A.K.A. HGD gets a character development volume III (First was the Memories of Fan-Ball and the second was the major "getting out of the shy-zone")!

A.K.A. Not an actual Hia-logue but getting into the college projects and then some during the week-and-a-half of a holiday to spent time in remaking the SRMAPGEN's planned interface.

A.K.A. Just theories.

A.K.A. (too many as it is) A fail of an idea for an Indiana Jones title.

Since the multi-timeline expansion of the Fan-Ball storylines, I'd figure I might as well dump some info and ideas I had in mind regarding further expansion for "The LDZX Isles & Quint/I&Q?/IQ employee everyone know and love".

Normally I would place this in my namesake character page, but due to the "story-not-be-in-mainspace-or-else-it-will-be-dark-age" policy, I'll just continue story development here until I find the time to place the other material such as theories and canon-supplementing (and writing The Dictator sub-article at some point), or heck, even writing a damn story.

This took a lot out of me to spill the beans about this, but for now might as well put all of these here and let you have your opinions. Suggestions are to be put out here anyway for me to reconsider this whole thing. Go wild, especially if your name is Alex- I mean Mori.

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Condensed stories and backgrounds

Alpha-Unsplit Timeline

Due to Ludicrine's overhaul of his character to Baxter and the retconning of Serrangios among other changes, some plots (specifically but might not be limited to the Cuts Arc) could be heavily altered of even scrapped.


Date: 623(-69); AEQ (Anno Ethos Quint) unless mentioned otherwise

An Unnamed Trollkid was born a grub with purple blood, such blood tend to garner the trait of being overly violent than most other castes, yet he is of no exception. Growing up, he seemed to have been excellent in passing the many trials every troll has to face upon growing limbs, yet seemed "out of control" when he "accidentally" made a few "fatal mistakes" like killing other grubs. Attempts were made to regulate him with Sopor Slime to calm the violent tendencies, but it failed and resulted in restraining him more, which then made him escape from the caverns.

Feud for power

Date range: 1223(-63) ~ 223(-60)

Throughout his third sweep, he hungered for power and wanted to overthrow the Alternian government and empire. It's worth noting that out of the many nicknames that were given to him like Rebel, Purple Man and such, none came close to match with his own declared title of "The Dictator".

When The Dictator reached 7 years, it is probably then that Havres (originating from the name Duke Flauros) had first met him. Havres would follow The Dictator wherever he pleased, taking the dictatorship speeches to heart and would develop a business-like relationship - giving The Dictator power (namely, the Godslayer abilities) when needed by utilizing a summoning ritual: A circle with the letter H in it, a triangle around said circle and putting The Dictator's own blood in it.

Gone too far?

Date range: 223(-60) ~ around 623(-56)

For the next two sweeps (actually maybe just the latter sweep), he participated in many FLARP competitions being an overachiever and (maybe at some cases) ended up killing most contestants, which would result in being banned and maybe more senseless killing outside the gaming world.

Around that time, The Dictator gained notoriety, as the other trolls did not anticipate for a non-subjugglator to be so calm yet filled with lots of rage to achieve such genocidal damage.

Wanted: Culled or Resist

Date: Around 623(-56)

That didn't mean he could have friends/"enemies" (both terms are equal in Alternian society), so he had a Trollian handle of hecticDemise, with seven more trolls all planning to play a game hosted by Magnus Crucex.

When he turned 6 sweeps, one particular incident involved being ambushed by more of the Alternian drones (Batterwitch ones), running out of the hive in broad sunlight with drone armor to keep from being sunburnt, meeting up with Isevel Rodite and... well he puts the term "saving her" but it's obvious what happened then. After... that, he ran to the brooding caverns with the filled pail and contributed to the Mother Grub - still being a drone in disguise.

This event would most likely be instigated by Havres, commenting out that the resulting grub(s) could probably be a fitting heir or heiress and a valuable addition to the Dictatorship. The Dictator was rather confused but complied anyways (although in the Eta timeline, he would most likely deny doing that at all).

Nevertheless, even The Empress was vexed with him and on that very day, he garnered the title of being Most Wanted all over Alternia. The Dictator could stand up and continue to fight until eventually being killed, but he played the game of SGRUB to escape execution begrudgingly.

Later, on 326(-55), Aserik would be born like any other normal grub.

SGRUB Gamma and the discovery of Karma

Date range: 623(-56) ~ 423(-55)

The session itself was played for almost a year, with The Dictator taking role of the leader sometime in between. He disregarded the main quest of Skaia and instead focused on the sub-quest on his own planet of the "Land of Gore intertwined [with] Karma", filled with decrepit machines and ruins untold.

His team eventually fight the denizen, but during the fight, he got his forehead scratched and somehow got the piece of the Karma Fragment lodged in there. While he was down, he was soon filled with rage upon seeing his "Moirail" Duiker Zeupit dying in front of him. In desperation, The Dictator combined another Karma Fragment he had found just before the Denizen fight and proceeded to tear the Denizen apart with the most powerful move possible, that would be called the Submachine Breaker.

Sidenote 1: The denizen is similar to The Dictator's (former)/Hankvi's lusus albeit heavily mutated to keep with some theme I kept back then (it also appeared to be the case with Murtaw from Memories of Fan-Ball). Most likely the denizen would be changed to fit in the theme of the Submachine by incorporating Shiva (or at least a minion of him).

After the fight, The Dicator retrieved both the Wisdom Gem and its remains of The Denizen's Karma fragment that lodged into his skull like a magnet. Overall, he has 2/10 (or a 1/5) of a Mindstone fragment.

Sidenote 2: The Karma fragment is divided into 10:
  • The Dictator - After some puzzles and just before facing off with the Denizen, although largely unused until Duiker's death.
  • TD's Denizen - First a chip went into TD's skull and then combined this fragment to himself.
  • Murtaw - Somehow gained power after the waterfall incident.
  • Mur's Denizen - In Poxten's SGRUB session, probably in Mur's possession as well.
  • Unknown (not sure but probably with "Havres" - A demon that originally made The Dictator become a Godslayer)
  • Other 5 are in the Bizarro universe, mirroring their ownerships with the Primeverse counterparts.

The Dictator then proceeded to use the Wisdom Gem as a key to the planet's core's pedestal that needed this gem to be inserted. This caused the entire planet and soon the whole of The Incipisphere to contort and get sucked into the newly formed Karma Portal. Not realizing this was a trap possibly made by his dancestor to hopefully stop him through weird time/plot shit, The Dictator would've tasted his victory. However, Isevel with her psychic powers hurled a meteor into The Dictator in mid-flight and tossed him back to Alternia via a Skaian defense gate.

Worth mentioning that there never was a Reckoning but 7 meteors appeared to have entered the gates as well due to the gravitation of the Super Karma Portal, moving Skaia into it as well.


Date range: 423(-55) ~ 623(-53)

From there he got head trauma and was in a state of amnesia, forgetting everything that's happened and was took in by perhaps the same lusus which renamed him as Hankvi Guidza. The lusus nurtured him and made it as if his whole life he wanted to be an adventurer, with the meteor incident being his first failed adventure on his own. Essentially, the lusus rewrote his memories.

A sweep after the meteor incident (was 16 at the time), Hank gave another shot at his own adventure, but discovered hostile trolls who wanted him dead at a near-desolate town.

So he was continued to be chased by trolls without the knowledge of his past life by the leader of the pack called Zekrys Adepri. They all ran into a forest where Hank discovered a tower (which could play a major role come Sigma timeline but let's just focus on this for now). Retrieving his footing in the tower and his ancestor's gifts consisting of the Axe of Chaos and Pensiver's Journal, he heads out of the tower only to discover Zekrys and his crew.

After a blinding attack from the Axe (unbeknownst of him, Zekrys survives this due to highblood vim but his stoner friends weren't so lucky), tearing the forest apart and vaporizing whole crew, Hank then runs from the Alternian sun and accidentally finds his way to Ludus.

Alpha-Unaltered Timeline

Events from The Planet's Shadow

Date: 623(-53)

Hank got a strange dream that repeated the events from his past life up until being hit by the denizen and then woke up where it wasn't Alternia. Instinctively he heads over to an abandoned outpost for clues but then was attacked by Nazcan Colony Drone Nr. 623 - the same Nazcan that took care of Sanford and perhaps even the leader of the Nazcan Wars where it would've pulled "Project Nu" a second attempt by posing as an injured and shooting Hank with an energy beam. The drone almost put the syringe ("Project Nu", although originally this codename would refer to assassinate Taku, having it done once) in him but failed due to Hank's higher-than-normal highblood-trademarked vim.

So the drone was killed on the spot after a persuasion failure and then met Issus - his potential Matesprit - who shared much of the experiences of being chased and such as giving him an "adventure he won't refuse" by saving Ludus from the rampant monsters using the learned Call of Wonder. Before they could kiss each other and get intimate, Gridmasks surrounded them and Issus posed so that they were trying to manipulate Hank and ordered him to execute themselves.

Sidenote 1: Along the Gridmasks, Ludicrine Baxter was there as well to watch it hapen [sic], mostly because I thought he would fit with the other gridmasks who happened to gather around.

Hankvi was reluctant and failed to execute them with the dropped Axe of Chaos. Issus flipped out and backhanded him across his head. Recoiling from the damage, memories of his past as "The Dictator" have surfaced to the material realm and in an act of "Revenge against Bitchevel", executed Issus using the Mithril Hatchet and not the Axe of Chaos, but not without them putting up with a hopeless fight.

Worth mentioning how the fight would play out:

  • After some physical and time-moves from TD&Issus and just Issus respectively - bruising Issus more often in the process, The Dictator managed to pin them to the ground and tear their dress off in an attempt to "save" them.
    • Sidenote 2: Agender doesn't necessarily mean the lack of a gender/sex, but rather expressed/referred as not having a gender. Physically, Issus could be either Neutered or if fitting with the original plan that LAT had - Female. LAT has a say in this, I and Mori believe.
  • But before that could happen, Issus knocked TD off of them using their signature move - the Redglare FlameEye (a better name would fit). After a pause, TD - without the hatchet to damage them further had risen with more Karma power and this was more of a no-holds-barred fight, even managing to tear one of their eyes out so they barely can do another redglare move. After more thrashing, both were exhausted - Issus more so, as they could barely stand and with one of their hands where their eye used to be. So TD holds Issus by their neck and shoves them backwards, and then-
  • *SLASH*

He then proceeded to tear a portal and send the Gridmasks in before they could lay a finger on him. He also nearly kills off Baxter, but gets whacked to the head with a stick (Takupulation????) - putting him down along with his past mind. Then Hankvi is awoken rudely, pleads that he didn't mean to kill Baxter and cries that Issus was killed, but eventually all has been resolved as Hank got his dream job at Isles & Quint (IQ for short).

Sidenote 3: I did mention the 2360th pet having some kind of appearance, but I could very well replace that with Sixevestation instead, but that might sort of cancel out what I had in mind for Hankvl giving out a gift to Hank, only for the latter to give it away to the IQ adoption center.

Roles in written Fan-Ball stories

I would go on and suggest them here, but this is without comprehension canon unless ZX, DMS and some others would agree.

~ The others are off, with the workers still at work
Date: 401(-51); According to Mori's rewrite

Supplemented events during the course of Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates/Mori's rewritten version of said story, where Hank and Masa were the only ones working at IQ. While the others were either terrified of being killed simply by roaming around outside, or in the case of some IQ employees - saving the world.

Although a very short appearance, this is when Hankvi's first (actually successful) kiss with Masa happens.

~ Unaccepted for his past
Date range: 620 ~ 621(-51)

If Hank got a role in Corruption: He Comes, then Hank couldn't have be accepted to become part of the Heroes of Acceptance due to his past being "unresolved". He does get his own shadow, but is not the one the gang has to fight. Instead, Hank and S-Hank have fisticuffs, with the former having his head hit in by the shadow that removed his headband in confusion.

The gang has to battle against "The Dictator", believing that Hank was merely brainwashed by Zalgo or something like that, with little outlook as having an evil past. The catch for this battle is that it gets harder to fight the less health he got, and in addition should not have his HP drop to 0 because he would die. Rather, a critical attack needs to be delivered to successfully win this battle and to revert his mind back to the future present.

Sort of decommissioned to fight any further, he does help battling Zalgo, probably with a Tenebrae Beam (or just Lightwaves since Zalgo IS the embodiment of generic chaos).

