This is the 2015 section of the update archive of the WHAT UPDATE blog.

Updaet #054 31-12-15

This is the last day of 2015... heh. I should probably write some sort of reflection on the year but I can't be bothered. This was the year when:

  • Timelines became a thing
  • Hank has increased the amount of backstory to Hankvi trememndously
  • Mori has come with the idea of the Gray Agents, among other things
  • A lot of story stuff in general was being done

This was sadly also the year when several people were pretty salty. We should probably ban assalt rifles, ay? Yes, that is a bad joke. Go ahead and make a weapon by that name if you want, honestly. It was also recently made the year when shitty vandalism returned for a short period. The result of that is that Ivan247 is bureaucrat on Dan-Ball Wiki, which probably means that such stuff won't be happening.

This year there's been some other stuff as well, and some people have things going on that bother them. I hope that those things will eventually be solved. I have little knowledge about it, though, but I give my support wherever wanted.

For me, 2015 has been a heck of stuff for school, but also a tremendous amount of writing and thinking, especially with the timelines. And even though everything I write is technically not canon, I still find a lot of pleasure in making it, and it's probably an escape hatch from the uncoolness that surfaces in my life from time to time.

In case nobody shows up in chat at all, which I'm half expecting yes, I'd like to wish everyone a very good new year. Here's to hoping it will contain more good things and less bad things *raises glass as if to toast, despite being alone*

Updaet #053 26-12-15

Silent night, holey night... I still suffer from sleep related things.

Guess what, on this very day, things went great as usual. My mum's laptop is fucked up as a result of Win10, and now she considers it the devil. I have enough patience to deal with that, but if stephdad goes and chriticises that, and more of such things go down that morning, I am done. I can't even. "I literally can't even". Irony that it's Windows 10 yet again, but no bonus points for that. No cheese for you, Microsoft! (No I haven't the foggiest idea what I'm saying)

I've decided that I will leave this house as soon as I am convincing enough.

Today I'll be out singing again... This morning I'm pulled along to help my mother during some sort of church service. I haven't got any noteworthy religious beliefs. But the people who will visit almost certainly are religious, in whatever way. As she and a second musician are preparing, I'm writing this.

This afternoon I'm also supposed to sing something. Great communication was great on that but I still get to sing something. You don't need to know what went wrong, but when I was told, it raised some salt because nobody said anything to me about it until suddenly poof.

Meanwhile, I'm still writing bits here and there. I've made about 3/4 of a drawing depicting Alpha-Unaltered Delinius - with as much battle gear as intended; interestingly also has a particular weapon hanging on his back, so you get to see a little bit of that. Legs are missing partially on the drawing simply because the paper ends there. Even so, it's a pretty great drawing in my eyes.

Also, we went to a Turkish restaurant yesterday. For our Christmas dinner. Yes, because yes. Do not question it because I don't know myself why.

Updaet #052 21-12-15 [Network shenanigans when Win10 forces and update]

Title says what. Yes, Windows 10 likes to fucking boss over your computer like a whining cunt. It should go without saying that I am quite salty about my problem, and you'll see why, I hope.

So, Windows 10 forces and update of itself. During the installation process it stopped at 95%. "WELL THEN, LET'S REBOOT IT." Sure enough, it did its thing, though vague things like "restoring your previous version of Windows" were appearing, so I do not know the exact fate of the update itself. However, after this, nothing seemed unusual, and I assumed good faith as it's called - I've learnt that you cannot assume good faith with Microsoft. Not wanting to remind everyone of what has happened recently, but I trust Microsoft as much as the average vandal right now.

Anyhow, I was just waiting, seeing that everything took a bit of time to be loaded - probably just the update, I thought. I noticed that my internet connection was not up and I had to connect it again. That's also probably the update, I thought. I entered the network pass (which I officially am not supposed to know but fuckit I do) and waited as it 'verified'. All is fine, right? Ahaha haha ha, NOPE. It plainly refuses the password. Even brought in the person that actually knows it and had him enter it - same fucking result.

I've updated drivers, deleted them, reinstalled them, after fighting with Windows over a "blocked publisher" (the publisher? That was the manufacturer of the network card itself. Great fucking work, Microsoft!) I don't understand why this is happening - neither does my stephdad, who is in charge of the network password, because he hasn't changed the password. It didn't spontaneously change either - when he intentionally entered a wrong pass, it said "no" right away. When either of us enters the right password, it's like it knows that it's correct but then decides that "You know what, let's not do this. Fuck you and have a great day!"

Go ahead, tell me something I might have overlooked. I've even run command prompt as administrator and reset a bunch of things. I've looked on the internet. Microsoft's website, HP's site (that's my laptop brand yes), even looked at something on Reddit. Everything I tried worked in the sense that it didn't blow up in my face or anything, but it did not solve my problem. And I am very, very, really certain that the password is not the error. I would go and restart the router, but I fear that might make everything even worse. Perhaps I will once I can ask - people really get pissed when I do that to solve a problem.

"Wait, how are you typing this then?" Well, I'm lucky. Even if my current temporary solution hadn't existed, I would still have access to my mum's laptop (and the permission with it). However, I am even luckier than that: we still have what I'd guess is a 30 foot network cable - hailing from the time when I had a shitty laptop that was about my age. That cable was still lying around, and for now I can use that. Nostalgic perhaps, but it's not exactly cool. I mean, I like having internet, but now that cable is going to be all over the place and I have to fetch it from the place where the router is and put it back afterwards.

This entire fuckery fortunately doesn't affect my phone. It might affect my amount of writing - or rather how often I can publish it.

On the subject of the grand assignment, I have finished it, and in time. The teacher was ill on the day itself, leaving me with opportunity to take a quick look at it on that day. I sent it by email - even though it had to be delivered written - so as to show that I had finished it in time. As for printing, that was an interesting history about as frustrating as my current problem. I might tell you more about it, but the long and short of it is that you should always quadruple-check every single time you want to print something at school. If not, it can become something of a costly joke, especially when you accidentally direct your print to a printer elsewhere in the building... and when that printer chokes on its paper after two of your over twenty pages.

I will appreciate any help with the network thing, but tread carefully: it is not the drivers, it is not the password, it is also not going to be the settings because I reset those as well. If I overlooked something - that means something not related to any of these, go ahead. Else I'll just end up telling you all the time that I already did that.

Am I salty? Yes. Am I salty at somebody? Definitely NOT. But I don't know if that will remain the case. I won't lash out in either case, that is certain. I'd shitpost about how Microsoft fucked up majorly now, but I don't feel like it. Sorry to disappoint you. I'm a bad shitposter anyway.

Updaet #051 12-12-15

I hope to be able to survive these two days of worrying and hoping I can get enough concentration and discipline together for fixing things. Aside from that, I've thrown some things out the window in Langton Inc, and the same happened to Downwards for a part. That's something that I haven't figured out too well yet either...

I have something else to note, too. You might've noticed that I haven't been in chat much since a few weeks. This is nothing negative or serious, it is for the most part just that chat is rarely much alive whenever I'm around. Sure, I could stay up well beyond midnight and still catch a few people, but in general I've come to realise that I don't really have that patience by now. No patience, then? I am still patient, but I have no patience for my phone with its keyboard shenanigans. Aside from this, my mother seems to be developing some kind of sugar paranoia and is talking about how mainstream supermarket products contain too much sugar, too much salt, too much what-ever-the-flying-fuck-she-thinks-is-bad. And the problem with that is that it matters not a single shit to me.

And yet she continues on about it, and even went as far as to warn me about developing a sugar allergy. I have no idea why she thinks she has this, and moreover I've discovered that no such thing exists. At all. There's the possibilty that you take in too much sugar, but my mother is certainly not that person. What I do know is that she is currently my greatest source of frustration and general uncoolness.

