Greetings, Fan-Ballers! I've returned from the lull of about two months and I can say that Passover holiday is a go!

As per usual of these Hia-logues, I'll just put the tasklist of what I'll do and expect to complete about half of thes-


I happen to have a project that is quite a while in the making... so I may be in less of a position to do anything eventful here besides pet-moderation, idea-basking and whatnot.

In case some of you may have not seen/remember, I'm making a program in AutoHotkey that would let you create maps! Started out in very late of 2014, this is also my way of expanding my programming skills beyond simple macros and stuff. This language has been with me for a while, so that's why I decided to utilize AHK, with the help of a library which otherwise would've made this considerably more difficult and bulky.

Anyway, after the last slight lurking approx. two months ago, I've seen a huge categorization wave. That's a step up towards cleanliness, which has been part of my agenda for a while! So thank you, whoever did this! (I know it's ZoshiX and Mori, but perhaps some others are included)

If anybody wants to share of the happenings, do what you think is best.

One more thing: Happy 4th anniversary! *party horns chorus* Okay, that's enough for the day. Good afternoon.

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