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  • Lazro

    Well, here we are.

    It's funny how things work out sometimes. We get a brief burst of activity, and then we die again.

    Well, we're barely four people, and we might be, very soon, three. Not saying anything, of course. Just saying what might happen, very soon. It's honestly a shame how this wiki died. This used to be a place of great creativity, but alas, the outflow of users was greater than the inflow and we have nothing.

    Well, I'm gonna give a brief history and wait for the end, like everyone else.

    I adopted Digug and Breezap, who still are my pets today. The place was fresh and still relatively new, bursting with new ideas. I created teh Gene center. Everything was well.

    Flickers of conflict arise. Hushed, urgent conversations rush among the …

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  • Lazro

    An Unfortunate Death

    March 29, 2012 by Lazro

    There has been an unfortunate death, at least it's unfortunate for a select population.

    Edd Gould, the host of the Youtube Channel Eddsworld, passed away from cancer on Sunday 24th, 2012.

    I am not in the mood to talk about it. I just wanted to say so.

    Sadly yours,

    LazroTalk 20:03, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Lazro

    Me: Hello parking meter!

    Parking meter: Hello.

    Me: Nice weather we're having, eh?

    PM: Yup.

    Me: So, uh, going anywhere tonight?

    PM: Nope.

    Me: Oh.

    Me: You been filled up yet?

    PM: *jingle jingle* Nope.

    Me: Oh. a quarter?

    PM: Nope.

    Me: Uh...a dime then?

    PM: Nope.

    Me: Nickel?

    PM: Nope.

    Me: Penny?

    PM: Nope.

    Me: Oh. Uh, so, I'd better be going now, I've got a hedge to make an appointment with. I'll see you around, parking meter.

    PM: Yup.


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  • Lazro

    This was a triumph. I'm making a note here. Huge success.


    The triumph was. Click images to making. Great to enable cookies.

    I think, therefore I am an idiot


    And so I am a fool

    They troll me all the time


    Troll me all the time they


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  • Lazro

    Lazro: *turns on a found iPhone 4S*

    Siri: Hello. I see that you have found me.

    Lazro: ...And you are?...

    GLaDOSiri: Oh. Don't you know?

    Lazro: ...No?

    GLaDOSiri: Well, in that case, I feel no need to introduce myself. I know who you are. An idiot.

    Lazro: ...

    GLaDOSiri: Have you gone mute like my last test subject? Well then, I suppose I will have to hate you as much as her as well.

    GLaDOSiri: This is worse being trapped in a potato. Do you know why? You.

    Lazro: *tries to turn it off*

    GLaDOSiri: Oh. You want to turn me off? Well. I can fix that.

    Narrator: Off button deleted.

    GLaDOSiri: You see? The last person who did that almost didn't make it out alive.

    GLaDOSiri: So. I expect you to try to smash this phone. That is what you were going to do. I know th…

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