So, I am once again being driven up the wall by things. I will continue to write to try and improve my generally low spirits. Don't worry about me. I'll be entirely fine, and I have three people worrying about me already - and that's more than enough for me.

Updaet #050 07-12-15 [Yeah, rewriting again again again again- *dies*]

OH GOD THE DEALINE'S IN A WEEK- Nah. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine. Just see the teacher tomorrow and see what she thinks, and change whatever has to be changed. Also, this is #50 #50! Yeah, not much to be extremely festive about, but whatever.

Speaking of which... Dammit Fire, why do you have to do this? I have no choice but to take Downwards and Deliniate (and probably even Voyage...), and do something about them. And include something I've been stupid enough to forget in Delinius' history: the entire Nazcan war thing. The latter is fairly simple and will be dealt with eventually, but the writing stuff... heh.

  • In Downwards, the ending will no longer feature a Dwin appearance and instead Delinius will be "inspired" by the god to go out and talk things out. And while I'm at that, I will have to do some more things that might seem details but for some reason just stand out in my eyes.
  • Deliniate has a lot of random plot changes that make no bloody sense and that has to be fixed. I don't really know how, but especially the interaction between Delinius and Lyka should be a little less smooth at first, and particular things are not the best.
  • Voyage will have a chapter dedicated to Delinius' experiences during the war with the Nazcans.

But aside from this, I've also come up with something new! It's an idea that was lying around in my mind - quite some time before Hank made the Hades Harbinger weapon. The weapon's design inspired me and has finally resulted in a proper concept sketch of the thing. It will most likely be called the Phlogistic, as a nod to the word it is derived from. What does it do? Aside from being a hot weapon, it:

  • Is sturdy enough to be used as a melee weapon should conditions require so.
  • Is capable of being charged with magical energy (or any form of energy in fact)
  • As a result of the previous, fires explosive projectiles that are highly effective; see below.
  • Can be reloaded even while firing it.

Why are the projectiles it fires so effective? They will usually be charged with phlogistomancy, something that I've never quite explained properly. Phlogistomancy is the art of making things flammable and/or explosive. And the rockets that the Phlogistic fires are essentially just rockets - and in fact would only give a small bang if used normally (due to their rather small size), but thanks to phlogistomantic properties they have, they will first make their target (or part thereof) more flammable and explosive, after which they explode.

This results in a bigger bang, but would especially be good against normally explosive-proof things - imagine that blast shielding is compromised simply because part of it explodes when hit? Exactly, that's quite the weapon. And for that reason, not all iterations of Delinius would possess such a weapon. Who would? Well, most importantly, Alpha-Unaltered would've gotten it from Wau Delinius (see here). And for whichever-what reason, it would also be in the hands of the Nu and Iota iterations - suggesting that this coincidental existence of it in multiple timelines is not simply coincidence (and it probably isn't, yeah).

But now I'm off to hopefully fix something in one of those stories... thank the Visual Editor for preserving colours the way it does, else I'd go insane..

Updaet #049 27-11-15

As soon as I noticed Hank's newest Journal entry, I've decided that I will share my opinion on some of the things - though I was on my phone as of starting the this (27/11, 19:55, right before choir stuffs). I mean, I'm certainly not that important, but nobody ever said this was an important page in any case...

I've become increasingly irritated about all the references to mr. Poopflame as well, especially when we've seen the attacks on us here and the Dan-Ball wiki. I will bluntly say something about that here and now. The person who continues to talk about Speddos and related nonsense, shut up. Shut up, because it's plain bullshit and nobody wants to hear wild conspiracies and theories about Speddos.

I don't know much about the being watched, but I can't help but be rather grim in general, not in the last place - referring to the journal - because of all the people that have been going off for various reasons. I know the reason of several people and I can fully understand said reasons.

As to the striked post, it was to emphasise that my wording was the absolute worst. However, the point still remains, and user blogs and subpages are indeed the way, it seems. I think I can safely say that I will not ask about any canonity of my writing - I should focus on what matters: writing something that could be canon, but is not. I leave it up to everyone else to say if it is worth to add onto canon, and let it be clear that I do not complain. Just for clarity's sake, you know...

Well, I don't have much else to mention. Wait, I do: for some odd reason, my phone knows where Hank's Sanctuary is, but I haven't the slightest idea where it picked that up... Nothing to truly worry about - I'm just a curious cat that happened to end up in an unfamiliar place to discover.

I should really stop talking now: I'm fairly sure that I've already bored you to death by this point.

PRE-EDIT: As of Hank's latest edit. Yeah, Speddos #7. However it was dealt with fairly quickly regardless. It will go without saying that my point about obsessions and otherwise unusual interests in Speddos or anything related will not be met with any friendliness or understanding, at least, from me. Bloody hell...

Updaet #048 26-11-15 [Fire plays TF2, and other things]

Yeah, I'm pretty sure nobody cares, but I've gotten into playing Team Fortress 2... at least, I've managed to make my laptop run an offline training for once. There were literally 0 servers (probably because the time at which I was doing this is literally in the middle of the day). My laptop seems... not very happy, but not completely flipping at TF2. And me? In that offline practice match, I've started to get the hang of stuff. Of course, it was still against the AI, which was still set to Easy, but at least I've figured out that I shouldn't play Engineer because I place everything in the wrong spots. And I could possibly be a decent soldier. I dunno, haven't played enough to really judge that yet.

To sum it up, I think I've tried (almost) everything at least once and I like the game. The big question will forever be when I have enough time to play out an actual match, and play the entire match. That will probably be in forever and three quarters of a sock roughly 2 years, assuming I remain studying at home my first year - a possible earlier exit from my parental home is not out of the question.

Speaking of which! I've figured out that I would financially be more or less good to go... except that I'm still 17 when I start university - though not for long. Man, I'm confused. I'll probably take that entire first year to show that I'm independent enough and stuff so that I can finally get away from all those curious eyes that inspect my every mouse click and key tap. Those will be the days... or so I think. I'll probably end up being very busy with my study in the end. At least I'll be able to have weekends for myself most of the time.

Lastly, the new theme is awesome. Just f-in' awesome. I mean, warm cosy room with bookshelves and a fireplace? And christmas socks? Can't get better. Reminds me of the fact that Santa Claus and the presents in socks STOCKINGS (aha, finally remembered it) is based on a Dutch holiday featuring a similar old man dressed in mostly red(though not as fat), presents, and footwear, though in the last case it's shoes rather than stockings.

Oh god this is already one of those unnecessarily long ones. I think I'll stop here before I start writing an entire essay on something, either TF2 or that Santa Claus thing (though I'd love to see you try to prove me wrong fite me).

Updaet #047 22-11-15

Updaet #046 is bullshit as we all know, for which I apologise. It should be clear that it was a hasty thought written down too quickly by someone who was in a haste as well.

Aside from that, my mum is driving me UP THE WALL, either with too much singing of her beatifully clear soprano voice, or being annoyed at not finding something, like right now. It gets on my nerves for no reason, but it distracts me, whether I'm working for school or not. Speaking of which, after I write this, I will finish getting the draft version of my school project done. After that, I can slightly relax, but the deadline for the real deal is in a month. Rip in pepperonis.

I've produced some decent art, oddly enough. The fact that no scanner is available has been overcome throught the use of my phone - though I'm skipping the part where I'd normally upload the paper drawing. (a 3 megapixel camera on an entry-level excuse of a phone would give a good image? Pfffff) It's character art, though not quite canon - I'm in doubt if I should upload it since it's for something not-canon but rather for something that's part of my own storywriting - or is my writing canon? I don't know anything about that anymore either... I'm just assuming that it isn't, which is why I'm asking this question. But it'll probably end up being postponed until... heck, until when? Oh well. I might set up something to display it off-site - tumblr, deviantArt, I dunno. It would be a shame to leave it to collect (virtual) dust.

