hi, i recently made a pet and i wasn't sure what to do with it but i had a memetacular idea

this is the pet


anyway this is a meme contest. link an image. whichever user sends the meme i like the best gets the pet


1. this contest is beginning at 12:35 PM Central Time for me. you have 24 hours to send a meme

2. memes are an art form, and art is subjective. i am the judge of the meme quality. keep this in mind

3. it can be any kind of meme, new or old, but it MUST be a meme. if you're questioning if it's a meme, it probably isn't

4. you can make the meme yourself, or you can scour the internet for memes

5. however, no two users can submit the exact same meme submission

have fun

mori wins by default and gets the pet congratz

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