~ Cuts, Slashes... and breaking limits
Date range: 623 ~ 723(-51)
Since Ludicrine, Serrangios and possibly the Cuts Arc are all retconned, this would leave a different plot for Hankvi to tackle with, so ignore this section and skip to this one.

Due to Ludicrine's disappearance, I believe Hank also gets a role there with atonement being of importance. More past-arc references ahead, Nero.EXE (somehow?) knows of his past and even invites the ghost of this one-time-player Duiker to deliver his lines. Han- The Dictator, although lamenting on his "Moirail's" death, was still out for revenge and through the power of Karma, Duiker "died again". Revelian is surprised to hear that Hank is more "powerful than meets the eye" according to Nero.

Perhaps he battles with Cut, barely survives and suddenly loses his own recognition as Revelian died. Somewhat of a given, Revelian had put a lot of pressure on Hank when the latter almost killed Ludicrine, and so Hank became afraid to the point that no work may mean a death sentence. Unlike Luna Revelian's girlfriend, he doesn't get brainwashed with revenge on Ludicrine, rather he has another chance to save Ludus by battling Zorc and the four High Generals with the mostly-broken down heroes.

Battling with Zorc's second form was a very bad idea in lieu of avenging Revelian. The Dictator lets his light shine through and was at limit breaking point. He then preformed the most powerful move once more - the Submachine Breaker. Although successful in scratching Zorc, he healed immediately afterwards, belittling the "immortal" in the process.

Just as The Dictator was being fed up, he once more charged up Karma Energy but only got so far before being collapsed. Hankvi enters a state of coma that lasts for several months (at least, until during Wrapping Things Up because title).

~ "Mindmare"
Possible date: 1025(-51); Assuming the wedding is on 1027

Masa gets a possible character development and IQ enters a period of recession (Remember when*). Masa visits the Western Steckenberg Hospital almost every day to check on her friend, and the others start to worry not only on both of them, but also on the business. Then around the time where Revelian gets married to someone whose name could remain to be Luna, Masa declines going to that "wedding party" and continues to attend to Hank. All this time his mind was blank.

Masa then tries using mind magic to peer into his thoughts and finally succeeds. His dreamland had put quite a horror show as all of his supposed "friends" and those people that he met (with the obvious exception) were chasing him down. They were all mutated too, like Issus wielding an axe, Revelian being bigger than usual etc. It was then that this Hank had been cornered and feared that he would die and to her horror she was snapped back to reality when she heard a flatline - Hank was about to die in his sleep. Masa tried her hardest to keep Hank alive by calling the other nurses but no one answered. She then tried defibrillating his heart to give her more time.

In panic she then forced-inserted herself into his dreams while the one-armed Dream Hank was almost done for as Revelian pointed his sword at him. Just as the coup de grace was about to be delivered, Masa (with Zeus' divine decor) swoops down from the "heavens" and erases all of the nightmares. Dream Hank couldn't believe it was someone he barely knew and then got his arm fixed and overall was revitalized. Dream Masa then wants Hank to wake up.

Back to the material realm, Masa was crying, continuing their mantra for Hank to "please wake up", with his hand where her heart is (Sidenote: it's more about the mind than the heart, but "passing heartbeats" is sorta cutesy so whatever) After struggling, Hank finally woke up and was dumbfounded that Masa was crying, holding to her breast, and almost no memory of what happened during the Cuts Arc. Masa was oh so worried about him that he came close to death, but Hank realized how much he meant to her and saved him from dying, whom he graced her.

At that point, Hank explained about his fragmented past of being hunted down and how those thoughts have manifested out, to which Masa understood, including his deep fear of Revelian - keeping it somewhat of a secret between the two.

~ A daring rescue
Possible date: 125(-50)

In The Battle for a Universe: The Lost Relics (at least, in the current un-rewritten version), Masa and Hank - still in the hospital - see that their friends are in trouble at the "Biome Buster" via TV. Hank thought that he has healed and gets out of the hospital, much to Masa's dismay. He calls for Sir William through a comm. device and arrives there. Both William and Hank fly towards it in a daring fashion. They all get out of there (even Poxten) aboard Sir William.

~ Minor Character Story/The Return
Date range: 224 ~ 226(-50)

Hank's still in the hospital possibly and Masa joins the minor characters?

Quite frankly, if "Minor Characters" are not much of a restriction (considering Hank is becoming more and more of a notable Canon, but still), then he does get a piece of the action. I simply thought that Hank is still a bit doozy after getting out and rescuing the IQ gang and might need more recovery.

~ That one vacation the IQ gang takes
Date: Sometime in Lazarus; 4xx(-50)

Events from The Dark Emissary: Uprising - slightly rewritten to include me having semi-important roles and have the sense of contributing something. These are merely suggestions.

So aboard the train would possibly include the crew in the story in addition to Masa, Mori, Delinius and Ina (just to have an even number?)

The train ride goes normally until Hank got knocked out by that puck, which results in another appearance of The Dictator later in the night - when Merynis becomes present on the train.

Sidenote: The Dictator has a total of 7 appearances post-amnesia - with each appearance increasing in power - maybe 8, with it being the most devastating:
  • Executing Issus, warping the Gridmasks, and attacking Ludicrine Baxter
  • Corruption, caused by his shadow
  • The Cuts Arc twice
    • Nero.EXE, double-killing Duiker
    • Zorc's second form
  • (Possibly) In The Return
  • The Dark Emissary - Train fight (you are here)
  • Executing Merynis
  • (Special case) The Dictator and Havres teamwork

So "Hank" woke up near a sleeping Masa and soon she woke up as well. Their conversation was rather alien as it wasn't really Hank who she knew it was, but before matters get worse, shouts emerged from the other room and "Hank" shoved Masa out of the way, only for her to join shortly afterwards. Sam might be involved at some point according to that comment.

A three-way fight between Merynis, IQ and The Dictator ensues. Perhaps when Merynis decides to clone TD, she feels an unusual headache which stuns her for an entire turn. Soon after Merynis' curtain call, The Dictator continues to fight - either until he receives a critical strike, or when Masa barges in and uses Mindbuster to end the fight.

Note: Masa planned to sleep with Hank but exchanged with Sam due to what happens in the previous paragraph.

After getting to New Hub City, Luna threatens the head-aching Hank for trying to kill them all but everyone calmed down to a degree that he mutters "Don't tell me I did the same thing with Bax years ago" or something along the lines.

Events, events...

I'm not sure as to how Hank gets kidnapped and I think it was only stated implicitly by Merynis after the battle, but just in case, maybe have Hank walking for some drinks from a juice bar for him and Masa to enjoy the fireworks together and such, and when kidnapped by Merynis and co. he drops the cups and they get spilled, leaving a clue to his disappearance.

With the three Hankvi clones, the gang lures out one by having him to write a Spedass-riddled "resume" copy of his IQ job application and... a bucket held out by Masa to either differentiate their blood colors or having one to not react to such filth? This results with the second "Fauxvi" to get his head crushed to the floor by Masa's "stongness".

During the stay at the hotel, Hank gets a room and (surprisingly) Masa joins him and they talk about what happened earlier in the day... only for Masa to comfort him out that he really didn't intend to put anyone in danger as Hank pleaded to have said, but he appeared to have been "hurt" by her words as he didn't believe so (after being chased and killed however many times including in the dream). Sharing secrets and an "intimate" session is also possible for them maybe.

And I got nothing else to add, besides another bit of dialogue with Hank, Masa and maybe a few more characters tending to the injuries that Twi- um, Mori! Yeah that's it - Mori... and maybe getting a chance to use Tenebrae Beam at Dark Zero.

Lesions in the brain and comatose reigns

Date range: 628 ~ 723(-51)

If the Cuts Arc are to be retconned, then this would fill the plot as neatly as possible, for Hankvi to end up in a coma and sort of having a realization about his dark past. And Masa, of course.

Fair warnings though:

  • The events here are sort of mirrors from Mori's dream sequence with Caledonia from -52.
  • Whether further involvement with Pensiver after those events, appearance of The Dictator during these events or even Havres' involvement with all of this are to be considered, are uncertain at this time.

A few days after his "birthday" on 628(-51), he receives a strange dream with his REAL ancestor - Pensiver Axeswish. Pensiver had gotten to know Hankvi for having a dark past that cannot be forgotten or escaped from and further pressures Hankvi to have known about his "Karma Fragments" that he unknowingly possesses himself. Another possibility is that his Axe of Chaos has fallen victim of being CORRUPTED which saddens Pensiver a bit. Pensiver then places a 623-hour worth of ultimatum of 26 days to attempt and gather the rest of the fragments and hand over to Pensiver or "[he] is doomed - without friends or lovers or haters standing by for and at him". Pensiver also remarks that Hankvi has the power of the fragments but Hankvi replies that his head hurts when he does that. Without listening to another of Hankvi's excuses, Hankvi immediately wakes up and sets a timer to denote the coming ultimatum.

Having no clue where to start, he goes to his most trusted friend he knows - Masa - to speak in private about what she knows of the background of the Mindstone. After her speech of the three Lifestones, Hankvi decided to go straight to the point and tell of what had happened in his dream. At first, she didn't take him seriously and initially called it off as "just another fakey makey prophecy, mayhaps". They probably went to the Telepathy board and it said something about a Knight and a Sleeping Page. Hankvi seems to have referred to himself as a page back then and Pensiver stated himself to be a Knight and would actively hunt him down to get what he wants.

Finally, they would try to deduce a scan on Hankvi to see if he really has the power of the Mindstone and set out to the Pillory. Hankvi was found positive that he indeed has the power of the Mindstone lodged within him, but only a fifth of Revelian's relative Kaiser strength although much more concentrated (due to being implanted right in the skull?). Intrigued, Masa insisted to scan Hankvi for traces of the Mindstone (Theory: They're invisible in X-ray, so they're seemingly only visible in Gamma rays?). She found out that there were two pieces lodged into his skull and maybe the brain. It was then she started to slowly follow his story about "an adventure gone wrong" and culminates in showing her his injury that he hides behind his forehead all this time. Hankvi would think of getting them fragments out of there, but both would come to the conclusion that it would end him up dead. This whole conversation would be kept a secret between the two of them and concluded she "wouldn't tell a heart, mind or soul about this".

Hankvi would increase productivity to 23-6 hour-day drive and attempt to sleep less, which kind of marks the reason for such ambitiousness and being afraid of facing an angry Pensiver in his dreams, which doesn't happen. Not until...

... at the end of the ultimatum on 723(-51), Masa proposed to have a sleepover with Hankvi at his apartment, to attempt to reason with his ancestor about this and "protect" him within the dream. Hankvi was sort of anxious about the idea of Masa reading his thoughts and dreams but shortly was reassured since she was his "best friend that wouldn't mind being called a cutie, a colour-clashing one that is, what with those goggles".

Encouraged to be put to sleep by her, Pensiver was impatient about the deal with the fragments. Hankvi tried to reason with him alone about how this would kill him if the fragments were to be extracted, but Pensiver was more interested about the odds for this to happen anyway. Then Masa stepped out front and threatened him as she "could control the dream to her favor". Pensiver simply returned with "you may control dreams, but you may not control Chance" and enacted to kick Masa out of the dream world and put Hankvi into a "magical sleep that would weaken you enough to die and any waking attempt would yield zero percent of waking up from the emptiness", knowing that Pensiver doesn't have the power to kill him instantly with an indirect approach while in a dream world and getting over to where he is physically is nigh-impossible due to the Karma Portals' unpredictability.

Masa realized that after many fruitless attempts to wake Hankvi or even read his mind, he has been declared comatose. She called out to Samuel to get over to his apartment and take him to the Western Steckenberg Hospital for him to recover.

Continued here.

The Grey Agents

Date: Around 615(-50)

So there have been rumors that Mori was a potential suspect in events of terrorism (unrelated to the Grey Agents, Hamelily happens later), but Hankvi took such rumors with a grain of salt... up until the prison break happened, where all credibility on Mori was demolished, yet he wasn't anywhere as mad as Revelian was.

Hankvl (the L) also plays part in this, but not sure if they do exchange glances with one another, considering Hankvl's augmented plans to "guide" Hank (can't find a better word to verb that) and that they haven't talked for 3 years, so Hankvi doesn't appear to be involved in this (or maybe he does only for the Grey Agents to have teleported away, and even of Hankvi and Hankvl exchanged glances, Hankvi wouldn't likely remember what had happened 3 years ago).

Considering we need a repeat of what happens in the previous event, the following can very well be scrapped:

Hankvl would possibly and perhaps very indirectly frame Hank for being involved in the "prison break" and has to convince them that he had no part in this (sort of goes hand-to-hand in the Gamma, but this Hankvi was more believable then).