If for any reason I happen to be nervous, it's probably my mum, or the school project. But let's assume that won't be such a problem.

Updaet #046 19-11-15

I understand the confusion. And I haven't exactly made it much better myself.
It's clear that something must be done to remedy this. What if we do not?
If not, we will see a lot of significant people leave or become withdrawn.
For the sake of decency, understand that you can't just add random things.
Instead of placing them in a blog or a subpage, they are sent to mainspace.
I'm referring to adding previously unknown and currently unusued characters.
Please. You're going tocould ruin it for others. Or is that the entire point, perhaps?
If it is, may you burn. For goodness sake understand this. Know who you are.

This isn't a joke. This is not a joke or a silly rhyme. I am genuinely worried. I am very much worried that this will ruin a lot if not dealt with. As it says, I hope I do not need to directly address the person this is for. If I do, you know that I won't be an aggressive dude unless you dismiss what I say as nonsense without any proper reason. And you will hopefully remember quite well that I do not exactly take such a thing lightly.

Thank you in advance.

Updaet #045 17-11-15

Today's my dad's birthday. Goodie. But that's not really what I was writing this for.

Everyone has seen the news from Paris. Paris is awfully close to my own country. Combine this with the fact most of Europe is too cowardly to send in actual military forces to fight islamic extremists, the fact that America is still scared of a second thing like Iraq, and the fact that the previous two aren't going to resolve the stuff in the Middle East, and... you might understand why my level of cynicism will be high. International politics? Islamic State? War on terrorists? If you truly want to discuss those, go ahead, but remember that I'm cynical as hell about all of those. Moreover, I will visibly facepalm at any and all blunt views, regardless of how much I like the person who has them. And I'm repeating it here as well: if anything goes wrong in my country either because of terrorism or because of fucked up politics, I'm leaving this country to eat its own shit.

Where to? I hope I'll have enough money by then to just leave Europe altogether so I can go to Canada. Why Canada? There's a number of things I've taken into account in my choice for Canada and I can't quite remember everything that plays a part in it. And it would be boring to read anyhow.

This is not a very positive message, I know. Oh well, at least I'm still into writing stuff, even though almost everyone else is practically dead right now. Of course, nothing I write is worth noting, of course. However, I will not talk about that right now, because of the aforementioned cynicism...

Updaet #044 05-11-15

Woo, another fucked up panic strike. And not just one but two parents yelling at me and at each other while trying to yell at me. Right now everything's calmed down but it turns me into a pile of miserable me. You don't have to worry about me suddenly exploding violently; I am rather exhausted from all the shit I've been thrown into by school and the resulting yelling and cannot be offended from much. But if anyone happens to choose a wrong moment to directly confront me with whatever the heck - be it as trivial as the thing I assumed wrongly on the timeline recently, I give you a 100% chance of me toasting you to charcoal. I am aware of how that's the start of a shitstorm and I assume there is no way that these things actually happen. But if something does cause me to spontaneously combust, may you know why .

Updaet #043 02-11-15

As my comment shows, things aren't exactly perfect. Ever since the start of this school year (and in fact the past two years as well), I have occasionally had what I would best describe as "a sudden realisation of an unpleasant/undesirable fact", and it has the tendency to make me panic for a bit, because the realisation is always connected to "this thing is in fairly short time and I didn't think about it". And this year's no better. Four literature exams, a larger and a smaller thing related to history and another thing for music. It's not so much the amount as the bloody timing and most importantly the timespan in which these things have to follow. And then there's the tests belonging to the regular program, which more often than not doesn't avoid being simultaneous with the previous things.

The music thing is to be finished by next Monday; I have to have a draft of the large history thing the week after that, and the entirety of it must be done by Christmas. The small history assignment is due somewhere in January, and I believe I have some sort of speaking/argumentation thing around that time, too. Oh, and my Dutch literature oral exam is this Thursday. That's the only thing that I've got under my control and finished completely. Next are such exams for German, French and English, though I have fewer books to read for those subjects - 8 rather than the 14 for Dutch.

Yet that's not really the problem. Everytime I realise this, it's induced by my parents planning things together with me or asking me about said planning. When the unfriendly realisation kicks in, my mind more or less stops and I freeze up several times in a row, unable to properly say anything, or in fact even think very well. I'm not saying it's some sort of mental problem of mine, but- OW FUCK MUM'S SINGING LOUDLY IN THAT SOPRANO VOICE OF HERS. That's another thing that my brain can't deal with right now. Anyway, it's the "why doesn't this stop being a thing", a question that both I and my parents can't find the answer to, that seems to be my pain. And my parents are willing to help me with the entire planning/misplanning, which is a good thing, I suppose.

Another side effect of this stuff is that I either get snappy, nervous as hell, or pissed at myself, and at the moment it's the nervous as hell option. But it's more nervous than usual for a reason I do not quite understand. What's happened to me, I wonder.

However, I have already refused the possibility of going to a psychologist in my head because I do not feel like that's going to do a lot more for me: it'd probably instead have the effect of causing me more pain about my dad and lead to me being diagnosed as autistic spectrum rather than find a reason why these assignments and their planning slip out of my hands - I assume you can see why I disqualify the option and what my thought is on the abilities of the psychologist. A wrong thought, likely, but I blatantly disregard that as I tend to do with such things.

The big question is: what does this mean for you? What significance holds this rant for you? Well, not too much. I mean, just because my life makes me nervous to living hell doesn't mean any of you make me nervous. If anything, drawing things has been a good thing in making me sane, especially if it's for a specific purpose, which is why I would like to ask everyone if they have anything they would like to see drawn. I can't guarantee it will be good, I can't promise I will have it finished soon, but I assure you that I will put whatever part of my soul still exists into drawing it. And I hope that it gives me more work than the last time I offered to draw things, because it would make me feel better. Oh right, I've probably caught some sort of illness. Contributes to my not-so-well-being too...

Updaet #042 31-10-15

First of all, happy Muertween to everyone who celebrates it in advance! I'd probably do something were it not that it's a Saturday - meaning that I have a little trouble with being active on the wiki.

Oh right... I believe I predicted that one of my friends was going to join the wiki. It's not crossing the streams since he didn't have a wikia account before anyway, and since he's more interested in the wiki itself rather than me being there.

He's a nice dude, only a few years younger than me, and his English is good. Though he's new to wikia in general, he isn't new to the art of fanon. He's been part of a community that wrote stories of a game (can't remember which one) where the devs encouraged it and provided a few characters in detail, the general history of everything, and a timeline of 6000 years. It was a much larger community than us, but that's fine.

I am aware of the fact that some people are rather iffy about bringing acquaintances/friends in. I understand it, but I hope those people will have the decency to give this guy a chance.

Updaet #041 29-10-15

And then Fire read one of his first 'serious' stories and realised that he made a bunch of mistakes, needs to redo certain colour things that the retarded editor screwed up, and also figures out that something in that story is really, really inconvenient and needs to be adapted to better suit the current state of everything. In short: I must once again get into a rewriting of Downwards - possibly the fourth. (or is this number FIVE already?) This will inevitably lead to me taking a look at everything else (reminding me of the fact that Voyage might also contain inconsistent things. OH CRAP.), and probably ends in me editing several older stories to the point where they match up with my current plans again. And Downwards specifically could be a little longer, perhaps as long as it was intended when foolish 2013 Fire first attempted it. Yet despite all this I still refuse to believe that I put a lot of effort in my writing. Silly, don't you think?

And not to sound annoying, I could use suggestions for improvement. And perhaps ideas of some kind, any kind, in fact. I know that I'm no bad writer, but I want to become a better writer than I currently am.

Updaet #040 22-10-15

Just a little separate message to thank those that explained why nobody felt like getting into the stuff before and during it. I blame nobody for it, as I would certainly not have done otherwise (more exactly, I have done the same in the past). I'm really, really relieved that all the salt has been thrown out so that we don't have to have tensions bother everyone, and from what I've read so far it seems I'm not alone in that, aheh.

