This is an archive for the "WHAT UPDATE " blog.

Year sections are sorted downwards, while the posts are sorted newest first.

  • 2014 -  2014 was a year of generally stupid edits in my case. Almost no story material from this time, if any at all, has any sort of significance now. 
  • 2015 - 2015 was... interesting. October was everything but pleasant, but there was also a lot of positive activity in this time. A lot of story elements originating from this time have been altered a lot and some have been retconned to some extent, though base elements that remain now are still here. 
  • 2016 - 2016 I can't put my finger on just yet. It's been too short ago to really look back on properly. All I can say is that I regard all conflicts from this time as really, really stupid. May 2016 was little more than a dreamy time in the end. Summer 2016 was a success, especially in terms of drawings. 
  • 2017 - We are here. What will we be doing? We're most of all trying to clean up, and especially now that a few disputes have been left for what they are, we're actually cleaning up, as seen from this page. 

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