This is as much as I can juggle around for now.

Pinning down the second fairy (?)

Date: Unknown

Possibly elaborated in Wrapping Things Up 2. Seems too scrapped for anyone to care.

I didn't see anywhere as to why Merynis had died, so I decided to involve The Dictator once more. Probably won't happen immediately after her and Revelian's daughter Caligo was born, but a similar fight would ensue similar to what happened with Issus... except that the "saving" part won't likely happen and that she "g[]t a lucky r[]ll".

With the inclusion of Merynis as a possible "loose-clone-machine" for many characters to blame at, she might pick on Hank to sever the ties only to fail miserably... and thus The Dictator could kill her as some sort of revenge/twist.

The Reckoning & Coming to terms with his past

Date: 402(-42)

Ludus begins to be showered by meteors in an event known as The Reckoning - During which the Ludusians find shelter from the falling skies. Hank, being a little caught up in saving all of his research and projects and whatnot, gets left behind and in a final-minute rescue attempt gets struck by the meteors whilst running away from being caught by one themselves.

The scene would probably play out like this:

After Revelian had left with Masa, Hankvi followed them and luckily he got out before a meteor had struck the main building, but he did feel the force of the blast to drive him forward. As Hankvi runs after Revelian who holds Masa, with the former flying close to the ground faster than Hank and the latter attempting to hold out her hand for Hank to grab. Eventually he grabs on to her (with the help of the ghost of Issus? Because as it is, it makes the whole endeavor nearly impossible to achieve), but Revelian doesn't slow down and had become more difficult with the briefcase full of unfinished projects in Hank's other hand. Masa wishes to lift off the weight but Hank refuses. After some sharp turns, Hank slips off of Masa's hand but not without Masa grabbing onto the briefcase. Hank tumbles about, rises and tries to run towards them again, but only gets successful in muttering out "MAS-" and then gets crushed under a meteor. Masa's reaction is probably foregone at that point.

After a while, the survivors conclude that he died and mourn their loss, but the dying Hank gets a dream from an already-dead Issus who gets beheaded by his shadow representing the past - quickly revealing to be Hankvl (note the L). Hankvl tells of what he truly is and about the Bizarro universe and Codeam's deathwish among other things, including reading his untouched part of the mind containing his augmented past. Having been impressed of his ambitions to others despite his past, gives Hank enough time to rise from the rubble to find the others. Hankvl also tells him that a special event will happen in the future and wants for Hank to hold on to a silver pear-looking fruit which will get ripe when Hankvl says so, and won't see him again until then.

Masa, being the one who is most surprised that he isn't dead, quickly performs surgery on him. Being severely injured, he gets a portable ICU device attached to his back think Dib from that episode with these rubber piggies before that mecha suit for reference among some Adamantic cybernetic upgrades.

Hank somehow changes the preferred color/aura to #662399 to reference the Adamantium Cyborg form of his. Stats also alter due to being "Theurigically charged" but more like trading magic and a little health and speed (not slow enough) towards attack and defense.

After telling his friends about what Hankvl told him, they didn't believe him at first, but eventually they realize his guilt and he told to leave him be. He contacts Isevel directly and bypasses Codeam by remembering her handle, stating that he's changed and cuts any involvement about his past, while finally stating that he'll never contact her again and proceeds to destroy his most prized possession - His laptop.

During the next 42 years, he finishes the projects that were left, as well as possibly participating in to hopefully recreating the ruins of Ludus.

However, Havres was told that Hankvi actually knows about his past of being The Dictator. Not wanting to be executed by this "Erratic Alien", Havres had made sure to alter Hank's mind by inserting false images of his youth labeling Havres as "the most Hankredible-Demon-Buddy" and summoning the demon as often as he could. Masa would have to appoint herself as Hankvi's "Dream-catcher" and as an obstacle for this demon.

The Devil's curse

Date: 623(-42)

Hankvi had decided that Havres was an influence too much to redeem of his past and therefore he alone went to summon him one last time, not wanting the others being caught up with this madness.

At the mountaintop, he enacted the summoning of Havres as usual... but forgets to put the triangle. It didn't fail summoning Havres, although more coaxing attempts were made to make Hankvi reconsider the whole thing.

Havres had pleaded and begged of him to not be killed, but he didn't relent and continued to fight. Havres knew of The Dictator's powers including the 2/10 Karma, as well as Hankvi Guidza's Axe of Chaos, surely putting Havres at the mercy of his powers.

Finally, Havres bargained for more power by "using [him] as a favorite weapon", turning the Mithril Hatchet and possessing it into the Havres Hatchet. Hankvi curiously checked the new weapon out and started to feel heavy headaches reminding of the past lust for power, descending back into The Dictator.

The (slowly rebuilding) IQ gang had went to find Hankvi, only for him to be The Dictator once more to kill off every friend Hank had. This results in a double-boss battle as soon as Hank got reverted back with a mind attack (note that hitting him in the head physically has less chances of mind-alteration in his Cyborg form) and the IQ gang together with Hank had defeated Havres.

Hankvi would have the choice to either kill Havres for good by destroying the Hatchet, or keep it as a "trophy", so long as "[I] get to dictate [Havres] around". Perhaps he would go with the latter, after being told by Hankvl possibly that this may very well be required for "a skirmish".

Damnation of The Dictator

From a planet full of trolls
A Life of aggression it rolls
One seeked to rule with an adamantic fist
A ready hatchet wrapped around in his wrist
Captured and cornered by curiosity
A blessing, a curse, a split in subtlety

He'll be back, a hectic demise
With full karma, he shall rise

Entrapped by hatred of Heart to a falling star
The fury is short and sharp of a pulsar
After The Betrayer, comes The Dictator
-Possible Wonder Jungle Telepathy Board message (mostly for reference)
Date: 623(-23)

Hank enters the spotlight once more. A title not finalized for a story idea that was in the dumps for some time, which would involve the Alternian Trolls and their Empress finding out where their "Dictator" had went. Originally due to the government knowing they missed someone, this idea may very well be re-purposed with the help of Zekrys Adepri - now a reconstructed cyborg too like Hank himself. On 623(-23) AEQ - 30 years after his arrival on Ludus and 19 years after The Reckoning - the Alternians do just that with the bonus of taking over Ludus for their benefits.

Part of the original plan of the story, most possible protagonists will aid Hank in some form fighting off and purging Ludus from the Alternians starting from the rustbloods all the way to the seadwellers (from SR Town to Submarine?). Reaching to the purpleblood range, Zekrys fights Hankvi and the former has been defeated before going to the seadwellers. Eventually, the final battle is with The Empress who wanted his head for so long.

Before the battle could start, Isevel (who turned out to have gotten from the Bizarro Universe away from Codeam) has then interrupted to presumably apologize to Hank - the former Dictator - and The Empress but was then culled by the latter. Hank was then convinced enough that the only way to solve the Empress problem is to mercilessly kill her, knowing that it would cripple the Alternian Empire and perhaps doom his own species in the long run.

Sidenote: Hank could possibly call out forth to Chaos to support his cause, but maybe not so much of a submission so that he turns to Nox-Lux, which is quite permanent.

Eventually, he performs the ultimate coup de grace on her; by using the Axe of Chaos V2, the still-kept Havres Hatchet, the Divine Docker and the (3/10)? Karma Fragment to create a far more powerful version of the Tenebrae Beam - nicknamed as the Apelpisia Beam.

Hank and his crew become victorious, but he feels bitter that his people have went against him to the point of sending the entirety of the Alternian Army all for just actions. Emporer Taku (if still alive past -42) would probably regard the state of this with Hank as either a hero who fought for Ludus, or a traitor to his own past home of Alternia.

It's also worth mentioning that the planned (that is, in the alpha stages of thinking this story out before I even wrote this comment out) protagonists include all possible characters, including Poisonshot, Waldo (okay maybe not), Squato (if Trix 4 is to be taken for granted), and Revelian who hasn't offed himself yet. Also worth mentioning that it would aslo have the Earthbound-esque RPG battle format that most other stories pre-canon-order had incorporated.

"The Ones who Went Back"

Date: 101-0

0 AEQ comes and Baxter receives coronation to Emporer-hood. Plans were being discussed about fixing the past so they won't end up with the many misfortunes that befell them. Hankvi also wishes to take part in fixing the past but is stopped by Masa who doesn't want him to leave.

Before matters could get any worse, Hankvl appears in the flesh and congratulated him in waiting for so long. The fruit that was given to Hank 42 years ago had gone ripe and if he eats it, then all of his memories will be gone and can start over - it being the Fruit of the Forget Tree passed from Ishtar to Caledonia to Hankvl and finally to Hank. To possibly further weigh on his choice, he could stay with 2nd Emporer Baxter to co-reign along and possibly be granted power by Hankvl like he always wanted.

Hank disagrees on eating it now and wishes that his past-self would eat it instead. He wants to fix his past but doesn't want to leave his friends, and promises so that the saved timeline Hank would treat the saved timeline Masa better than he did in the doomed timeline.

Having made up his choice, he ultimately decides to fix the timeline. Masa hands him her Umbrella as a parting gift and he says his goodbyes. He goes around the timelines along with The Ones Who Went Back fixing events like killing Shenanigans and preventing Chaos from killing Gaia. The nearly-destroyed cyborg Hankvi goes back to -53 AEQ and finds the sleeping Hank to perform his last "bit of work".

But before that, he wants to ensure the invasion won't happen again, so he traces the Karma Portal back to Alternia to find Zekrys in the same tower where they've been and hiding there from the sun. Hank then finishes off the weakened Zekrys by offing his head (having learned from Issus????), but before he returns to Ludus, he then proceeds to find a wiggler by the name of Aserik Ostrum and plans for this timeline's version of himself to take care of her. Hank heads back to Ludus and shuts down the portal so no one else can ever reach it, having the door that started it all.

Also, he kills Havres again - completely unswayed by this demon's words to come haunt him or his saved counterpart again.

Finally, AdHank proceeds to shove the fruit down sleepy AsHank's throat, leaves a similarly covered journal looking like Pensiver's Journal (Which is AdHankvi's Journal of Doom), chronicling of the doomed timeline and its fixes along with a note to forget about the past, as well as the Divine Docker made by Masa that has served him well. He takes away his Mithril Hatchet, his laptop and the unabridged paradoxical copy of Pensiver's Journal - not needing for these anymore. the doomed Hankvi then proceeds to "shutdown"...

Hibernation process complete (?)

Possible date: 623-???? AsAEQ (see below)

... but suddenly comes to life in a dark place and got out to see what happened. Apparently Cyborg Hank was given a burial near a Hankvi-themed Clocktower (formerly it was Nazcan). What thought by AdHank to have died by forcing himself to shutdown turns out to be a "feature" implemented by Masa so that he possibly couldn't have ceased his life functions and have his biological buildup to decompose, by being fitted with a time-limited hibernation feature to prevent those from happening while he was in the grave formed possibly by his time-traveling companion AdMercuron-α (complete with the title of The Redeemed and two roses; a cyan rose and a second emporer light grey rose).

Still in the nearly destroyed state that he is, perhaps he sought out AsMasa who could hopefully repair him, without making any time paradoxes with AsHank being around. Lucky for him, Masa said that "[he] is away on vacation". AdHank had shed a tear for that's the thing he didn't manage to have done in all his years of service.

He thanks her for the help and "send[s] [his] regards to myself of this timeline" and then goes back to his home timeline through some means (Seira? Mercuron-α?).

When does he wake up (if at all)? Well the hibernation clock would be set to maybe 100 (47 AsAEQ), 117 (64 AsAEQ), 122 (69 AsAEQ), 623 (570 AsAEQ) or 1000 (947 AsAEQ) years later... since AdHank had been gone the day Baxter had been coronated, although could instead happen analogous to the fixed timeline, even though Ludus got abandoned in 125 AEQ due to the Lux dark star and then exploded in 402 AEQ).

Possible event: In the Doomed timeline, back on the quest of the Blood Thief. Perhaps when AdMasa finds herself in a fix (most likely by Croburit Nefaskind himself), he arrives just in time to save her. Probably will result in his true death by self-destruction, but hopes that it won't happen...?


Date: 101-1000

The Alpha-Unaltered and Alpha-Fixed were sewn together by the Anthro-conceptual of timelines that is ALGIDAS.

