This For Aeinstein I'm Explaining Something To Him

He Is A Gridmask Vampire Who Looks Like A Gender Swapped Kareleinne-08 From Xionic Madness Who Has Psychic Powers. And Is Also A HEA Carpenter.

Using His Psychic Powers Allow HIm To Teleport Or Use Telekinesis. And Also Drains His Psychic Force Which Can Be Restored By Carpenting .

Using His Carpenting Skills Allows HIm To Make HEAs Or High Entropy Alloys. That Can Be Used To Create Weapons Or Shields By Converting His Carpenter Force To Entropy. His Carpenter Force Can Be Restored By Using His Mask. The More Entropy The HEAs Have The Stronger They Will Be.

And His Glasses Allow Him To Drain The The Colours Blue And White. To Gain Color Force Which Is His Life Force.His Glasses Also Allow Him To Convert Color Force To Carbon Force

(RGBy Emits A Very Tiny Field Of Blue And CMYk Emits A Very Tiny Field Of White).

And He Can Transform Them Into A Mask. That Lets Him Create Carbon Fiber, Carbon Diamond, Aramid, Carbon Nanotubes, Aramid Buckyballs, Graphene, And Carbyne Using His Mask. That Can Be Also Used To Create Weapons Or Shields. Using His Mask Drains His Carbon Force. Except When Creating Aramid Or Aramid Buckyballs. Then It Drains His Aramid Force. His Carbon Force Can Be Restored By Using His Psychic Force. His Aramid Force Can Be Restored By Converting His Color Force To Aramid Force.

AB Or Aramid Buckyballs Is 47 Times Stronger Than Aramid And It's Hex Is #363624

Carpenter Is A Bible Reference

He Also Has A Cross With Which He Can Do Miracles. From The Book Of Czarab, And The Book Of Intenge, And The Book Of Jeminambi. Which Use Up His Religious Forces (1,2,3). Such As Duplicate Loaves Of Bread And Fish, (3) And Let People Walk On Water (2), And Enhance The Surface Tension Of Alloys, Making Them Stronger. (2) And Allow People To Breathe Noble Gases Without Dying. (1) The Most Powerful One Being The Cough Of Czarab. (1) [1] Which Turns The Nearby Oxygen Into Argon Which Josewong Can Breathe.He Can Restore His Religious Forces (1,2,3) By Praying To Czarab (1), Intenge (2), Jeminambi (3) Respectively

Czarab Is The God Of Noble Gases

Intenge Is The God Of Surface Tension

Jeminambi Is The God Of Duplication

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