You decide to join the MACRO faction. It wasn't easy, for awhile you were tied
completely, but you finally made the decision and chose BRAWN over BRAINS.
Your GREETER laughs and pats you on the back.
"I knew that you would choose the MACROs! Now, here, have these."
You recieved the ADVENTURER'S PACK(small)! 
You recieved the (basic)STRIFE SPECIBUS DECK!
Your STRIFE SPECIBUS DECK has been changed to SHURIKENkind.
You recieved the D2W drive!
You recieved the FLOPPY DISC!

"You might think that's a lot of stuff," your greeter says offhandedly, "But
even with that small pack, it's still less than half-full. Right now, your
packcan hold up to 10 items, But as your Faction Rank increases, your Pack
size will increase as well, automatically!" He smiles.

You speak for the first time during this entire adventure.

You hold up the D2W drive."But...what's this thing?"

"It's a Data to World Drive. Insert any kind of disc into there, and your 
world will change."Your greeter pauses. "Literally, in fact. Hey, why not
try it now?"

You use the FLOPPY DISC on the D2W drive.

Your world is shifting around you...

The game format upgraded!

The game has shifted from Amorphous to Crystalline!(There is now structure to
the game.)

You are now enabled to use your power, Gargantuan's spirit.

>Speak to greeter

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