Alpha-Fixed Timeline

Awake with a clean slate

Date: 623(-53)

...and the saved Hankvi wakes up with AdHankvi's Journal under his wrapped arms, a replaced Axe of Chaos, Divine Docker and even a wiggler on his head. Understanding what was written on the first page in the journal, he goes through the abandoned Nazcan outpost, kills the drone, meets Issus and calling their name out before ever being introduced. Hank then bids them farewell, already knowing the Call of Wonder. Then he gets a job at IQ and although everyone there are surprised he knows all of their names, everything went fine, if not better than what Hank endured in the Doomed timeline.

Rescuing Masa

Date: 701(-53)

AdMasa had told AdHank about her past life and how she was captured by this "Blood Thief" organization and forced to work as a slave yet hone in her abilities as a blacksmith back in -54. AdHank had recorded the place and details in the aforementioned AdHankvi's Journal and would have AsHank and Sam go and (raid the facility?) to free up Masa (were there other slaves involved? Well if there, they get free as well) a week after his "arrival to Ludus".

Sam and Hank were successful in defeating the captors and both Sam and Masa reunite about 5 months earlier than what happened in the Doomed timeline. Having thanked Hank for the rescue, they all return to IQ HQ and gets a job there - obviously with better working conditions than those bastards.

The Angel/Girl of His Dreams

Date: 917(-53)

Within the same year, Masa turns 19 and celebrated her first birthday with the IQ gang. She received a gift from Hank an image of her angelic self - just like the sketch left in the Doomed Journal by AdHank depicting how AdMasa saved him from dying in a nightmare (see "Mindmare").

After explaining the background of those Doomed events, she loved the gift that was given to her as a sort of affectionate gesture and a nod towards her divine traits of Zeus. Maybe I will attempt to draw that one day...

She doesn't really understand what does Hank talk about with this story, but eventually around in 1025(-51), she would see a dream of AdHank in the hospital, nearly dying. Much like with AdMasa, she cried out to him, whereas he actually recalls the hospital event being written in AdHankvi's Journal. Ever since (or maybe an instance earlier), he had regularly went on dates and opened each other up. She would later have another dream in -42 where AdHank almost died again due to a meteor storm and had to reconstruct him as a cyborg, and Hank recalls this event as well.

Nazcan Throwback

Date: Sometime in -49

Apparently Nazcans would attack at that time. Hank participates in this.


Possible date range: 615 ~ 623(-42)

Some time later on Mori's annual anniversary (where Mori had a day off, at 615(-42)), he garnered his guts to propose to Masa by inviting her into his office for a private chat explaining the deeper lore of the Doomed timeline, such as "it might l[][]k like we kn[]w each []ther f[]r a little []ver [.][] [10] years, but we actually kn[]wn each []ther f[]r [::.][] years" and then asking her if she "w[]uld like t[] spend the rest of [their] life being t[]gether f[]r a very l[]ng time". Masa was starting to understand what he means and he hands her a ring box with an Adamantium and Cobalt-Samarium ring inside. Masa had cried with joy and accepts marrying him. The next day, all of the IQ employees have prepared an Early Honeymoon for the two to "have fun"; the "fun" being a day at the amusement park.

In 623(-42), they end up getting married. Hank is dressed in a purple tuxedo and Masa with a cyan wedding dress. Fittingly, Sam is appointed as Hank's Best Man, but surprisingly for Sam, the Best Woman would probably be Bianca (or maybe for Hank's surprise it would be Issus and/or Isevel). Without further ado, the speech is delivered and afterwards, Lazro interrupts shortly before THE KISS happened, but proceed kissing anyway for a bit.

They most likely end up bringing children to the world on top of Aserik brought by AdHank.

The lost chapter

Date range: 1020(-26) ~ 101(-25)

On Lazro's birthday, Hank was attending with everyone else at IQ but when Lazro had wished his birthday wish, he had mysteriously passed out into a comatose, and Hank had wished for his friend all the best to wake up as soon as he could.

Two months later and on new year's of 25 years before Baxter's coronation, Lazro had woke up from a "dream" and thus Mori had invited the IQ gang to all wish him a fast recovery.

At the same day, Hank stumbles onto a strange finding on the desk at his office. He had found an identical-looking journal to that of the Alpha-Unaltered copy of Hank's, but had an engraving of "a grape-colored μ symbol" on the cover, denoting the events that transpired in the Mu timeline, where Lazro was the Emporer instead.

Perhaps due to the fact that MuHankvi wasn't part of the so-called "Diamond Defenders", his memory did not transfer to the Alpha-Fixed timeline but the events were recorded in "MuHankvi's Journal" anyways, without even remembering that he wrote such a thing.

Presumably Hank had kept this journal away from most peoples' reach and passes it off as "a m[][]beastmanure []f a ficti[]nal st[]ry", although if Masa were to have read this, she would most likely love it, or at least be familiar with it.

The New Emporer

Date range: 101-0

Hank witnesses Baxter becoming the Emporer of Ludus, on constitutional rights of the events of the Alpha-Unaltered timeline.


Date: 101-1000

The Alpha-Unaltered and Alpha-Fixed were sewn together by the Anthro-conceptual of timelines that is ALGIDAS.

Alpha-Unified Timeline

Cybernetic Hankvi + Memory-ridden Hankvi = ????

Alpha-Offshoot Timeline

It is offshoot from the Alpha-Fixed timeline, where Teteoh has originated from Katharita and Mura creating their offspring through the Fusion Chamber.

It seems it existed twice: Once as Teteoh post-awakening went back in time and created the whole Non-Delta timeline template (where a certain lovebug would summon a fragment of Teteoh to terrorize the timeline this would exist in), and once more for it to be separated from the time-travelling table into the Theta timeline due to the influence of Teteoh/Epon sympathizers.

Whichever the case, this Hank is perhaps the most adventurous of the Alpha iterations. Here's a reason why:

Events go as normal until there appeared to be a new threat that goes by the name of Teteoh. Hank decided to dedicate his time on warding it off and t[] st[]p living []ff []f []ld gl[]ries. Could possibly become a cyborg much like his Doomed-self, but is more of a choice than being forced to due to The Reckoning of the Doomed timeline.

Could incorporate the grand quest of collecting all 42 artifacts of Chaos (keywords: Nox-Lux Ultima) and face off against Teteoh... but due to the latter's raw power if post-awakening is taken into account, this could very well be a lost cause.

Beta Timeline

Further development to roles held by Hank are yet to be disclosed to the creator and manager of the Beta timeline, to quote another character page and in other words, I would have to ask LD. That is not saying I wand be part, but if I do then great, if not, great as well.

Gamma Timeline

The Beta Epsilon GAMMA timeline brings an interesting contrast about Hankvi choosing a different fate than designed for the Alpha. In this care-free world, will his life prevail?

An unprecedented event

Date: 623(-53)

Events are parallel up until the very day Hankvi arrives on Ludus, and specifically in the event of Issus' planned execution in front of the Nazcan-controlled Gridmasks. Hankvi enacted an escape strategy by making Issus stop time and killing off all of the gridmasks. Baxter witnessed the carnage, being the one who happened to stumble onto the scene even in the Doomed Alpha but Issus and Hank ran away before Baxter could reason with them.

After running away, Issus actually was distraught about Hank's choice on the matter but he himself didn't want to put up with the grief of killing them, not with the interests they both share of adventure, all the while being ignorant about Issus' suggestion to join the others to "save Ludus", thinking that nothing would change had he been there. Issus themselves shrugged their idea of being sacrificed as stupid as well and agreed to become his life partner, following him wherever he goes on whatever adventures they want to come across (without hopefully alerting the Ludusian Government).

Their love begins kind of shaky but eventually stabilizes. However, they would have a problem trusting others due to being closed off from encountering anyone else in particular - especially Hank because he joins the IQ crew later and doesn't have as much interest in work as he does in the Alpha timeline. It is known that this Hank's morality would become comparable to that of an outlaw/outcast (but maybe not a complete libertarian and law-breaker).

Both Issus and Hank would eventually realize that running forever "in search of an adventure" wouldn't be ideal and would have to look for a place to live and settle down instead of setting camping tents every night - a job, essentially.

The birth of Chariel

Possible date: 926(-53); 303 + 623
This may need some fixing/improving in accordance with proper flow of events

Issus brought up the idea that they may want a descendant off of them, and that Hank can help them. However, Issus states that (for some reason?) they are infertile (still need to confirm with LAT and Mori about Issus' biological gender) and Hank states that a mother grub may be required for the breeding process but wouldn't matter since Issus is not an Alternian troll. Eventually, Issus raises an idea that Mother Gaia could assist by making an artificial child with many of the couple's likes and that they wish for their child "to be adventurous like their father".

Gaia complies (either because Hank is a follower of one of the Creation Trio, or maybe Issus would follow Gaia; unlikely since they apparently have no affinity for following a god. A Deity's persuasion, huh?) and thus Chariel would be born as a demi-dude (xe/xis/xim pronouns).

Former (but still possible) plans:

  • Chariel would probably be better-suited to be born out of the Fusion Chamber (if it exists that early), but might require special privileges before that could possibly happen.
  • In addition, Chariel would probably be born/suggested to be born when he searches for a job, as a way to signal "well I need a money for a mortgage and raising their baby. I mean, what are they going to hunt for their developing child?". Maybe Delinius would help them by appointing as a temp. worker.

Delinius (?)

Date range: 1002 ~ 1225(-53); Alternatively 701 ~ 926

Perhaps Hank and Issus meet Delinius one day, however Issus is afraid of him due to hearing the stories of the fabled Delinius Rupert Langton and although Delinius states that he intends to do no harm, he is rather surprised to see one of the twelve (ahem- thirteen) Ludusian Witches that saved Ludus from the Nazcan Grip - thinking that all of the witches from that time have died (I mean there's Caledonia but let's stick to the script).

Despite the many scary tales of Delinius, Hank considers him "a g[][]d j[]e" and befriends him.

This seems to only be a minor event and am not sure if any more work could be planned for Hank to join the Sunrise Industries, but it's here.

Destiny enforcement

Possible date: 1225(-53); Seeing as Masa joins IQ on 1217(-53)

One day, Hank said that he should look for a job, but not just any job - the job at IQ Corporations. Issus wondered why he thought about IQ all of a sudden, but all Hank could comment was that he saw "a cyan girl [that] just said "IQ" and then [she] disappeared" in one of his dreams.

The actual reason for this was that Masa was the most productive employee as Hankvi didn't join the IQ then, much to her dismay since she was the one most people relied on (in the period of only a week). She peered into one of her instances from a different timeline by accident and concluded that Hank is much more reliable then herself. In a bit of a self servicing act, she "altered the timeline" and "influenced" Hank to think of getting a job at IQ Corporations.

Therefore, he went over to the IQ Corps for a possible job and after brushing shoulders with Baxter once more, he got hired. Hank was a bit surprised of seeing Baxter once more from the "failed execution" and seeing the "cyan girl" in the flesh, although Masa sheepishly denied having taken part in his dreams, brushing it off as "uhh... coincidence?".

Masa was pleased having him aboard although noticed a strange quirk with this Hank; his workflow isn't the most exceptional from most other employees - working for about 9 hours in total (maximum 3 hours before taking a break) for about 23 days of the month, also not doing much in-between breaks. Masa then realized that he is engaged* and has a child, which was a derail from most other timelines she compared him with and perhaps she felt slightly envious as a result, or maybe she didn't care about him at all, deep down inside.

*Maybe incorporate the Red and Violet Revival Rings somehow?

Fragmented lives

Date range: 615 ~ 723(-52)

Issus gets a telepathic contact by the employer of the Ludusian Witches - Leviathan - to warn about her sister Caledonia and her plan to get every bit of the Subconscious Fragment pieces onto her hands and making sure they don't give their 1/13th Fragment away at all costs, lest it be taken by Caledonia.

This plan fails as soon as Caledonia and Mori have teamed up to take it away from them by force. Issus was caught off-guard and put into sleep by Mori and Cal's share of the Subconscious Fragment and taking Issus' 1/13th Fragment while Issus was asleep. Hankvi noticed the event and rushed towards them before they could leave the scene, Axe of Chaos in both hands. Before Hank could "Axe [Caledonia] a [,]uesti[]n", he was put to sleep by Mori with a sleeping spell with his blade inches away from her. Issus woke up shortly, but they too was put into sleep yet probably managed to process what they've seen just then.

Mori and Caledonia resorted to find a way to erase those parts of their memory to avoid further complication and thus held Issus and Hank captive. Such task would take upwards a month as a solution presented itself as such spell was written in the Book of Shadows. During that month, Hankvl replaced Hankvi's position at IQ sometimes calling in sick in order to keep up appearances and Mori and Cal posed as "babysitters" for Chariel to avoid arising suspicion as xe was told that "they have gone on a vacation so they would return sometime".

