First the pets have held me, and now the stories - to have been keeping the integrity of this wiki. But first, an exposition that I didn't appear to have done in my OWN journal. This is only to be read by those who are to cope with my rants about past personal experiences.

After reading Sam's dark-worded journal, I've been questioning myself: What the hell am I doing?

I've somewhat degenerated myself and it's not the first time that happened. This time, I'm not ashamed to admit it - YouTube surfing is at an all-time high, procrastination from both wikiworks and outside it, and what else.

Back in the last days of middle-school (regretting ever taking the accelerated path, but I might've become some scapegoat of degeneration had I not been there but didn't save me from assho- ahem sorry), I was not meeting expectations and instead of a pure-programming major I went to a network-computing-hybrid major (still learned how to program and got extra marks). Upon going to high-school is basically when I started to reform. Remember 2012? Part of my reasoning for my disappearance was internet/finance issues, but this was the more major focus. I burned the highest flame among the other students but fast-forward this year and the flame almost died out. Something to do with feeding your ego, I guess.

Now there have been many propositions of continuing to higher education (which feels like I'm "being forced" to do so), army is pressuring as usual and the path to the better life is still being built. The worst part? I AM my own supervisor, and no one else but me has to put these to rest... So I'd best change when I haven't failed yet, but the lack of optimism wouldn't let me.

Of course, college will end at around late-April but academic preparation will begin as early as March. I've stated it before, but I won't quit like I've stated in Gamelover- I mean Mildlyridiculous' blog so that this would never be done. I'll stick to the end even if more projects come along the way and making a longer path to complete.

And with the rant out of the way, it's time for another reform. It's not enough that I'm also an admin on the DB Wiki and haven't done anything significant yet, but... Here is a list of things to be done. Better take it slow but not neglect like I've done most of my life:

  • Renovate the Head Names page to match somewhat with Species Functions - diverting some ideas of what I had in mind some time ago in favor of the template link to span-id mechanism kind of what started me to write this blog
# Name img Creator Notes
1 Amanita
Amanita Head
ZoshiX ...
2 Brain
H F101
Look-a-troopa ...
3 Cyclops
H F3
ZoshiX ...
  • Fix the SR Heads category naming... and/or touch up on the category hierarchy of the whole wiki by Ideas, Pets and Stories
  • Add Cazaam's heads and species (clearing up of JPEG artifacts)
  • Add up the Gear species that I seemed to have forgotten (gdmit dms)
  • Adoption Center B and its regard for mutants and memes - with zero thoughts of how to deal with it (good work, past me)
  • Any one-time-use species like the Icosahedron would be added (does have the fractured head characteristics of the Mirror, which brings up the below point)
  • Redefine "Mutant" - both species and term for fractured heads and such
  • Color dictionary page to describe color ranges??
  • Breeding Center species combination list (complete with ToC)
  • REMOVE HUNNY (replace with Cortia)
  • Update D33's timeline on my own
  • Either De-table-ize the Stick Ranger Weapons' weapon scroll-list, or rewrite the whole thing.
  • Template:Scroll re-purpose??
  • Peek into the deleted contributions of the DB Wiki for any missed credits/ideas (probably should not bother but w/e)
  • Write instructions for Stage-nav (and delete a copy of the template and state to use the former and create a subpage of said template with Cazaam)
  • Charter
  • Other things I've probably missed but such may include from past Hia-logues or even my User page
  • Story stuff (although I will still accept stuff, updating will slow down as I free up my mind from these long enough)
  • Pet stuff
  • SRMA- *decode*

And I guess there's the Pixel Badges that we would all vote for what we achieved in 2015. Since I'm practically the more (or perhaps only) active admin, let me know when the other users will start voting.

So I bid you all farewell and remember: Any improvements/reminders/complaints/rants/arguments/fires can be discussed where they should belong - The Comments. Good night, Fan-Ballers (and Dan-Ballers alike).

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