hey so i really like personality quizzes that tell you your strengths and flaws but im often critical of them because they're biased as hell but i kinda like this one because no matter if u get high or low in a subject it still suggests a possible flaw (i mean like you should still take results with a grain of salt because of self-report bias)

anyway im kinda curious about what other fanballers might score? so like if u wanna take it cool

anyway my results are

narcissism 27%
unconventionality 66%
empiricism 61%
vitality 38%
othercentrism 11%
independence 38%
integrity 16%
intellect 100%
stoicism 0%
orderliness 38%
dynamism 56%
activity 5%
romanticism 11%
hedonism 66%

if u take the quiz you can read what those mean but basically i fail to prioritize or understand other people, i fear commitment and intimacy, i'm impractical and emotional as all hell and i have trouble being honest. thats fair

also i am happy when things are intellectually complex or when i'm being unconventional. fun

i mean idk go nuts

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