Eventually, the memory erasure process is complete with no damage to the minds of the Guidza family. Hankvi later tried to recall what had happened, but all he could remember was "a sugar-scented grid-malkin and s[]me []ther green witch arguing with each []ther", a memory not thought by the captors to have erased. Hank told Issus about this and noticed that they could not commune with Caledonia - their 1/13th Subconscious Fragment gone from their possession. Issus concluded that this was enough of a reason to point fingers at Mori and Caledonia.

Hankvi tried to convince everyone at IQ of what Mori had done and bring justice onto him/her, yet the IQ gang were not convinced due to "Hankvi" (really Hankvl but Hank did not acknowledge the former's existence in this timeline at all) working here the whole time. Hankvi could not counter that argument and thus the case was closed with his story of being captive debunked, leaving the Guidza family to hold Mori and Caledonia in silent contempt hence forth. The only ones in IQ who weren't opposed to Hank's story to a certain degree were Masa and Delinius, but only done so out of pity and held a bit of contempt and hostility towards Mori as well.

Trusting issues

Date range: 516(-49) ~ 723(-29)

Leviathan sent out a vessel to hunt down on Caledonia and Mori's newborn child - Belgazas - as an act of punishing the former. This caused their child to become "cursed" with a coma by filling their child with demonic spirits that could not be seemingly cured by normal witch doctors.

Sometime later (maybe several months if not a whole year), Chariel out of the kindness of xis own heart was the only one who could successfully cure Belgazas, stating that xe wants to resolve the tension left between xis own family and Belgazas' with "no hard feelings".

Mori and Caledonia wanted to thank Issus and Hank for the child's gracious deed. Chariel's parents were surprised and treated xim... by being grounded for what appeared to be a few days. Chariel's parents were still shocked from those events but eventually forgave Chariel and lifted the trauma this had them in. Presumably Mori and Caledonia forgave Issus and Hank for their actions and would associate them as plain acquaintances from then on in, with the possible trade for the latter couple's trust issues getting worse.

Nothing special happens between the two families; Chariel and Belgazas become friends, both children train to become adventurers and everyone else are busy with their lives. In the year -29, Mercedes comes forth to the offspring of the two families and brings them to the Alpha-Unaltered timeline to assemble the Miracle Team for the yet-to-be-rewritten story To End a Miracle - wishing all the best for them.

Color-clashing Cringe (?)

Date: Unknown; either before 516(-49), after 723(-29) or sometime in -30 AEQ - being 23 years after -53 AEQ

Perhaps at some point, Issus suspects Hank having a possible affair with Masa, stating that "that cohort of yours is trying something". Hank denies any involvement with her and was being honest about this. Issus barged into Hank's workplace that is the IQ Headquarters and then an argument ensued between Issus and Masa only for Hank to attempt breaking it up, but the IQ gang got involved into this.

Masa would try to "convince [Hank] the truth that Issus might be better off dead as intended", as if it wasn't for Issus still living, he would get more respect and not be in the situation of having being kidnapped and be a better worker. Both Hank and Issus were offended as it is not her decision or even acknowledging that Issus shouldn't have died at the execution to deduce this. After many shouts and broken furniture, Hank gets a pink slip and marched out of the IQHQ.

Hank appeared to have been glad that he got fired and gets to spend more time with Issus.

My whole life came crashing....

Date: 623(-23)

This is the day where the Alternian Empire invasion happens - completely catching Hank off-guard. Due to the mess-up that Hank involved himself with the IQ gang, the gang regarded Hank to be one with the Alternians and at fault for them coming to take over Ludus. Hankvl appeared to have known this would happen and decided "to just watch as his Last Chance is being unfold..". Zekrys ensured the Ludusians that they'd take over Ludus first and then to themselves to carry the plan to kill Hank if they (the Alternians) don't get to him first. Aserik - Hank's descendant but the latter doesn't acknowledge this one out at all - seemed to have either kept the friendly encounter like she did in the Alpha, or also wanted Hank's blood just as bad as the rest of trolls. Before matters could get any worse, even Issus started to have doubts in Hank but reluctantly both of them escaped to Everspring - presumably never to be seen again.

At that point, Masa is in denial that it was Hank's fault and blames herself for all this as she thought that "[Hank] was just misguided, I thought I could change his mind, for he was the reason that I wished he would change" and perhaps isolates herself from others. Delinius would regard Hank as a traitor as well, but "still have doubts that he could organize a revenge crew - he would have taken out Issus and be done with it".

Whether the Alternians were successful in taking over Ludus or not remains to be seen... but one thing is for sure, the Alternians could not find "The Dictator" and the IQ concluded that Hankvi "The Renegade" Guidza will forever live "in a land of his own fantasy".


  • Initially a timeline where Hankvi would instead of being a worker would be a care-free individual having many adventures with Issus, now turned to a scenario where Hankvi was more of a liability to others (maybe including Issus).
    • Eventually the Everspring idea came around as a chance to "escape into fantasy", it being a place where to one, it's an absolute nightmare, but to some it means: adventure
    • Therefore, it could be considered as the opposite to the Alpha timelines (except maybe for the Offshoot), due to the lack of respect from most peers.
  • Involvement with Delinius is more of my own choice but would most certainly without being "incredubious" about it, end up being friends.

Delta Timeline/ZedEx AU

Without a silver mention of Teteoh being brought to this timeline, do adventures become more calm? Perhaps this isn't so for an alternate fate such as this.

Alternate Grubhood

Date: 623(-69) Anno The Creator; same counting as AEQ

Through some twist of fate (presumable to be the work of Mercuron-β swapping pails or something of the sort), the same purple-blooded troll known as The Dictator or later known as Hankvi Guidza is instead born as a rust-blooded Desmin U. Latvis.

His lusus of choice was a Treant lusus - similar to the Mermaid-Treant lusus belonging to the more higher-blooded version of himself in different timelines. He was raised well with adventuring in mind and practiced out his psychic powers inherited from being a burgundy-blooded caste of the hemospectrum.

His personality over the years/sweeps would be a bit on the naive and shy but very outgoing vibe.

Communal ensemble

Date: 623(-61) ATC

Some time later, he had met friends along the way, particularly these three:

  • Moltan Darmno (#090060) - The gut-feeling yet bolded Marshal-like blueblood who confronts on most businesses that have almost nothing to do with him or his friends. He acts tough even on them, but wants what is best for them and isn't willing to compromise.
  • Bentun Welark (#669900) - The larky and witty yet not bright, downright foolish and happy-go-lucky limeblood. He sometimes gets himself and his friends into trouble but even on problems that he didn't start he rarely finds a way out, when even Lubwen can't find a solution.
  • Lubwen Grivli (#696969) - The gravitationally serious yet asocial and sometimes cryptic troll who's blood is a secret to all, including his friends who believe it's candy red yet always wears a scarf and isn't seen without it at all times. Being extremely stoic and acting super-snarky, he has little sanity to spare and in such state he prefers acting cold, being untalkative, and proclaiming to be the brains of the team.

Together they are all close friends and care for one another in the many adventures they will endure.

Ludus in 69 seconds

Date: 623(-56) ATC

Desmin's crew find a purple tower in the middle of a forest which strangely has Desmin's symbol on the flag yet colored purple instead of burgundy. Desmin himself remarks this as "maybe I meant to be a descendant by blood but I appear to have dishonored my ancestor beyond comprehension already".

They check out the tower from a closer look but find nothing interesting. Bentun was stunned when he saw a "swirly anomaly" on the side of the tower and upon touching it, he had disappeared from view but soon they heard his voice coming from inside the tower. They all go in but instead of getting out they all fall to the deeper insides of the tower. After befuddling around, they discover the Axe of Chaos as well as Pensiver's Journal. Desmin couldn't wield the Axe well due to the lack of the highblood vim, so he gave it to Moltan's possession.

This was quite different than Hankvi using the Axe of Chaos, but Desmin's methods of attack are nothing more than telekinesis and discharging auric power through the fists. Maybe later - Pyromancy through being a Dwinian himself.

After a while getting out of the tower, they discovered a stray hoofbeast - ready to trample Desmin and his crew to pieces, much to Desmin's dismay of not being careful of what he wishes for. Moltan's instinct had him pull out the Axe of Chaos and managed to vaporize the hoofbeast to thin air along with part of the forest with a Tenebrae Beam.

Having little time to marvel on the raw power, they all ran from the Chaotic Sunrise until they discover another portal (instead of falling unwillingly into it like Hankvi did), with almost no shade in plain sight. After a lot of begrudging, one by one: Desmin, Moltan, Bentun and Lubwen all jumped into the portal and ended up on Ludus - 3 years earlier than what would have happened in most other timelines).

Damsel in distress (?)

Possible date: 917(-54) ATC

If the Blood Thief still operates in this timeline, then Desmin hears out a girl's screaming and promptly checks it out. He and his friends find out that a girl is about to be kidnapped and have all come to her rescue to prevent her becoming a slave by defeating what appears to be someone who works for said Blood Thief.

Although the girl (going by the name of Vres Prive) thanked them all, this perhaps results in this timeline's "Masa" not following Zeus until later (or at all) or finding interest in blacksmithing and/or technology. "Samuel" (considering his name hasn't changed as well), being around to witness the "four not-so-ranged rangers" have thanked them all as well.

Hire me up, ZedEx!

Date: 623(-53) ATC

Desmin gets hired to the company ZedEx, Zachary Isles' company specializing in deliveries all across The Prism. For a while, Desmin loved the job and his friends were also hired but Lubwen made a grim remark about "this adventure would be very boring, I feel".

Nonetheless, Desmin makes great progress - above than the average deliverymen.

"Team Dad?"

Date: Sometime in -43 ATC

Perhaps Desmin gets asked out by Mercuron-β for helping to take care of a child by the name of Gawain and gladly accepts it, on account that Moltan is more of a practitioner of tough love, Bentun being a dimwitted loose cannon and Lubwen for easily refusing.

Desmin also decides to learn Chronomancy by following Chronos instead of Chaos as normally would've been done by Hankvi.

(Maybe he will use that to save Vres's? parents from being killed when she was young but that could screw things up and making matters worse with the Blood Thief's gang, I believe.)

The deal with Demoralic

Date range: Sometime in -43 ~ Sometime in -30 ATC

Desmin and his pals supposedly assist Zaion, Mercuron-β, Gawain, the Manic Witches, etc. to find a way to undo the curse of Satan that made Mori to become Demoralic, training if necessary. Moltan and Bentun propose defeating Satan but Lubwen is against it, remarking that "this will destroy us all, won't it?", and Desmin would not label this idea as "plausible" as a cure is still in the works (maybe Chronomancy? but then Mercuron-β would probably not think highly of such an approach).

Later, Lubwen and the others think of killing Demoralic as "the only cure we see" but Desmin had denied the idea much like Gawain, thinking that "there has to be mercy somewhere". Both Lubwen and Desmin argue the options they have in terms of saving or killing Demoralic and their own standing on having to risk their lives:

  • "Besides fighting Demoralic's Superior Demon, what options do we have here?"
  • "Well we could continue to reverse this and-"
  • "By the time you find a cure, you'd see death knocking like an imperial drone at your door."
  • "...."
  • "Besides, my arguments are not to be underestimated. As you see, it is pointless to stand up against me. I've covered every corner of the plan, to defeat Demoralic."

Desmin had reached to the conclusion that the only way to free somebody is to cut their soul off of their body. With even Gawain saying there's no other way really, Desmin and the other troll pals had joined the cause.

They all attempted to fight against Demoralic and almost succeeded, only to be interrupted by a demon who seemed to act as a high-ranked underling. Satan then appears and would plan to kill his son Gawain, only for Demoralic to fight back and curse them for messing with a member of the Moriam family. Things seem to return to normal once Demoralic dies and becomes Gawain's inner being.

Bringing the job to Alternia

Date: 623(-23) ATC

For a while, Desmin was an okay worker at ZedEx and Zach proposed the idea that Alternia could join the program as well, but such a task would require speaking to their Empress. Lubwen strangely was into the idea that Alternia and Ludus/The Prism could actually become partners and so Desmin and co. set out to make the link.

The Empress - still in the way of tyranny and dictatorship actually wanted to take over Ludus instead of partnering with Ludus for the sake of inter-dimensional conquest. She couldn't bear to listen to Desmin the Rustblood, Moltan the Mortar of Madness, Bentun the Brickhead and Lubwen the supposed candy-blooded Loon.

