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  • I live in a box full of stars / Land of Mist and Lyrics
  • I was born on June 23
  • My occupation is being a SR-fan (semi-retired), photographicartist (ditto), junior programmer and occasional Holeysmearist
  • I am a military technician
  • HankGuideDude

    Not much time has passed since my last contribution of Fan-Ball's 5th birthday (), but I'm announcing that there will be plenty of time in the foreseeable future for me... That is, until I'm officially recruited to serve the military in the profession of computing that I had always wanted (besides the nagging to take on my brain with potential university plans). College projects are "done" and all that's left is - besides the army - some external exams here and there.

    Since 413 had passed, I'm sure Homestuck has gone a huge update (many I presume, but leave the finding to me if you'd be so kind). Funny thing is, I've took a break from reading that just about a year ago. Maybe I'll get to it if I can.

    Anyways, some stuff I want to lay down:


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  • HankGuideDude

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    RPG stuff goes here. N2S: Tabbers between timelines?

    • - Said to be crafted by his late and great lusus, and appears to be in a heavily used condition. Has base bleed chances of 10% and increases speed and evasion by +30% but decreases attack by -50%.
      • Exists in most timelines except for the Delta timeline.
    • - Originally owned by his ancestor Pensiver Axeswish. Has base bleed of 23% but speed is suffered by -10% due to the mass of the axe blade, as well as 10% chance of inflicting Art Seal for a single turn.
      • Exists in most timelines except for the Delta timeline in a different ownership, the Eta timeline, and Alpha-Fixed timeline under the ownership of the Alpha-Unaltered self, due to it becoming unusable in said timeline b…

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  • HankGuideDude

    [[User blog:HankGuideDude/Hia-logue 4(.13 for real): Hankvi Guidza and The Tipsy Timelines|

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  • HankGuideDude

    First the pets have held me, and now the stories - to have been keeping the integrity of this wiki. But first, an exposition that I didn't appear to have done in my OWN journal. This is only to be read by those who are to cope with my rants about past personal experiences.

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  • HankGuideDude

    A.K.A. HGD gets a character development volume III (First was the Memories of Fan-Ball and the second was the major "getting out of the shy-zone")!

    A.K.A. Not an actual Hia-logue but getting into the college projects and then some during the week-and-a-half of a holiday to spent time in remaking the SRMAPGEN's planned interface.

    A.K.A. Just theories.

    A.K.A. (too many as it is) A fail of an idea for an Indiana Jones title.

    Since the multi-timeline expansion of the Fan-Ball storylines, I'd figure I might as well dump some info and ideas I had in mind regarding further expansion for "The LDZX Isles & Quint/I&Q?/IQ employee everyone know and love".

    Normally I would place this in my namesake character page, but due to the "story-not-be-in-mainspace-or…

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