Seeing as I'm feeling particularly annoyed today, I've decided to fuck waiting and start writing on something we've been in need of for at least several months, if not more

So, how do you think you're going to do that?

First of all, this is not immediately a comprehensive guideline booklet folder file. But I'll give a few things that we might be able to use for such a thing. WELL THEN. Here's a few things. At least, as far as I can think. This is hard to think up and is very much just a bunch of arbitrary ideas I have. 

Things for characters

  • Some form of connection to existing canon elements/characters might help.
  • Is the character too similar to something else? If it is, you might want to do something about that.
  • Most of all, just ask a bunch of people what they think of it; usually that's also how your character idea will eventually end up in mainspace. 

Things for stories

  • Does the story fit a specific timeline very well/does it fit well in general? 
  • What sort of significance does/could the story hold for other things? 
  • Does it happen to have a connection to another story/event? 

General things

  • I believe we've slowly been phasing out ripoffs of characters etc. since a while. While inspiring something on existing material is probably fine, it might be wise to be careful with that. 

This is all I have for now. 

This is just a bunch of random suggestions.

It is, and I already said it was. I don't have much authority on this subject, which is why I'm hoping someone with more of a say on this will react so that we'll finally get something set up and at last make this stuff clear

Comments would be much appreciated, by the way. 

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