Lubwen stated out loud that this was enough and revealed his biggest secret - by taking off his scarf to let his neck breath after what appeared to be his whole life, and showed that he is in fact a seadweller. The Empress was not impressed but then Lubwen slit the palm of his hand and showed her that he doesn't have a candy blood due to hemotyping anonymity, but his blood is actually a redder shade of fuchsia - technically making him at a position higher than most other royal seadwellers ready to take the Alternian throne when they grow up, also easily mistaking him as a rustblood like Desmin. Lubwen then brought his point further by stating that even though his friends will die by the vast glub, he shall remain and would show his true power that laid dormant for many sweeps.

Much to The Empress' dismay, she complied and Ludus and the other planets were made as partners, ensuring that as long as Lubwen lives, they will co-exist in harmony.

A Rustblood's legacy

Date: 623(-19) ATC

Desmin, due to the burgundy caste's abysmal lifespan, felt weak from aging and felt he would die soon on his 50th annual anniversary day (or 23rd wriggling day). A few weeks before his last days, he wrote a chronological journal about himself and his friends - memories that would refuse to leave this book. He also wishes to apologize for Pensiver Axeswish for not being a direct follower by gene, blood and belief, but Desmln - the Golem - said that would be no problem to give him the message, should Desmln brush shoulders with him.

On the day he is about to leave the mortal realm, he wishes to all his friends that at least he will die a happy man. After his death, they gave him a proper funeral (which Alternians do not seem to do due to their culture) and his soul passes on, perhaps following Mori by becoming the inner being of Gawain... or maybe into Vres for a romantic continuity between timelines, and a way for her to join Team Desmin. Or maybe he becomes a stray ghost that can communicate just fine via Trollian...

It is known that in the written Journal, it contains the peace treaty between Alternia and Ludus/The Prism and through use of Chronomancy, he would either send a copy to Hankvi of Alpha-Fixed timeline by request of Vres, or have her converse with the her Alpha-Fixed self to write verbatim the whole journal to give to Hankvi.

[Needs more Desmln (L) roles in Desmin's life...]


  • His first name is sort of a combination between Desmond from the Lost series and Damien from the Devil May Cry series/Watch_Dogs. The "U" is kind of there for the sake of a three-letter username but actually combined with the last name "Latvis", it based itself more off of the word "Unilateralis" (short of that infection basing The Last of Us from, which kind of had the name Desmin stuck in my mind ever since and decided to reuse it here) and my home country of Latvia.
    • There's also a pet named Desmin, but is comepletely unrelated this character.
  • The names Desmin, Moltan, Bentun and Lubwen all follow a similar pattern:
    • The second letter from the left and right is a vowel.
    • The names end with a vowel and the letter 'n'.
  • With the exception of Desmin, the other characters are all personalities that were experienced on conjoined occasions by the author's early years.
  • The way it was created before the addition of the three trolls (and by extension The Planet's Shadow) would be based out of the now-defunct Memories of Fan-Ball segment.
  • Can be considered as the opposite of Eta; in this he never acts like The Dictator and is most likely living a peaceful life - No Karma Fragment ownership, no meteor cracking his head, no hatchets or axes in his possession and finally there is no spoon.

Wau Timeline

Owned by Fire, this timeline is "deleted" from existence for SOME RADICAL REASON.

Perhaps Hankvi would find a role there somewhere and pass his journal to The Maintenancekeeper, to Alpha-Saved Delinius and finally to Hankvi from the same timeline?

Eta Timeline

The second most significant of the "Canon" consideration for Hankvi-

Wait who the hell is Hankvi? Oh, you mean "The Dictator"?

Yeah, basically the events in the SGRUB session went similar. However, when he returned back to Alternia via a meteor, he didn't get head trauma on top of the shard placed embedded onto his skull. Having thanked "Bitchevel the Betrayer", he proceeded with the original plan of taking over Alternia.

How would this impact The Prism in any way is yet to be resolved. Conquering sure, but whether to drag the never-met accomplices from Ludus or not? Maybe this will become more of a separate arc.

So over the course of this timeline, The Dictator would attempt to gather up all of the Karma Fragments to acheive even more power, even if it means to kill off the ancestor/dancestor, his bizarro couterparts and maybe even Havres.

Fun fact: Distance from Alpha to Eta is the same as Sigma to Omega. Therefore it can be considered as the "Bad Ending" to Sigma's "Good Ending".[ambiguous]

Theta Timeline

Plac- oh who am I kidding, Hank's toast anyways - regardless of joining or attempting to rebel against Teteoh.

Iota Timeline/The Finity

According to Mori (and originally LD), this timeline is only different than Unaltered with the fact that Ludicrine/Baxter leaves LDZX/IQ along with Alternate-Cobalt that is specific for this timeline and that Zoshi becomes the Emporer instead.

Perhaps due to the crime rate shooting up (or is it crimelines), Hankvi instead of finding joy out of work (may or may not be influencing/influenced by Masa), he gets his mind deteriorated and perhaps goes insane to the point of performing Karoshi.

This is the timeline where he becomes Nox-Lux - to connect with Stick Ranger 2's optional boss battle.

Kappa Timeline


A.K.A. The Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates' Bad Ending. Hankvi wouldn't have a chance against Kuipter at this point so he either dies, becomes a Dark Matter (which might be cool but off-putting due to being enslaved), or a hybrid of a Troll-Dark Matter. (Troll Matter?)

Mu Timeline

Lazro had simply wished to become as much loved as his ancestor Taku and such wish was mysteriously granted by the Fairy-King Neil. This causes a timeline to form where there happened to be a retroactive continuity ("retcon") switching the roles of Taku and Lazro, making the latter the 1st Emporer of Ludus instead. Taku gets a role in what appears to be a dystopia, as well as most main characters.

Starts off from the first contact of Taku with Anicetus and "ends" in this timeline's metric at 0 ADG (standing for Anno De Gridmasque) to continue off at year -25 AEQ of the Alpha-Fixed Timeline (making Baxter the 3rd Emporer if counting 1st Emporer Lazro?).

Also note that this timeline is sort of strictly owned by Mori - Beta and Ludicrine alike, so all of these are merely speculative of what Hank here can really do, not like most other timelines are as promiscuous. Also not sure how much should this be copied in-tandem with the Fixed Timeline so many corrections would be necessary.

Mu Grubhood

Date range: 623(-44) ~ 623(-28) ADG / -69 ~ -53 AEQ respectively

Emporer Lazro seemed to have known about Hankvi's younger sweeps to be considered a potential threat, typically shadowed under an innocent image. He would command some Ludusian soldiers to scout towards a stray Karma Portal that leads to Alternia and retrieve a "purple violent grub with geometrical horns". They eventually find a grub with the matching description and take him in. Along the way they had also retrieved some samples of a green slime that would be useful as a drug prescription to regulate Hankvi from ever becoming a threat to Ludus. This green slime (formally called Sopor Slime) would stick with Hankvi for the rest of this timeline.

(Possible explanation of why that happened: AsLazro might have read AdHankvi's journal by accident and there were very subtle details about his corrupted past, so this reminded of Hank being The Former Dictator when the time comes and wishes to alter the outcome so he wouldn't kill anyone... unless he was told to?)

So Hank was "adopted" and raised by the Ludusian military, being much more strict throughout his youth and overall had his life to be hell. Hank couldn't do so much as obey Emporer Lazro without any sort of resistance and acted out in stress because of the effects of Sopor Slime withdrawal. He was kept being sedated by a "limit system"; for as long as he obeyed Emporer Lazro's orders, he would be rewarded with helping his addiction but sometimes he would be given an overdose to "go on a little vacation". The normal range of Sopor consumption for his weight, age and blood color early on would be 1 or 2 capsules a day, although will range from 4 to 6 when he reaches the early teens with the amount of stress he'll be in.

Due to the militant parenting, he would be forced to "speak in an adequate manner without the slicing and dicing of the spoken common from the usage of a quirk".

A Random Trap

Date: 623(-28) ADG / -53 AEQ

Hankvi was instructed by Emporer Lazro to go to a settlement for doing some sort of a job given by his superiors. Said settlement used to be an abandoned Nazcan outpost in the Alpha timelines, which was more Lazro-themed and the clock tower there was instead a gigantic Emporer Lazro statue made out of Electrum and holding a square-faced clock above the statue's shoulders (just a thought). There, he had met a shady cult praising Emporer Lazro's success. Hank was confused as he didn't know what to do with them and assumed this was a test of faith. He was bum rushed from behind by one of the cult members and was given a cut to his forehead with a sharp object. He lied on the ground confused for what they would intend to do with him. He then attempted to fight back but out of the blue, Hankvl had decimated the cult from attempting to kill Hankvi, which made the latter all the more confused as to who the former was.

Hankvl introduced self to Hankvi not as a twin brother, but as an ancestor by choice, as derived closely from his first dream involving Hankvl during the Alpha-Unaltered Timeline. Hankvl had told him that this was most likely a trap that Emporer Lazro had put in to hopefully finish Hankvi off as if it was some sort of an extreme strength test. This was only one of the many things that Emporer Lazro had done in this timeline - ranging from saving Mura from death and putting down Kuipter and Shenanigans before any casualty could happen - to the destruction of the Ao Oni mansion (wait wasn't Raki killed off?). Even if those events are why Emporer Lazro was considered good, Hankvl then told about the events that had endured and why Hankvi should not completely submit to the Emporer's grasp.

This timeline's Hankvl has gone antisocial over the years because of Caledonia's execution by the hands of Emporer Lazro's forces, whom Hankvl considered her to be "[my] only friend", and wished to dethrone Lazro for his actions. It was by Chance they were able to have met and the both of them would devise some plan to bring Emporer Lazro out of power. Hankvi had dismissed Hankvl to consider the whole thing while keeping irregular contact with Hankvl and possibly any other rebels in secret while serving the Emporer to a certain extent.

After the "job", Hankvi reported back to the Emporer to show that he is alive. While Emporer Lazro was somewhat surprised at first, he saved face to Hankvi for a job well done and possibly earned higher civil rights, if not enlisting for being a Proto-Private recruit of the Ludusian military (something that wouldn't happen for another 5 years to keep away the "he is too young to drink/marry/join" comments). Emporer Lazro also gave Hankvi a green and white striped headband to cover the bruise on his head. (for adding unique points? or for a possible "behavioral collar"?)

The Scarlet's love letter

Date range: 214 ~ 303(-26) ADG / -51 AEQ

In one of the exchanges during a mission given by Emporer Lazro on the Prism Day of Pregnancy (as strange as this may sound), Hankvi had met Issus and as friendly as their encounter was, they both fell in love with each other. Although Hankvl was alright with him being a friend and potential lover of Issus, Hankvl reminded both on their standing on Emporer Lazro. Hankvi was still unsure as he is currently on a mission and should not be disrupted any further on the job, while Issus was for the Emporer. Hankvl was confused of their standing, as Issus was the last survivor of the 13 Ludusian Witches that was formed a century and a half ago to save Ludus from the Nazcan forces and it was the Emporer himself and only him that enacted on killing all witches, magic users and those who dared to rebel. Before Hankvi left to continue on his mission, Issus hosts a birthday party on the 3rd day of Panacea (3rd month) and he is invited.

Come 303, Hankvi went and offered an art piece of himself and Issus holding hands on a hilly field of roses and violets (as a nod for a concept of a story I didn't really bother to write and an event coming from the Gamma Timeline). Issus thanks Hankvi from the bottom of their heart for coming to their party and handing out such gift. The party went as usual and it was time for Issus to blow their candles of the birthday cake and make a wish. However, as Issus was wishing something for their birthday wish, several Ludusian soldiers have crashed the party and killed Issus, along with other witch friends, on behalf of Emporer Lazro.

Hankvi was seen grieving over Issus' untimely death and had noticed something in her pocket - a closed bloodied envelope being addressed to himself. Hank could only put the envelope in his pocket before opening it because he was marched out by the soldiers and had to comply for their request. Hank examined the contents of the bloody letter and although it was difficult to make out the words, it was revealed to not just be a love letter to confess their feelings to him, but also for how some of the future would play out, going so far to even predict their own demise was coming. Hankvl sympathized with Hank for having such a love die young and relating to him "as if it was the day caledonia died". From there, Hankvi would enact on a long journey to dethrone the cruel leader, being almost against towards him. Almost, in the sense that Hankvl noted out about Emporer Lazro's respect he has towards Hankvi, so Hank should use that to his advantage, even if he doesn't feel very sure about "betraying [my] "father" like that".