Speaking of which, I do want to offer an apology for throwing around the amount of anger that I did - even though it was effective(?) in dealing with this. I wholeheartedly agree that it seems pointless to throw more anger into a heated fight, and perhaps it was only when I wrote my general overview of everything that this was solved. Yet that's something I can't discover at the moment.

I hope neither I nor anyone else will have to be this mad ever, ever again.

Updaet #039 22-10-15 [My last attempt at resolving this in a logical manner, for what it's worth.]

This is mainly for DMS and Mori. I want to provide you with a less polarised view on this entire problem. While I cannot guarantee I know the exact thought behind all the things you've said, I guarantee you that I put forward my best effort to make some sense of this. And because there are no other users with authority in this matter, i.e. Ludi and Zosh, I'll have to do it, even though I am angry as heck.

Let's begin with the fucked up ideas you both have, sorted by user. And I know neither of you will like it, but you both have to face this, admit that and most importantly stop acting with these things in your mind.


  • Assumes Mori is deliberately upsetting and annoying you;
  • Believes Mori only wants some sort of benefit from everything;
  • Shoots down many things based on their origin, in this case you know what I mean to say;
  • Mistakes an honest question for a means of being hostile


  • Often feels denied the right to speak out an opinion when it is merely a disagreement;
  • Believes DMS is just putting his foot down on things that he isn't supposed to do that on;
  • Easily mistakes honest criticism for hostile intent;
  • Tends to be offended by things fairly quickly

And let's see where the last two discussions went. I warn you in advance that a lot of digressions have to be made or else you'll all bitch to me about it, which I would of course not mind at all. Let's actually go back to a comment chain of the page of Pinkie, where this problem originates from. Mori poses a question about character replacement, DMS replies that nobody need bother with that because he will when the time comes. It seems quite clear. Of course, I don't expect perfect people, but perhaps it would have been wise for DMS to put out a message saying "listen, I know some people want to know about character replacement but I'm really busy so I will deal with that later". And if I read it right, that's the point DMS was trying to convey.

And here's where it starts: Mori, possibly in a thought of an undemocratic DMS, wonders why character replacement should only be DMS' concern. And although it's no hostile comment, I think it had been better to use a different tone.

I turn my words to you personally, Mori. Your questions are good. Their intent is good. But I can easily understand how people may get pissed when you present what you say as a solid fact that nobody is allowed to change. My only suggestion is to ask a question rather than present your text in the way I described. Keep in mind this is how it appears to me; for all I know you don't have any such intention with your words.

With that being said, we may also take into account that the both of you have lives that tend to be a pile of shit. Can we all please, please take each other's current status into account. There's a reason why we all have a news section on our user pages.

But let's return to the debate, so to speak. If you go over to the Pinkie Pie page, you see that I already summed up what both of you were saying when looking at it without the clouded judgement you two suffer from. And the last two comments are both of you being not in conflict and understanding the state of things. I believe I felt relief when I noticed this.

The next character where things were discussed is the page of Shakespeare. This time, it was about his Bizarro counterpart. On this matter, I will fully agree that I haven't exactly helped keeping things cool - but I did try to add nuance to the debate early on, and I continued to do so in hopes of making sure that things would be cleared up again the way they were in the previous discussion. Alas. Both Mori and I misinterpreted DMS talking about a potential Bizarro Shakespeare as an actual plan, which DMS was willing to explain. However, Mori continues to add things, and not that this is bad in itself! However, this was probably not very tactical, noting that DMS wasn't in the best mood - though I don't always understand the great snapping-ness when that's the case, but that's my problem, not relevant to this. But do we expect each other to always know everything? No. Trying to keep up with it yes, but we don't have to be the NSA. And in that same thought it was not clever of Mori to assume DMS remembered the blog post about Bizarro Stickbeard.

I notice that here you both seem to be bending towards a good healthy discussion with logical arguments, but at the same time I see the word goddammed and a lot of fuck. Here's the second attempt to avoid a senseless storm: "What striked me most is that ye both assume things about each other, and if I'm entirely honest it doesn't exactly help to ease that tension Zoshi talked about a while ago. Please, direct your insults at me because I wanted a veteran user and a bureacrat to stop their tense argument. I'll be obliged to accept them as compliments." Considering the fact that the two of you then start to argue about the implementation of Wolfenstein-based characters and the not-implementation of existing ones, it seems neither of you intended to keep it civilised. At least a brief appearance of Zoshi cleared up one of your disagreements - to some extent. And thank goodness for a few comments you were both discussing things based on logical arguments and admitting to have mistaken stuff. And then Mori wished to bring up something which I will bluntly say is entirely fair, but... not the most fortunate place or time. And quite logically, it doesn't fall too well with a DMS that's already clearly irritated. Want him to stop calling you passive agressive? Think about where and when you place your comment.

In any case, DMS reacts quite well considering the short time he had at hand then: he goes over the entire thing, calmly explains everything as it is in the least blunt way possible. And adds another comment to apologize for the short and rather crude manner of speech and says that he doesn't want to bother with this if it's going to lead nowhere. Indeed, the book was closed on Bizarro Shakespeare, although it's unfortunate that Mori cannot reply to this. Then again, that wouldn't have closed the book.

I'd like to go into how I felt at this point. After one conflict, although resolved without too much salt throwing, this next discussion was more of a "shut up", "why should I shut up I'm not going to because you say so" type of thing and it got on my nerves in a way I don't really wish to explain because bluh bluh personal stuff concerning my own history. And as you know, I took up the effort of coming into the discussion, smashing a fist down and saying "THIS IS BLOODY STUPID. WHY ARE YOU TWO BICKERING OVER SHIT THAT HOLDS NO SIGNIFICANCE TO THIS SUBJECT AND INSTEAD OVER AGE-OLD PERSONAL CONFLICTS." And you both apologised, Mori by comment, DMS through chat. I felt confident that my display of extreme dislike towards these pointless conflicts would make both sides see what they both did and not do this from now on.

And how wrong I was, for another entirely good, honest, not hostile question was asked two hours after I came to toast things shut. It was mistaken due to all the recent events, and another mud throwing contest began. And you both lost all sense of decency, bitching (I am using this word to express the fact that it's incredibly childish) towards each other in personal attacks. Here, I placed a painfully cynical comment to break things up - for the third time.

I discussed the contents of this comment with the only available admin, which happened to be DMS. Yes, that's not exactly unbiased, I know. But do you think I was willing to have salt thrown at me while trying to stop this? I assume not. That DMS added his own comment after that, clarifying what I meant to say, is something that I decided not to disagree with. Why? I've probably stated this ten times by now: Mori, I am not saying this with the intent to insult or offend you, but you've got to understand that it was stupid to bring that up shortly after not one but two previous discussions that weren't exactly chilled. I was able to rationalise almost all of the things in this entire fight up to here, but this refused to make any sense in my head? Why bring up another issue that is literally part of something previously discussed? Something about which you could know or at the very least predict that it would bring up more anger, both with DMS and yourself?

Then, a beatifully striked comment by Zoshi, who is incredibly late to the party. And if you're reading this, Zosh, you know by now I've taken this on because nobody seems to have the will or the courage perhaps to do it. In any case, Mori was and is most likely very much not okay with all the things DMS shoved at them, which I understand, yes, yet as my cynical text wall shows, I cannot have too much patience when you start up a storm and then get angry because it happens.

Now for my big conclusion thing. DMS and Mori have to stop assuming the other is always out to get them, DMS may want to not always shoot down everything Mori says, Mori may want to do something about their tone when writing because it can accidentally be mistaken for an offensive remark. At the same time DMS does get angry over anything by Mori quite easily, and proceeds to base that on all the things from the past AND OOH LOOK, WE'RE BACK AT THE START! So that's something nobody should do with anyone. Also, Mori shouldn't take offense from things quickly.

