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HGD Desktop2

Stupid me, I almost forgot this!

There have been some reasons why I couldn't return sooner... only to discover that SR123 has been joined to the never-ending cult of Speddos:
  • Being slowly killed by school projects (and thus staying for the first half of the week near the evening)
  • Marathoning Youtube channels for a while
  • Killing time with my own project of AutoHotkey scripting. (Fig 2)
  • Attempts to graduate to a school as a pre-cursor to the Army.
  • Occupied with further character identities. (Fig 1)
  • Something involving Ninja-Plant academy of seeds (which reminds me...)
  • and many more reasons that you just don't want to pick a tissue box to read all this.

All in all, my mind is just scrambled.

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