aka Joseph W.D.D.

  • I live in America, Texas
  • I was born on July 23
  • My occupation is Writer, Voice actor,
  • JWDD

    nonchalantPessimist   Has began pestering concealedDragon .

    NP: hey, hey man.

    NP; i've done a thing man.

    CD: What is it?

    NP; i've finnally set up a fan-ball account!

    CD: What are you gonna do with it?

    NP; well i'm finnaly gonna progress my story, and i'm gonna make you help me!

    CD:What should I do, then?

    NP; make a profile, don't be a shit, and follow these rules: 1 don't mess with DMS, 2 check with me before you do anything so we don't break any rules, 3, post some of your characters and stories, 4, there isn't a rule four.

    Np; M'kay?

    CD: I don't really feel like it.

    NP; what if i post Ong Pong Mong,[fakethreatisfake]

    CD: Oh shitoshitohshitt ok fine.


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