And I'll reinstate what I already mentioned in my comment: should anyone decide to continue this shit, Fire InThe Hole will proceed to toast the living fuck out of your comment. And as I've said, nobody wants me to be super pissed, including myself.

Updaet #038 21-10-15 [I'm not salty, I am pissed]

That's the top line of this entire text. This is about certain arguments that have been happening. I am not against arguments and discussions in their entirety. Were you thinking so? Then fuck you. No, I can't stand the type of argument that resemble a trench war. May you all understand what I mean by that. This entire fuckery is strikingly similar to the arguements of my parents before their divorce. Do you want me to repeat that every time that conflicts arise with people going "fuck this I'm putting my foot down"? I'll do it with all pleasure. I'll give you my best cynicism.

Now to make this personal: this is obviously about the most recent conflict, found in the comments one Shakespeare's page. Yes, this is now a personal thing towards the both of you. I do not pick a side in this muleshit that both, yes BOTH of you seem to hold onto. Yeah, go ahead and start another fucking argument about what I said right here, on the comment section of this blog post. Yes, yell at the Salty Flameyman for wanting to stop this bloody nonsense. Go ahead. And this time you'll find out he isn't salty but PISSED.

And go ahead and tell me I'll get wiped off the wiki if I start a shitstorm or anything you think I'll do. Because I'm fucking NOT going to do that. You know what the problem is? Neither DMS nor Mori feels like admitting that they are both biased against each other when they clearly, BLOODY FUCKING CLEARLY ARE.



Updaet #037 24-09-15

This is just a little (?) update that deals with two things: the first is something that I'm noticing regarding Delinius. The second is just some plans and stuff. But let's first discuss the first thing.

You see, especially Josewong considers Delinius my persona. I could deal with this is several ways: a) I could become a little salty for no reason and point out that he's not 100%; b) I ignore it altogether; c) I stay calm and explain what is and isn't me. Let's say I chose c.

Delinius is indeed me in several aspects. However, I do not actually identify my entire self with him. There's actually a bunch of things that I do better, and there's also stuff that Delinius deals with a lot better. Another difference (though trivial) is that the only part of Delinius' physical appearance matching me more or less is his height (though I'm sure it's a little more than me). And possibly the fact that he isn't very physically strong (though I haven't really designed him as being physically strong or weak, so that isn't really a thing.)

Anyway, I hope this clarifies a few things. And in case you're wondering, I don't really mind people considering Delinius my persona. It's just that he isn't the full 100%. And maybe I got the definition of a persona wrong and he ends up being it regardelss, who knows.

So then the second thing. Plans. Aside from those gift pets. They'll come. In fact the amount of time I pushed this forward means that I'll (hopefully) make two or three pets. In terms of other plans, though. Back to the Mainland, the thing I'm currently writing.

  • I intend to finish this to the best of my ability and as quickly as I can, mainly because it's turning out as good as both Downwards and Deliniate did in their first iteration. And likewise Back to the Mainland will probably be subject of a bunch of rewrites as well, most of which will hopefully not be as drastic as they were with especially Downwards.

Other stories. On the side, I challenge all of you to think of anything. You don't absolutely have to if you don't want to, but I want to see other people's ideas for Delinius, because I don't want to be the only person inventing everything he does.

  • I would love to write a story about Nazcan timeline Delinius, especially because he's 75% villain (ish). However, that will probably not happen until people start establishing which characters are still there and what effect the Nazcan rulers have on them. That's mostly because this has to be a story involving them as well. And it'll probably become a collab anyway, if possible/desirable.
  • Alpha-Doomed Delinius deserves a story. But I 'm not really going to go into that until certain stories (or plans for stories) are either written and finished, or declared dead.
  • I do have something in mind for the so-called Archlight timeline. It'll probably end up spanning at least two, possibly three separate stories, rather than being a single story that would be very very long.
  • Let your imagination roam if you're thinking about the Deliniator timeline, because it's an incredible mess and a hellhole where little sense exists, and that's all I know. And in the middle of it there's the Burninator who hates everything and especially Sanford, Speddos and everyone involved with ice cream.

On another note, I did get those lost shoes back during Greece. And playing cards has never been so much fun as it was then. God how I would like to do that again, especially with the people that I played cards with in Greece. I fucking miss time in Greece.

Updaet #036 14-09-15

Greece is so goddamn awesome. Plus I got more alcohol in my system than planned because the waitress/bar lady told us they were giving us a free shot, tequila to be exact. I tried it and it smells like some sort of cleaning product. Tastes... Idunno? I didn't feel like not drinking it in one go.

Anyway there's a load of cool temple remains and such, I forgot a pair of shoes at the hotel in Athens and I'm a good bit away from there, but we'll be back in Athens eventually and we even have a hotel near the location of those shoes.

Best moment: when you get to climb up a godload of stairs and get the epic view. Especially if it's in a place that hardly any tourist goes there.

Worst moment: You try to make a good photo and a whole pile of tourists comes to ruin everything you wanted to do.

And hell, I might have Asian roots, but I fucking hate both Chinese and Japanese tourists, both of them for always getting in the way. Chinese specifically because most of them are the rudest, Japanese specifically because they rather take pictures and later think about where they actually went.

And no offence, but I can't say I like the fat American tourists that tend to plow through everything in their way. Other than that, Greece is the awesomepicest country and you should all go there sometime simply because I said so.

Updaet #035 02-09-15

So I handled timeline categories recently. I don't know what everyone thinks about it and if it's a good thing. If anyone feels I did something wrong, or if you have suggestions, do tell, do tell.

The other thing I'm going to describe here is timeline stuff as well.

Back to the Mainland: Beta Delinius

Beta Delinius is by far the most different to 'main/standard' Delinius. For starters, he didn't make a misteak that forced him back to the mainland, so he stayed in the north for a good while longer. The consequence? When he does take a little peek around on the mainland, the shock is bigger and more people want to sue him and get him in prison.

As the beta timeline thing over here shows, Delinius also takes a look inside the LDZX building, where part of the main crew is ready to stop him for no reason. Because he doesn't want to be bothered even more than he already is by half the continent, Delinius disappearifies himself out of there and prepares to go back north.

The problem is that he's got the main characters' attention, and they want to stop him from 'getting away', which is of course pointless. Beta Delinius has a special trick up his sleeve, however: if faced with numerous opponents, he can summon creatures from a place in Separ, the Nether to be exact. And because he's actually really salty he summons a good ol' ghast to heat things up a bit. Instead of using it to wreck stuff, however, he uses the thing as a way of getting to the north safely.

Except he didn't count on a flying Dark Matter to chop up the ghast and knock him to the ground. It is at this point when a whole storm of people attempt to lynch Delinius and because the FB crew is not that savage they decide to take him away while he's still knocked out. When he wakes up, he's interrogated and stuff and initially outright refuses to give answers (or rather he refuses to give answer in Ludusian Common and resorts to an old language from his homeland). When he discovers that nobody is out to get him with the main crew he decides to explain the things that happened and he's more or less accepted. This is as far as my plans for his background reach.

Updaet #034 23-8-15

I was going to write this yesterday, which was hindered by my doofy phone. In any case, I already said that Deliniate is done and (is dead lmao). I might do a few things that went wrong during rewriting but that's it.

Also, I suppose half the wiki knows about the character design contest so here's news on that too. The drawing of my entry for this is done. Now to get it scanned. I have a general idea of this character's personality and stuff. However, I'm going to be a derp and keep it secret for the most part. Ha ha.

