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    Portable Infobox Question

    December 1, 2015 by Josewong
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    My Character

    February 6, 2015 by Josewong

    This For Aeinstein I'm Explaining Something To Him

    He Is A Gridmask Vampire Who Looks Like A Gender Swapped Kareleinne-08 From Xionic Madness Who Has Psychic Powers. And Is Also A HEA Carpenter.

    Using His Psychic Powers Allow HIm To Teleport Or Use Telekinesis. And Also Drains His Psychic Force Which Can Be Restored By Carpenting .

    Using His Carpenting Skills Allows HIm To Make HEAs Or High Entropy Alloys. That Can Be Used To Create Weapons Or Shields By Converting His Carpenter Force To Entropy. His Carpenter Force Can Be Restored By Using His Mask. The More Entropy The HEAs Have The Stronger They Will Be.

    And His Glasses Allow Him To Drain The The Colours Blue And White. To Gain Color Force Which Is His Life Force.His Glasses Also Allow Him …

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    The 2 Following pages can be used to prove that rearden metal is 1000 times stronger than steel

    Proof: Steel can be around 1000 times stronger than iron in its pure form. Rearden metal is a fictitious metal alloy invented by Hank Rearden. It is lighter than traditional steel but stronger, and is to steel what steel was to iron. It is described as greenish-blue. Among its ingredients are iron and copper.

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    Elements of Arguing

    May 1, 2014 by Josewong

    The Elements of Arguing are

    Ethos. Credibility with your peers.

    Pathos. Emotion. Either making emotionally charged speeches to talking calmly in a bad situation to prove you can stand up.

    Logos. Logic. Point out facts, take advantage of your opponents bad grammar and logic and dominate them with yours.

    Protip: The Elements of Arguing Can be Used to Win Every Argument If you Use Them properly

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    kung fu man

    May 28, 2013 by Josewong

    a kung fu man is a special version of the karate man class that does kung fu instead of karate

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