Going back to school

Date: 623(-26) ADG / -51 AEQ

Being mature enough to reach 18, Hankvi requested Emporer Lazro to get a job at the latter's own LR Corporations, to become a machine specialist. Emporer Lazro had denied at first due to "not having good enough aptitude for such major", so he was instructed to receive education elsewhere. Hank happened to be lucky enough to bump onto Masa (she has relation with the Alpha-Fixed, so her name might not be changed?), who seemed overeager to tutor him. Hank also had the option to go back to Alternia and receive education about Alternian technology.

Together with these two factors, for the next three years, Hank would be applied for a job application when he would enlist for the Ludusian military.

Sort of a sidenote: Even during the visits back to Alternia, he hadn't the clue to go to Pensiver's tower and retrieve the Axe of Chaos and Journal...

Lieutenant con troll

Possible date range: 623(-23) ~ Sometime in -17 ADG / -48 ~ -42 AEQ respectively

Upon reaching the age of 21, Hankvi was enlisted to join the Ludusian military and started off as a Private. He was awarded with the complementary LZAR-15 firearm - a fully-automatic rifle using .223 Remington bullets.

Pvt. Hankvi has risen through the ranks thanks to the Ludusian military's early parenting and eventually became at some point a First Lieutenant in the Army. Most of the time he served being the head-developer of the machinery division of LR Corps. (I imagine Hank would appear with a white scientist robe and some multi-square-lens goggles or something of the sort, as if he was some kind of alchemist.)

Lt. Hankvi had made an army of gigantic robots as marvels of the Alternian technology he had learned back then, to the enforcement of Emporer Lazro's wishes. Underneath the surface of his creations, he was planning a Trollian Robots trick that all held assorted fatal flaws (remained to be explained but most likely it would be to malfunction and attack the military instead) that only he knew about them, as well as projects that would be later used against Emporer Lazro directly. Essentially, he worked as a con man (or in his case, a con troll) for the corporation and the Ludusian empire in the hopes to get back at him not only for "executing Issus [in front of me]", but also for "causing all this mischief for having everyone be put to the misery you brought us for your own d*ng amusement". Those flaws wouldn't come into play until some time later, namely the "planned execution", "unification of the brothers" and "retreat to Binaricka".

(Kind of a thought, Masa also worked for the LR Corps. and would know about Hank's true intentions and seeing as she probably is completely for in terms of morality, she might report him to Emporer Lazro only for her to be convinced otherwise by Hank... and maybe reporting him later, anyways.)

Around that time,[specify; either earlier or later] Lt. Hankvi was then summoned by Emporer Lazro to Universe City and would possibly meet the rebellious gang, consisted of head-fugitive Taku and his cohorts Baxter?, Mercuron and Mori after they had "by accident" awakened Kuipter - a past terror to Ludus. Lt. Hankvi - not wanting to betray his Emporer so soon - had fought against the rebels and managed to incapacitate them, then they were all brought to execution in a holding facility. There, Lt. Hankvi would come to share the secrets of his own plans; particularly to Baxter? since he held a bit of trust, maybe even before this happened. The corrupt Lieutenant had stated that deep down he was rooting for the Diamond Defenders (which also includes Mura in addition to the four imprisoned ones).

As Taku was the first to be scheduled for execution, Mura, Revelian (not at first being under manipulation of Emporer Lazro) and Kuipter all attacked the facility and made it possible for the Diamond Defenders to escape to the neighbor planet in the Lux System called Binaricka via the Zeronius Dark Star (?), while Revelian and Kuipter were the distractions. Lt. Hankvi would play the part in stopping the Zeronius Brothers, but the latter were commanded by the Diamond Defenders to specifically not kill him, as he was secretly on their side.

After their escape to Binaricka, Lt. Hankvi had expressed sorrow towards Emporer Lazro for letting them get away, but the Emporer had different plans. Namely, Emporer Lazro wanted for the remains of Big Halley/Fortress Mech Unit - the ship that initially brought a group of Splationians to arrive on to Ludus but got themselves crashed without any survivors - to be reconstructed, putting Lt. Hankvi part-time and Masa full-time to do this. The reason for the part-time shift would be due to the fact that Masa is supervising the reconstruction of the Big Halley - meaning no dirty tricks or convincing to turn against the Emporer could ever work on her.

In the time when he didn't work on said project, Lt. Hankvi, along with the newly-appointed "2nd Lt." Hankvl would come to organize the remaining rebels of Ludus (more specifically but not limited to the main and some side characters who weren't part of the Diamond Defenders) and develop a strategy, all the while waiting for the right time to strike when the Emporer least expects it.

Some descendants simply betray their ancestors - adopted or otherwise

Possible date: 402(-17) ADG / -42 AEQ

Emporer Lazro had flied to Binaricka in order to destroy it and the Diamond Defenders with the newly-constructed Mu Notario. Meanwhile, Lt. Hankvi "assisted" the Ludusian military by enacting the time for the rebels to fight back, with the flaws of the Trollian Robots coming into play. The leaders of the rebellion - Lt. Hankvi and "2nd Lt." Hankvl - were planning all along to turn the tables and attack against the Ludusian military as hard as they could. Although they did major damage, Emporer Lazro was both dumbfounded and furious at EXPERIMENTAL JOE that such turn of event had caused him being distracted in the process of destroying Binaricka and had to retreat back to Ludus as soon as the Zeronius Dark Star had done its fair share of saving Binaricka from certain destruction (?).

Emporer Lazro and some remains of his soldiers had went down and fought the remnants of the rebels, including Lt. Hankvi and "2nd Lt." Hankvl. Obviously, the Hanks lost but were able to do some bruises (maybe gouge an eye out - a la Anicetus on Taku), yet Emporer Lazro was still kicking. Lt. Hankvi had felt guilty and tried to explain of what Lazro did to the empire he had so grasped, yet Emporer Lazro wouldn't listen and felt betrayed by "[my] own son", much like what Taku did after expressing disapproval of Lazro's ways and had Lazro fear of losing the title of the Emporer to "an otherwise descendant", starting off the chain reaction of Taku being the most wanted fugitive alive. Eventually, with the Ludusian rebellion leaders being apprehended, so did the majority of the civilians being prosecuted as well for the event of the "mass rebel execution" to happen.

The corrupt Lieutenant Hankvi, the unofficial and unauthorized 2nd Lieutenant Hankvl, and many other characters were being attended to being executed by the mass of soldiers. Before Lt. Hankvi could get his dishonorable discharge, the Diamond Defenders had come to the rescue of all the would-be execut-ees. The hostages were all originally supposed to go on board the Zeronius Dark Star, but the Mu Notario had successfully destroyed it and, with nowhere to go, they were all transported to the planet Artemus, in the Separ Dimension, by Taku and Baxter?. Although Masa had nothing (if any at all) to do with being against Emporer Lazro, she too had left along with the others to Artemus.

Soldier of another's war

Date range: 1020 ~ 1231(-1) ADG / -26 AEQ

During their stay on Artemus, safe from the clutches of Emporer Lazro by being in a different dimension where he is, Hankvi had started to have a sanity slippage, due to the effect of Sopor Slime withdrawal. Masa, being able of mind manipulation, had kept Hank from posing a threat to himself and the others and over the years, he had basically rehabilitated from the effects of the Sopor. In the meantime, he had sat down and wrote out his biography of life from since he was adopted as a grub by the Ludusian military, up until now being a troll of daze, deceit, and dubious of his own actions as the former scientist and soldier to a tyrant Emporer named Lazro. All of this would be written on a similarly-looking Pensiver's Journal (note: Having never discovered it in this timeline at all) and put an engraving of a grape-colored μ symbol on the cover.

Masa took a look at Hank's firearm that is the LZAR-15 and managed to upgrade it to the MLUR-17 (standing for the silly-named Masa Le-Umas Rifle 17, also Motherload Unlimited), capable of using the same caliber bullets yet can shoot with more overall power/velocity (thanks to Compo Shots) and equipped with a bayonet of a small axe blade (in reference to Hankvi using axes as his preferred Strife Specibus), as well as some type of electric cannon that shoots lightning bolts with a mediocre recharge rate (in reference to Masa's belief in Zeus and the Grey Big Box Snake).

After the 20th day of Rorschach (10th month), some people would go back to Ludus and fight off the forces of Emporer Lazro once more and finish his reign once and for all, being convinced by a being who had the knowledge of other timelines that things could be fixed by making Taku the Emporer of Ludus.

Being encouraged by the others to join as the Diamond Defenders' Lieutenant, the reborn Lt. Hankvi who had learned much experience of working in the military and being a great strategist, had joined their cause and unleashed his stored rage towards Emporer Lazro with the upgraded weapon, wrecking all hell loose by thinning out the numbers of the Ludusian military and making way for the Diamond Defenders to confront Emporer Lazro all close and personal. A long process happened to convince the people of Ludus that what Lazro had done as an Emporer was thought to be right, it had done more harm than good and was ill-mannered, so he was convinced enough to put Taku as the Emporer of Ludus the day before the year -1 ADG ended.

The end.... ?

Date: 101-0 ADG / 101(-25) AsAEQ

Once Emporer Taku resumed the Ludusian reign, the Mu Timeline had broken down and faded away into but memories. Besides the Temptation Fragment of the Mindstone, since Hankvi wasn't part of the Diamond Defenders, his part of the memory possibly wasn't kept through the timeline appending due to the fact that his Mu Timeline spirit did not move on to the Alpha-Fixed Timeline, yet the Mu Timeline's MuHankvi's Journal had consistently kept through.

AsHankvi would probably regard some of those events as dreams, yet the truth of such a timeline would remain a mystery to everyone - even with the documented journal.

(Also mysteriously, Hank's skull was fixed in Alpha-Fixed due to timeline shenanigans???)

Nu Timeline

Due to the Nazcan takeover beginning from -191 AEQ, changes are bound to happen:

Nazcan Thief Unit?

Date: 623(-169)

100 years before Hank/TD was born, a Nazcan appeared to have found its way to Alternia via the Karma Portal, scouts to the tower and raids it, leaving with the Axe of Chaos and Pensiver's Journal. Afterwards, more Nazcans would come here, attempt to take Alternia over and presumably fail.

Nu Trollhood

Date range: 623(-69) ~ 623(-53)

Hank was born as "normal" and events go similarly as if they were in the Alpha-Unsplit timeline, if the Nazcans would be so kind to not have any further changes that gone down on Alternia.

Tween a rock and a gun

Date: 623(-53)

Hank goes to adventure, gets chased to the tower, gets a breather and escapes the tower thinking the mob was gone...

...until the Nazcans kill the pursuers except for Hank and take him in back to Ludus to become one of them, becoming Nazcan Colony/Attack/Defense/More majors? Drone Nr. 263995 (for ref. Mori is 253698).


Date: Unknown

After Lord Nazca's death, Ha- 263995 will either get cured (unlikely to have an antidote but it's there), accept death honorably or perhaps AVENGE and attempt to restart the reign by becoming the next Lord Nazca with use of the (2/10) Karma Fragment.

Omicron Timeline

This is where Mori is mutated by the deity Yaldabaoth residing inside of Mori. Significance is unknown.

Rho Timeline

Splits off the Alpha timeline at -723 AEQ, with the Gridmasks and Splationians (now called Roundheads for a lack of a better taxonomy) colonizing Ludus instead of Ludus and Splationia, separately.


Date: Sometime in -623 (AEQ possibly?)

Possible involvement of Pensiver Axeswish who knew of what The Dictator could pose through some future-vision majjyks so remote controlled death?

Origin... and closure?

Date: 623(-69) (AEQ?)

Hankvi would be born as normal by being a purple-blooded troll. However, he managed to live for less than a day and achieved infant mortality for reasons unforetold, theorized to be a rare miscarriage by fault of the Mother Grub.

His soul managed to somehow reach the Separ and not to be cast away into the afterlife so quickly, he had gotten reincarnated into a Gridmask, going by the name of Charles "Charlie" "Mapriu" Kruegsoe, smelling vaguely of an Onion.

The following events are all theorized to happen sometime, possibly in this order, at unknown dates:

Crafting the map of life

Having fine wealth range and aspiring to create, he would probably make machines designed to create landmasses (thus earning Charlie the nickname/middle-name of "Mapriu") and maybe even terraforming technologies to colonize other planets.

Note that Splationia is largely uninhabited by the "Splationians" as could be seen in other timelines, so significance is unknown for this timeline as of yet.

Inventor and Machinist?