Updaet #033 8-8-15 [Installing and using Windows 10]

So, I installed Windows ten, blatantly disregarding all the bad news people had about it. Aside from the fact that I am simply too curious to not install it and too much "I'll see where this takes me" to give a schet about whether or not it is awful. Besides, from what I've read in the news, Windows 8 will become extinct in the forseeable future (unless XP isn't an example of how Microsof will eventually kill off any great product that is too old/not compatible with anything)

The installation took a good while, but that's mainly to do with the fairly feeble processor of 1.7GHz my laptop runs on. What striked me most when I started was, as Hank noticed, the shocking lack of colours. That's something Microsoft may want to add in a future update. In any case, I immediately looked into something that Specterbird was really miffed about as she put it: the file explorer. Either my laptop is a god, or it's a huge pile of bad luck for birb, because I have no trouble pinning things (in fact it had pinned some things for me that I didn't really want there). If possible I will figure out if and how it is turned on and off.

And then there's Microsoft's new browser Edge, which I've decided to use for typing this in. Although it has a cool little newspage thing that I don't know how to remove from the starting tabs, it doesn't really have anything to offer, other than its notemaking feature (which doesn't really do much unless you were going to draw and note using your mouse - NOPE). What really bothers me is that typing is laggy as Chinese internet. One thing Edge has in terms of very technical stuff is that it doesn't use up more than half of my CPU, unlike Internet Exploder, which is now doomed to extinction. Plus, if a tab freezes up, it's just that tab that is rip. I still prefer Firefox, but I can't say Edge is that bad.

I haven't yet figured out how to get the assistant person to come and say things but that's of later care. However, I did try searching. Can't say I hate it, nor am I impressed. In the meantime, I've messed a bit with the tile bar, and I can see myself do a silly pattern with that.

Oh, what's this? '3D Builder'... Apparently for the use with 3D-printers. It's fun to just play with it, though. But I'm getting very distacted here. There are things that aren't quite alright. The built-in applications either take long to load and start, and in some cases just don't even. There is the aforementioned lack of colour. Also, did I mention that I find the new 'All Apps' tab rather messily done? I'd gladly take Windows 8 for that at least seeing as it uses your entire screen to show the apps.

To conclude, I am not dissatisfied. Microsoft tried a little too hard here and there and made some mistakes along the way. But I think that Windows 10, combined with how it will update (like an actual program rather than MS releasing a complete new OS every few years), may very well become at least as good as its predecessors. Hell, if Microsoft does it right, Windows 10 gets the same lifespan as XP. And like XP, it could improve to deserve that. Right now, however, it's still new and full of things that need improvement.

A rating for me would be 7.5/10, mostly because Win10 doesn't force me to work with it in a different way compared to before.

Updaet #032 7-31-15


Well then. Those who were with me in chat will know what this is about. This was incredible bullshit. Please, don't take this seriously.

Before I begin: no, no and hell no, I am not angry or badly upset. I'm merely a little disgruntled. And it's possible that I get a few things wrong here.

You see, of all the things I do on the wiki, my writing is the most, in terms of both amount and time. And yet it is pretty much invisible. And I know it's not as easy to go to a user subpage to read a story and I know that everyone is busy now and then. But when you consider how long I've been writing so far, I'm surprised Mori is the only person who I know actually reads all of what I write. After all, for what reason are my stories barely read? Oh right. They aren't canon and not in mainspace. And apparently the current story policy is "as few new stories as possible while we improve the existing ones" or a similar thing. I don't mind that, no. But it strikes me as plain stupid that some of the canon stories are in fact of lower quality than my own writing. Yeah yeah, they are old stories. This is not a campaign to make my things canon. I don't want to seem that person that tries to make his character important. What I want to point out is that it isn't exactly fair that anything that isn't canon or mainspace is almost ignored. I might sound arrogant here, but I feel my writing work deserves at least a little attention for the time and effort I spent on it. I would appreciate very much.

Either cause a damn shitstorm over what I say here or For Fuck's Sake add a little helpful information or suggestion. And don't fuckin dare to see this and not react at all. If I find that out, I will come and flame you (and of course all the people of the red tape are going to bother me with this), regardless of whatever excuse you have for it. You don't have to say a lot, just show at least that you have read this.


You know what, ignore the above all you will. Although I will occasionally mention what I write, I believe that nobody seems to actually care about it. Yes, I understand people are often busy, which is exactly why I'm not going to ask people to look. Either you do read it or you don't, and I won't blame you if you don't. At the same time I will still appreciate it to know if you did read it.

And yes, this is another thing to avoid insulting people or starting a flame war. Both of which will apparently end with me being wiped clean off the wiki. You know, being associated with a whining spoilt child is quite the insult. Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Updaet #031 7-27-15

A little something. Hopefully everyone knows by now that I will be gone until Friday. However, I have noticed that I am capable, in the absence of Sam - an absence that is quite sad - of starting chat up to some extent.

After my short holiday, I will attempt to get two newly made drawings scanned and uploaded. Will I succeed? I can't tell. If all else fails I can still take a picture and link to my Google Drive. Speaking of which, I should probably get a dedicated account running for this. For the sake of security and protection from lousy parent noses.

Updaet #030 7-17-15

FREEDOM WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- Right? Wait a second, let's see how valid that is.

And then Josewong decided to add a load of things for Item Fusion. And then Zoshi made some stuff to go with it. And then LAT felt like having something done with one of the things while I am still trying to figure Josewong's additions out (though I will try and do something excellent with that request oh lel).

In short, my holidays have started, but it feels like I suddenly have a (near) fulltime job. And that brings me to the next thing. My parents would like me to have a job. Goodie. I'm great with going for solicitation things on le internet (NOPE). That may consume some of my time as well. AND I WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE A GIFT FOR MORI OH SHIT WHT AM I GOING TO DO-. This Sunday I hope I manage to stay focused enough to handle the Item Fusion and get Mori a gift. Oh right, I had those contest reward pets! !

Yeah, holiday? I think I might be more productive than I am at school. Not that that says a lot, but it certainly says something about how much is left to do.

Updaet #029 7-9-15

My final tests have finished. Aside from two things I'm going to redo I am done. That means that hopefully I manage to come up with a suitable gift for Mori, and do whatever else I am still supposed to do.

Speaking of which! AHA! I think I'm going to make a veeerrrry nice gift about that one, hehehe...

Updaet #028 7-1-15


Updaet #027 6-29-15

I am buried in important learning and yet I also manage to do too many things outside of that. I still need to make reward pets for the contest and it's mostly concepts right now. It will probably end up being finished after 7-18 or something like that.


My grandmother just had me use a garden hose. That's quite fun, especially when the nozzle end suddenly comes off and you end up having water all over your legs. Once Twice Three times. Rating for today is obviously 7.8/10 due to the obvious reason that it involved Too Much WATER. MEAUWGH.

Updaet #026 6-16-15

Completed two Greenhouse requests that I left lying around for way too long (oh, and there's that horrible animation I have to do at the Pet Creator. UGH).

I'm currently working on the Item Fusion of the Evolution Center. I will probably end up working on the latter as well as our good ventilator friend has left (probably) for good. Sheesh, I am a lot more active than I pretend. I have a few concepts for reward pets from the contest, but that is another thing that must be done.

Thing still to do:

  • Compo thing idea by Jose needs to be worked on. - Taken care of for now with aforementioned Item Fusion.
  • Everything else that everyone else forgets/doesn't have time for. - Uh, yeah. I suppose this never really stops.
  • Check if anyone is transforming into a new Speddos or TFM WHAT AM I EVEN TALKING ABOUT

On another note, my finals will be at the end of this month, after which my school year ends. After that, I will most likely be able to join chat as early as my mornings (or possibly skip a few nights entirely) though actual editing may well turn slightly more complicated as I relied on the relative privacy of school computers for many edits and pet requests.

Updaet #025 6-9-15

Coincidentally, this is the 25th updaet and I've finished Downwards. Also, [1]. A comment board in case you feel like shitposting. Rules are in the document.

