You go EAST to the GUILD OF GIANTS AND BOULDERS. The building is unusually
large for the people in it, in fact, the people are...well...


Someone stands up and comes close to you, and starts speaking.

"Hello, there, adventurer! I see that you are new here. Well, regardless, I'd
like to invite you to our faction, The MACROS. Here, have this PAMPHLET:


The Macro Faction:

Special Power: Gargantuan's Sprit
+50 Strength
x2 Size
x2 Attack
-30 Agility
-20 Intelligence
1/2 Majjks


The Micro Faction
The "Evil Ones"

Your greeter smiles at you. "So, Whaddya say?"

Fine. Here:

-YES!!! YESSS!!!

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