Charlie would probably meet Masa at some point (whom she maybe goes by name of Maxne Mabot?) and after a bit of a possible rivalry between the two creators, together they would make "the first sentient robo-gridmask", able to contain memories and interact like most other species - without requiring a possible soul. This robot would probably be named Macharlie-Zero (pronounced sort of like Machete; or MC0 for short, standing for M-Czarro, where Samta Claus originates).

Raised to destroy

If Havres is to be involved by being an inactive inner being of Charlie during all this time, then the possessed MC0 fueled with much of the Doom aspect would enact on destruction and "conquests" at a later point, perhaps blaming the two inventors for causing this to happen.

Charlie would probably have a known flaw of this in case things went wrong but even then, they wouldn't have the strength to defeat a demon...

Dark Machination

Possible involvements: MC0 vs The Blood Thief and then maybe Lord 017/Lord Itwonel - The Blood Thief's adopted brother.

Trivia and further suggestions

  • The concepts for Hankvi in the Rho timeline derive from the "pre-Fan-Ball" years and even "pre-Dan-Ball" years aspects of the author.
    • The name Charlie was sort of stuck in my head and has similar roots to the "Nana" Quadruplizarro counterpart, including the Dragonkin part.
    • Mapriu and Kruegsoe are a single separate origin, where besides referencing of a monster by name, the focus is more on the words Map and Kruegsoe relating to the word Saturn (the former was more of a nickname, the latter has words that relate to Saturn in a way) - originating from a certain children's educational cartoon.
      • The "sentient-doom-robot-prototype" is also part of that. To quote Fire InThe Hole: I probably was "broken-headed" to think of such fanon to a cartoon.
  • Another idea would be (for maybe a different timeline) to have Hankvi reborn as a Monster.
    • This is what I imagined my -sona to be, before I changed it to the Alternian Trollsona.
    • Going with that, it would lead to a life where he might be viewed as some kind of martyr when he gets adopted by Masa and would lead to a conflict between the Monsters and the Gridmasks (as a Romeo and Juliet approach?) by "losing" sentience of the former to the latter, when even the Call of Wonder don't seem to have a further effect.
  • If a journal would be written by Charlie (simply "Kreugsoe's Journal"), then it might provide mechanical-related stat boosts that would either suit AdHank or A2Hank.
  • Rho is the 17th letter of the Greek Alphabet and Hankvi's associated numbers are 6 and 23. Presuming that 23-6=17, this could lead to further connections with Masa in this timeline.
    • Perhaps it might not mean the same child(ren), but maybe will get a better spotlight on their offspring than it would in the Alpha.
  • Originally set to be where Samuel's children would be coming from, but it turned out that this timeline is not unique to them anymore.

SigmaOne Timeline

Apparently this is the timeline where Hankvl is the main player of SDANB, and Hankvi functions as the ancestor...?

SigmaTwo Timeline

See also: Comment on Codeam's page

Considered to be the "Canon" timeline for a character whose origins were from a S___B game (which he still doesn't remember). This contains some substantial amounts of spoilers so only see this at your own risk.

It was time I'd get around to write the series of stories I've talked about almost never before, aptly named:

The Submachine Subplot

As the title states, it has some to do with the Submahcine game series and would have 7 (or 8?) acts [subject to change due to plot points or whatever]:

  • Act I: Rise and Fall of The Dictator - Hank's past.
  • Act II: After the meteor incident and getting to Ludus including the events of TPS.
    • Alternate ending: Issus' chapter - Separation from Alpha to Gamma timelines.
  • Act III: Isevel and her crew's roaming in the Loop, and involvement of the Bizarro universe (despite being somewhat non-canon in nature..).
  • Act IV: Hank plays SFANB.
    • Alternate ending: The Reckoning occurs - See events from the Alpha-Unaltered timeline.
  • Act V: Murtaw and his involvement of the Submachine - A backstory if you will.
  • Act VI: Isevel meets Murtaw and go off to find her "Dictator".
  • Act VII: Probably the Ultimate Reward as well as The Kingdom of Bros' "Last Resort" (feeling unsure at the moment; will get modified later perhaps).

Which also leads to what timelines should this should be categorized at: I know it will involve the Sigma timeline of SFANB and variations of the Alpha and possibly Gamma timelines.

This here - in terms of the Subplot - could be considered the summary of Act VI...

So Hank later in the SFANB session would become a God Tier out of the pure choice and before the gang could execute the sleeping Hank, they are confronted by Isevel - former player of the previous session along with Hank - known as The Dictator and kismesis, and Murtaw - Hank's dancestor.

They (read: just Mur) attempted to put seven bullets from LAT's gun in Hank while not resting on the quest bed, but Isevel snaps Mur's neck kinetically and puts Hank back on it. During his death, he seemed to have talked to Liwiya (that was before the 3rd redesign so character personality might not match; check the Dream Bubble in the Sanc) but as he risen to Godtierhood, his memories and skull fracture were rejuvenated and remembered everything from both before and after the meteor incident.

From here, he goes insane due to the conflicting lives he had lived and experiences both an Amnesiac Dissonance and a Heroic/Villainous Purple Screen of Death. After chilling out, this would leave him with the Ultimate Choice: Does he retain his power and appoint his new comrades to work for him, or will he count all of their powers equally and set on to defeat the Black King?

Upsilon Timeline/Space Mechsuit AU

A small-world timeline housing Space: A Pipe Adventure any stuff relating to the Space Mechsuit Alternate Universe, where our heroes (and villains) are intergalactic astronauts and spend time by doing space stuff, like working on some satellites, space combats, etc.

Hankvi's Mechsuit's stats:


Durability: ★★★★
Strength:   ★★★
  (Physical "weight")
Agility:    ★★
  (Movement flexibility)
Flight:     ★★
  (Speed and control during flight)
Stamina:    ★★★★
  (Energy/labor efficiency)
Special:    Energy Shield?
  (Special ability; not finallized; see note below)


As can be seen, Hankvi's suit aims towards defensive maneuvers and utilitarian support as opposed to overall mobility.

As for the suit's special ability, I could further stack the defenses up with either Armor Lock or Energy Shield (or maybe something else but for now I'm sort of aiming towards the latter in the hopes of Karma Forcefields? that no movement would be scarified; an explanation about these would be helpful).


Phi Timeline/Alternate Universe

Since this timeline (considering this won't be scrapped) follows no order whatsoever and what goes there - goes I guess, I think AlternateUniverse!Hank will fit right in:

In a timeless expanse, there are few admins that run the wiki, and by extension - The Prism. Providing ideas and shaping Ludus to their liking as well as expecting other "users" to conform to it - with the sole rule of "The Admins are always right".

But there is only one admin who transcends in power, wisdom and even courage. His name is Hankvi "HankGuideDude" Guidza and can create anything if you ask him to: Pets, Weapons, Classes, Ideas? Nothing is the limit... except for what is deemed worthy, being the direct follower of "Ha55ii".

Hankvi "HankGuideDude" Guidza, The Book of SR

So yeah, what was considered before all the rewrites back in the Fan-Ball Classic era (before Mori, before LAT, while I was gone actually,) is what I would've considered for a character to be added in (who's ego goes beyond Kuptier's) but never really had a chance to add him in other than a couple of cameos.


Omega Timeline

The nature (or lack thereof) of the Omega timeline and its many zones is that paradoxes happen, conjoining timelines are a thing and anything and everything happens.

Particularly with Hankvi, he gets combined with Murtaw and Hankvl as soul creatures, gains Chaos' powers and the full power of the Karma Fragment to awake Hankvi as the PRISTINE OVERLORD.*

His appearance (as Mori suggested) is having a purple-striped prehensile scarf (with hands) colored after Murtaw and Hankvl - similar to the scarf that is worn by Mercuron-γ, a purple headband with a green stripe on top and a cyan stripe on bottom with the Karma Fragment on the center of the forehead and is a cyborg wielding the Eye of Lodin, Dao Arm and Dao Leg to symbolize power from Chaos (or perhaps reference the Alpha-Offshoot).

Assorted extra ideas


A form that takes place during possession of Chaos on xis followers and empowering them with light and darkness, resulting in an overflow of chaotic energy more than the mortal body allows.

In the case of Hankvi, his stats increase by +62.3% in exchange for possible insanity and temporary connection of both his past arc and his present arc (both memory and ability-wise). Possible nicknames are Demi-Dictator, Semi-Smearit, Hemkvi the DemiGuide or HemiHank.

Since Nox-Lux can take shape in many forms, the standard would look similar to the base humanoid form, appearing as half-silhouette half-light, being split in half along, eyes of opposite color.

Could probably be triggered either by the Ritual command or upon death (like actual death, not being incapacitated).

Initially suggested to have an appearance for the Alpha-Unaltered immediately after Isevel's death, but due to its permanence, it is to very likely for this to be scrapped. Instead, the Iota timeline would do fit the bill instead - perhaps an optional boss for Stick Ranger 2 due to the insanity in The Finity?


Idea stolen from Xavier. More later I guess.

  • *sigh* If only Issus was here.... they would've loved this. (Opening line 1)
  • I hope to get back to work; Saving the world is above my paygrade. (Opening line 2)
  • I may be a washed-out adventurer, but I shall not falter! (When Axem Spirit is used)
  • Still. NOT. DONE WORKING. (When left with 1 HP thanks to the Highblood Vim trait)
  • When did I ever agree this was a good idea? (When he prepares to charge the Tenebrae Beam)
  • Let's make some chaos!!!! (Before the Tenebrae Beam is used after a full charge)
  • That was my given headband! You're gonna get it now! (After a critical strike when the headband is worn)
  • ARGH, MY HEAD! WHAT THE F- RRGH MAN!?- (After a critical strike when the headband is NOT worn)


As mentioned by Mori/Luka, it is a trait that allows to fight deities fairly and is granted by possession off of an archdemon's servant when the possessed were first born.

And as I mentioned in Mori's blog, that kind of trait is why The Dictator resents the whole of Alternia to the point of simply wishing to rebel Alternia for its power.

This is made more complicated than it ought to be due to possibly involving inner beings or (arch)demons, particularly Mammon or preferably "Havres" as evidenced from Mori's comment(s), although calling out to similar archdemons that are of similar intents would be interesting and then playing around with the on/off switch for each time Hankvi reverts to The Dictator and back.

And I guess the AT-beyond-limit-if-Godslayer-thing doesn't seem too good for me, as I followed around Neptunel to give more life to this idea, but I might either strip this part off or re-balance the stats when I find the time.

Unrelated to Godslayer, The Dictator is LV69 due to his experiences with genocides and SGRUB Gamma. Leave a comment below if you think this is too excessive and should lower it.

All in all, time to rethink the arc out to make TD's TPS chapter more fruitful to write...


Since nobody asked, here are the alterations of Hankvi Guidza (#660099) and some info about 'em. Reference and initial concept by Ludicrine:

  • Bizarro: Codeam Lidraz (#D00000) - Egotistic and extremely ambitious. Somewhat canonical in my work.
  • Doublizarro: Kirami Mezios (#7AD52F) - I had some plans in mind that were rotting so here are some keywords; Dryad/Druid, Treehouse, dislikes nuclear things as well as shoes. Her personality is neither a(n) murderous/adventurous altruist (Hank's past/present) or an egotistic philanthropist (Codeam), but rather very sheltered, selfish, and somewhat hostile towards others.
  • Triplizarro: Heinrich Movs (#351A95) - It's 12 letters, shut. Just a human being with a headband having Hankvi's horns for normal wear.
  • Quadruplizarro: "Nana" (#70EEEE) - Some name that was in my head back when I used to watch TV until my favorite channel was removed and that name lay dormant... until now. Doesn't have a full name it seems. Bonus treat: She is a half-Troll and half-Dragonkin to keep up with such an archaic idea.
  • Quintuplizarro: "Jolene" (#660000/#000099) - As in (Hank)Viewtiful Jolene (Thanks, DMS) - A comic-book lover who thinks (and acts) she's in a comic book world.
  • Sextuplizarro: Di(e/al/rect/amond/agonal/abolica) - Because dice.
  • Sexyzarro: Hackvi LongInquisitionDissectingRumorsAndZeal (#006900) - Related to CODEam.
  • Sanzarro: Shawarma "Ina" Laf(f)a - Not because of burritos OR Delinius' sister.
  • Czarro: King Henry DCXXIII (#662233) - I know that universe has no numbers OR form, but shut.
  • brozarro,,,: Honkwe "HenGuidoDud" Gaidza - Equally a stooge. Add a tie, I dare you

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