Things to do:

  • Compo thing idea by Jose needs to be worked on.
  • Holiday Havoc because UGH I'VE BEEN LAZY
  • Everything else that everyone else forgets/doesn't have time for.

Updaet #024 6-3-15

IT KEEPS HAPENING- Anyway, Downwards is being rewritten (or rather I've started from the very start of it and wrote a new story). The opening sentence refers to another conversation that happened last night. As with the previous one, it's currently being saved to the 'Oh god no' folder on my Google Drive.

Link to folder: [2]

Updaet #023 5-27-15

After an extremely hilarious conversation last night,I've made a Google Drive document and put the link up. The subject of the conversation was at least 85% DONGS and 10% about similar or related things, adding up for 95% wrong content, I guess.

Also, if you don't know what a dong is, don't ask and certainly don't look at the document. I'll probably add a joke-ish but actual warning at the beginning, talking about openly lewd and/or sexual content, as well as many indirect references to such things. Here it is:


Also if there's more we need to save in a way I'm happy to use my storage space for that because I have a separate folder for these things. Moreover, I suggest we at least refer to it on the Quote Hall of Shame.

Updaet #022-02 5-14-15

I just finished what I will remember as the best and yet still mediocre attempt at art for Delinius. So, in short, I need someone to help me and do this better than me. I'm especially sad about the HANDS, though the LITTLE BOOK in one of them turned out relatively good.

Updaet #022-01 5-13-15 ["General Sciences"]

Here's a fun thing: for a 'shitty useless subject aimed at punishing those without exact sciences as their subject', I had a test today. We heard this a week in advance. The stuff to learn was 50 pages of boring shit. The problem of it isn't that it's about exact sciences - I do like them, I just didn't pick them as subjects. The thing is that the teacher is unable to properly assess our work and doesn't come anywhere close to motivating us.

Now here's the worst: that carpfish of a teacher mentioned these 50 pages when we started this. And didn't say a single fucking word about since.

However, that's the boring rant about how this is shitty and whatnot. The fun part is that the test consisted of 10 questions. 10 questions.JUST TEN QUESTIONS. 10 questions for 50 pages of learning, 90% of which was vague and/or boring.

And this stuff won't be a subject next year. Which is excatly (sic) one year too late.

Also, Ludicrine is more than free to still submit an entry for the ROOTED SQUARE CONTEST, seeing as I haven't begun to compare anything.

Updaet #021 4-29-15

Aside from the contest, I'm currently working on improving the Aviator class along with Sam. As usual, the curse of the timezones severely reduces efficiency and everything, but I do what I can. After all, I have two weeks of holiday (or vacation, if that's your word), after all.

Updaet #020 4-20-15 [Rooted Square]

I am holding a contest for the Rooted Square. Yeah, that big huge tree that I uploaded. It is a slightly unusual contest mostly aimed at getting people to make a few plant pets for the lels of it. First place will get you the Rooted Square, second place will give you the Rooted Cube. I intend to make a bunch of plant pets as a participation prize for everyone joining the contest.

By the way, I believe I have created two pets with the longest taxonomy name in existence on this wiki, though this was entirely unintentional when I decided to make them. And guess what, Joe Stallin Joe Stallin completely obliterated that. LEL. Anyway, those two plants still have quite the long names.


  • Prerequisites: must have at least three plant pets in possession.
  • Contest: Users wishing to compete must create a plant pet and submit it. The 'best' plant (though this is entirely arbitrary) wins, and the user who created that plant gets to adopt it.
  • All plants will go up for adoption after the contest, either in the AC9 or the B sector, depending on their state.

Also, making a more complex plant doesn't necessarily win the contest. "Bonus points" for original names/interesting background info/etc.

Entries: 4

  • Garden Guardian Garden Guardian by Look-a-Troopa
  • Kakarrot Kakarrot by BrokenMartyr
  • TD TD by Josewong
  • Callaboration Callaboration by A, Mori

Contest finishes whenever the pizzas invade my home probably this weekend or when there are 17 8 or so entries.


Mori and LAT win, and they get to choose between the two prizes. I am currently working on related pets for the other contestants, and if it's okay I'd like to take Callaboration for a certain breeding idea Mori suggested.

As LAT has stated that it doesn't matter much, Mori has chosen the Rooted Square as prize, thus making LAT the owner of the Rooted Cube.

Updaet #019 4-16-15

I've been taking care of the Evolution Center (seeing as our good friend TheFanMaster decided to quit), as well as doing a little work on the Pet Creator. If either of these two things starts becoming popular, I am going to ask those of you that are capable of it to help, as I don't have that much time as you'd expect.

Updaet #018 4-11-15

Downwards is being refined to account for changes in Delinius' canonical state. Moreover, I am engaged in co-writing Holiday Havoc: The Spirit of Rage. Right now, I am trying to find ideas to write Chapter 8.

Updaet #017-02 3-24-15

I just completely reversed the order of the update headings because it is much easier when people try to find the newest post. I intend to continue improving the pages I currently have, and especially Downwards could use some improvements.

Updaet #017-01 3-22-15

A few things are failing. I was supposed to scan something for Nutik, only to find out that the thing is somewhere and somewhere being a place I don't know. In short, I can't find it right now. I have yet again been playing games too much and need to be punished for that, it seems. Irony: I might actually be more active during the week than in the weekends. Isn't that funny.

Also, for the future, I might be a jerkface about things. An example: Aeinstein says that Indonesia is part of Oceania. Which isn't true, and not even geographically: [4]. That there is an entire fucking page to prove it. I might seem to be an idiot for going to this length to prove my point, but it's merely an example. I can't help it that I have a lot of subjects at school on a high level of education, just as I can't help but want to correct people. I like to explain things that I know.

So if you say something I think is wrong, look it up and tell me, but under no circumstances just go "hurr I am right in this I am sure of it". Do so, and you risk completely ruining any kind of conversation. I think it's a combination of the law thing (even now) and the first thing in this update and it puts me under some strain.

Thank you for your patience.

Updaet #016 3-9-15

No retaliation has been attempted. Delinius' historystory is done. All I need to do now is check if it doesn't have anything canonically impossible and to add any canon elements Delinius might have seen or noticed in some way.

The artwork thing is well... I only have to do the feet, but the thing is rather meh in the end. It will be finished, but it won't really be important as I intend to copy the style of Zex's art and make a version where Delinius' griddyness is more visible (i.e. a square head), moreso because it is definitely better than mine.

Updaet #015 3-4-15

Silly me. Colouring of artwork is on hold because I didn't store the files in my Google Drive. It will continue this weekend. Another thing I did was making a more detailed description of a certain part of Delinius' history, which explains a few of his quirks and characteristics. I have somewhat recovered from the things of #013, and I will limit myself to sarcasm most of the time.

Updaet #014 2-25-15 [Water all over the place at school]

Huzzah. I have finished a piece of artwork. It's supposed to depict Delinius as a demigod. To be honest, I don't think it turned out too well. I'll scan it and put it on here. Then, I will commence the stupid quest of coloring it digitally.

Today I've had a somewhat funny incident at school. I was sitting somewhere drawing the aforementioned artwork when some lower grade guy comes to me. Asks me if I want to spray water at some girls. I looked over there and saw a girl I know, who was definitely shaking her head. I then asked him why he wouldn't do it himself. Guess what, he already pissed them off earlier. I returned the bottle of water he'd given me, and accidentally spilled some onto him. He then proceeded to spray some water in my face. I decided to not let him get away with that. I had my own bottle and there was still some water left in it. I went to the guy and splashed it in his face. I then left. The girls thanked me for dealing with the asshole, and I expect this guy to probably retaliate in some way or other this week. I'm most certainly scared to death by it </sarcasm>

Updaet #013-03 2-20-15

This is not a habit of mine, but I am writing this anyway. The song below has guided me yesterday and still it does.

