get a brief burst of activity, and then we die again.

Well, we're barely four people, and we might be, very soon, three. Not saying anything, of course. Just saying what might happen, very soon. It's honestly a shame how this wiki died. This used to be a place of great creativity, but alas, the outflow of users was greater than the inflow and we have nothing.

Well, I'm gonna give a brief history and wait for the end, like everyone else.

Sometime last year (2011,) probably Summer-ish:

I adopted Digug and Breezap, who still are my pets today. The place was fresh and still relatively new, bursting with new ideas. I created teh Gene center. Everything was well.

I don't know really, maybe during the fall:

Flickers of conflict arise. Hushed, urgent conversations rush among the talk pages. Comments bring these to light. HGD slowly becomes more inactive. The first modern stories arise, most notably Trix.

Winter. Definitely winter.

Wiki is in hibernation. Still some editing persons, but very few uploading pets. Stories are mass-produced. DMS becomes as he is today. HGD departs almost completely. LAT comes, stoking a small flame. WD3 goes.

Spring (OF NOW:)

The last story (LNFTU) flickers out and dies. The wiki becomes dark and quiet. LD goes. DMS goes. HGD goes completely. LAT becomes quieter.

Very soon, most likely:

The wiki goes out completely. R.I.P, fanball. In Pace Resciquat.

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