Hello everyone! I would like to inform that I am not dead (thank goodness) and had some trails just thrown at me. The good news, is that I currently have spring-break and that means no school until next next week! The bad news, is that I've been dealing with (not limited to):

  • Some sort of lung inflammation and extensive sickness, with deafness and all (currently null)
  • School/Homework/Bagrut pressures
  • Internet bill dilemmas/Wireless unreliability
  • Financial crisis/helping at work during day
  • Computer-related disaster (not about loss of data)

And the worst of all:

  • Major laziness and loss of all motives

As you can see, I've somewhat lost interest in Stick Ranger and my mind plainly floated elsewhere (Fanadventures, Mine-"yearning", and so on), and it sort of dawned on me that I might never finish these screenshots at the present rate I'm having, especially since (with the reasons above) I now use a [sic?] Ubuntu-powered Netbook with below-average comfort and accessibility, along with all of the plans strewn around in my spare doodle-notebook (Of course, that these are like 1+ months old). After the holiday ends, I've got to get head-cracking with shield-tests and Bagrut preparations and I get next to no time being on my "Semi-permanent" workstation.

With my motives lost and all, I endeavor to bring myself up to my feet and in hopes restore my motives to its original form.

Current plans before spring-break ends:

  • Screenshot progressing
  • Giving each user a pet with a theme of sorts (anniversary gifts)
  • Comforting my Netbook by buying a new keyboard, mouse etc.

Future plans for the summer (simplified):

  • Avatar updating
  • Hive remodeling (a HUGE one)
  • Dealing the confiscate-es and fix the AC and the GH (also the BC if needed)
  • He is already here.
  • Pet pack relating to Greek myths? (ex. Zeus)
  • Updating the vault and ideas (mainly classes)
  • Leveling up my PC to level ??

Oh, and before I finish with writing this "memo", I'd like to remind you that I MIGHT be active during next week, so I'll try and answer some questions before going in for another 2-3 months of nerve-racking. Also: HAPPY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF FAN-BALL! Without us, the DB Wiki would've become a dumpster (still waits for how many actually remembered this).

Peace out, y'all. And remember: You are all awesome! v[]

EDIT - 04:06, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

I was drowning in Holiday Work, so I couldn't finish anything in time. As for the LDZX services, I could provide you a list of pets to be confiscated (I'm pretty sure it is outdated, but I'm sure there will be no probs finding at the AC, BC, GH, and possibly PS (as in Pet School)). I'm off again for school. Activity will be severely low. Will write the events I transpired in a separate "Hia-logue". Wish me luck. ~HGD

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