Philip Glass - Knee 1

I would like to also quote my dad's signature on some computer forum: "we hate rut, but we fear change". I don't fear change, it's merely that I fear those changes that are for worse.

Updaet #013-02 2-19-15 [Aka the Rant Against My Father and WHY THANKS A FUCKING LOT, DAD!]

As you may guess from the edit summary and the title, the judge has spoken. Indeed, my father has won the case. Whatever way he did it I don't give a damn about, it's not alright. What he basically says is: "I don't want anything to do with my son and I refuse to pay anything for him". Well, thank you, dad, I really appreciate it. What this means for you? Well, do not talk about divorces. If you do, I will give my opinion and that opinion is worthless as of right now. I'm going to be somewhat bitter and so is my humour. This day is possibly the blackest time since the actual divorce. I'm currently composing an e-mail to my father. I will post it here when it's done and show you the amazing bullshit that is the history of my stephmother's influence on the relation between me and my father. As you read it, you must know that I've always been very attached to my father.

Once more, I wish you a very good day and feel happy to know that you do not know the tension this brings about at home. If I was to speak to my father face to face, I would say to him "YOU'VE WON, AND YOU'VE ACHIEVED A LOT BY IT. HAVE A VERY GOOD DAY."

Long live the glass paperweight from Orville's 1984. I may explain what I mean by that one day.

Below, you find the rant. It is a somewhat businesslike message in a way. It suited my mood, I guess. In short: "I've done things wrong, you've done things that I didn't like. You want to get rid of me in your life? Alright, suits me. The other option is constantly being stressed out from the next crap you come up with."

The Rant [Warning: Long Thing]

Ah, indeed. A very good day and week, sir, with your wife and child. You may now feel accomplished. Before you discard this mail, bear in mind who is writing it to you. Moreover, remember that I never will hate you. After all, you are my father. I love you in whatever way you are.

However, I would like to write down a few things that will from this day on be in effect. Firstly, let me return to several events in the past. You were once afraid that someone would replace you in your role as a father. This was never the case. However, your behaviour has led to this fear becoming truth.

As to the apology you once required from me, I will state this: I am willing to apologise, as long as I actually know for what I am apologising. The only wrong I may have done is that I kept to myself too much when I was staying with you. If that is indeed what bothers you, I am truly sorry it did and/or does.

Now that I have given my word on the past, I will explain what will be from now on. First and foremost, you will not under any circumstance contact me. If anything should change in this, I will let you know. I will still send you a wish for a happy birthday as I have done these years, in the shape of photographs. You will not visit me, and I will not visit you the same way. As a matter of fact, I do not know where you currently live.

I ask from you one thing. That thing is that you will refrain from acts like these from now on, and leave me in peace. You seem to fail to realise that everything that you are doing is an attack at my very soul.

To conclude, I wish for you that you have a good life, and I want to tell you again that I do love you and always will. It is merely for the sake of my mental peace that I request the above.

Best wishes and a happy ever after to you.

I will never hate my father. My home situation is that of a very pissed mother and the derpface that writes this on the verge of collapsing into bitterness and cynicism for the rest of his life.

Dear gog, help me.

Updaet #013-01 2-18-15

Currently doing some work on whatever pages Aeinstein is making regarding the descriptions. I have more time than usual, but I haven't been more productive, I'm afraid. Delinius' page is still on my list of things to do. Bluh luh luh. There's some more minor stuff to do but that doesn't really matter right now.

Updaet #012 2-11-15

Description of Delinius' home is done. I believe Mori said he'd try to make a character page of Delinius a while ago. Seeing as that hasn't resulted in something yet, I suppose I should do so myself. I don't mind - everyone has things to do. Since we have Photoshop at school, I might actually try to learn to work with it. 'Cause then I'll be able to make better art and all (I hope).

Updaet #011 2/2/15 [Warning: Long monologue]

As promised yesterday, I'm going to explain why I am being a cynical piece of chip. Let's start nearly a decade ago when my parents divorced. After that, they got along pretty well. Ever since, my father obsesses himself with his work, which involves computers. I went to stay with him every weekend, which eventually became every other weekend. A few years ago, he decided he had to find a woman to be with. After a few tries (yes, that's how I see it) he met an Indonesian woman. Maybe he thought I would like her (seeing as I'm for a small part Indonesian myself). Three months after first meeting her, he married her. It didn't feel right.

After roughly three years of her seeming to want me away from my dad (in order to keep him to herself), I was quite finished with her. I decided to never go back there, which I explained to my dad in a letter. By that time, she had him in her grasp fully anyway. Things got quite bad when my father randomly accused me of saying something that I hadn't. He also wanted me to apologise for something. For what? I haven't a clue. Last year, he started a law case against my mother. The reason for this lies in a rule/law in the Netherlands, which states that the ex-husband pays a certain sum of money every month depending on his salary. When my parents divorced, his income was significantly lower than it was the next year, or the year after that. That would've meant that he'd have to pay more.

My mother didn't care for this, however. Why? All she wanted was peace as-is (to whichever extent that was still possible). By now, my father has a fancy house in a rich suburb of a large city (read this carefully; it has a lot of significance for what's next). Now that you've gotten a grasp of what's going on here, let's see what the law case is about. Shortly, he wants to lower the amount of money he has to pay, because he now has a second child (which is indeed the case).

Our lawyer has done the math and the conclusion is that my greedy stephmother merely wants more money for some extra fur coats, because my father could probably sustain three children. Aside from that woman's greed, she seems to be trying to destroy me and my mother, or at least get me out of their life alltogether.

I don't expect compassion or anything. All I expect is that you are patient for the coming month and bear my cynical remarks. I will try to keep calm and all, but there is no guarantee that it will help.

Have a nice day, week and month, wherever you are. At least your life standard isn't being threatened by some witchy stephmother.

Updaet #010 1/29/15

Since waiting for response for Nutik takes too long and ethics isn't really a thing here, WTTF is officially declared dead now. Instead, I will have to write a different backstory for Delinius. A few things that I need to remember now follow.

EHDETS: I decided to throw this stuff around and make Delinius native to Ludus instead. This stuff also fits with a few small things that already exist, which is very convenient.

Delinius was originally a Gridmask living on Ludus around -350 ADC. His life is prematurely ended when he and a few others die in an accident that involved magic. Due to both the kind of magic involved and his ancestry (still intend to let him be son of Dwin), he (or his soul, at least) is able to survive because his soul ascends from his body, thus making him a SFlame. However, it did take some damage. To repair it, his soul absorbs the remains of the souls of the other victims of the accident. This explains why he has his "Aspects". Along with his ascension, Delinius discovers the powers he inherited from Dwin and survives the period of witch hunts (-173 ADC) thanks to this.

After his ascension, he is a mystery to many. Common superstition and misunderstanding lead to him fleeing and staying away from active communities. Because of this, he plays virtually no role in Ludusian history. He has an excellent memory of the events that he has witnessed, however.

These things should eventually become a coherent backstory to go onto Memories of Fan-Ball instead of the current backstory.

Updaet #009 1/21/15

Downwards is kind of done. Just a few corrections and a battle scene and I'll be done with it. I might actually scrap that old story and build some kind of backstory that makes more sense. I feel I should ask Nutik first, though. (Ethics? Probably.) I can't wait until near my next birthday because then it's time for the next horrible joke all-edit story. Yes, I've probably mentioned it over 9000 times by now. Desert Disasters; Birthday Boogaloo (and that title might be expanded as we go). There will absolutely not be a ridiculous amount of everything present.

Updaet #008 1/5/15

Well, the first updaet of this year. The idea for Crime InThe Hole has taken shape. Hotels. Downwards is nearing its end. Two more chapters, but how long? The final battle will be pretty long, it seems. I can predict that it will take me a full week to write it. After that, it's time to rewrite the other one. Helc no...

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