A log/blog of sorts. Usually just about what I've done or intend to do, but also for personal things that affect my mood and activity. There's an archive for this stuff over here.

The Things

Updaet #095 2018 06 22

Sticking with this format. It's ugly, but I don't care.

So the parentfolk... actually aren't all that mad. Just want me to look closely and at least finish up some of the things rushing at my unprepared face so that whatever awaits in my extra year will not end up being two years instead. Fair and balanced. I've had a bit of a revisit of some older things, think Wrath of the Sunbird is actually hot garbage considering the many things I'd thought out for it. I was very happy writing it, and that means sloppy work because I don't focus at all. But that's for later. Probably 2019.

There's also that stupid plan I had last year, to try a sequel of Desert Disaster(s). It then became a plan to exhibit some old and abandoned bits of story and lore, and at this point I'm fairly sure it'll be a horrible trip through the apocalypse of my many notes - as mentioned, 6×6×6. It'll feature the anger rant, too. It's definitely going to be upsetting to read, but I was very angry when I wrote it. It doesn't exactly reflect any of my current thinking, but I think it'll at least be better than hoarding it. You get to see what happens when I'm tired and frustrated with access to a writing tool of some form, and some past demons.

There's also a certain grievances document that still has some piles of collected salt. That one isn't getting a publishment, though. Maybe if you ask nicely, but even then: there's a reason why it's not going up. The anger rant isn't pretty, but the grievances document contains some really bad passing thoughts. Those aren't how I generally think nowadays, but the anger rant is more akin to my present.

Oh, did I tell you? I help assemble these silly designer light fixtures. 'meshmatics chandelier' is what the product catalogue says. They're apparently getting exported to the US and other places, too. Aaaand the studio that did the prototype agreed to MAKE them, not knowing that it'd be a bigger success than their production rate could keep up with. Delivery period's gone all the way to 20 weeks, which is where one of them began looking for extra hands to do this stuff. It's made with the kind of wire mesh they use for aviaries. The noble craft is divided into cutting segments, turning them into tubular structures, forming one end of said tube to half a sphere, then adding in a ring around the other end by bending some loose ends of the mesh around said ring. Oh, and then the three layers of the thing get assembled and get their actual light, but that's a bunch of semi-industrial work that's way beyond my paygrade, both literally and figuratively. Said paygrade's not half bad if you consider that this is enjoyable enough to me. I also get to say "oh hey I've got time this Tuesday afternoon" and that works. A summer job indeed. We're also going to Berlin somewhere this summer. And between all this I'll be fitting games, writing garbage, writing decent stuff and studying. All of it.

Updaet #094 2018 06 07

Changing the date format while being half awake because I'm sad and it's also way more effective. And I guess I'll make myself work with the American month/day order for the sake of nobody's convenience and merely some vague desire to make these readable.

Missed a month. Not gonna tell you why exactly but we'll just say that I'm going to hell study-wise and have given up trying to make that work out. The parentfolk will be angry anyway.

I did do a fair bit of writing over the past month and I did get an amount of study stuff done. The latter's simply not enough because I am blessed with suck: I've never had to do all that much for any education phase up to now, and now it's kicking my ass right into the fucking ground. I half wish I'd taken a year to do stuff like getting a job for a year and learn the art of working hard for anything at all. It's all slowly gaining momentum, but it's too fucking slow, too fucking little, too fucking late.

I'm really loving the soundtrack of a game called Transistor (2014). Popped right up in my suggestions one time. Eventually watched some videos of the game being played and it's only become better as a result. Transistor's a bit of a game plus visual novel type of thing and I think the graphics are quite good for a 2014 game. I probably won't be buying it because I wouldn't be playing it more than twice or so, I think. The ending is slightly unexpected and sad, but not a downer ending.

Some of it does kind of connect to a bunch of loose story elements I have lying around, so more stuff might sprout from this. Speaking of which, with Langton Incorporated getting ever closer to being 'done' actually before the summer truly starts, I'm going to dig some things out of their shrines of dust and sand and finish them up at some vague pace. I'll probably do a bunch of garbage in my notes as well (6×6×6 notes in Evernote, I am the devil and the devil is an ass) that could end up getting posted. Half tempted to publish the anger rant that could have appeared a couple posts back, but I think I'll just keep it archived for now.

I would have reorganised and sorted my pets based on where they came from and chronology, but it's far, far too late to do that. I'll stick with alphabetical order.

I hear the sound of the ticking of clocks. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone's coming back to look for me now that I'm lost. But I absolutely love the Coldplay album this is from. This isn't a music post, but it is, I guess. Maybe I should do more with that Tumblr I have. But nein, I'd only get more lost.

Updaet #093 25-04-18

I can probably count the words of storywriting I've done in all this time, at this point. It's just not happening much. I'll probably get back to it this summer, assuming summer jobs don't sidetrack me sufficiently.

And here's one thing I've never really expressed: I really appreciate Raskova as a character despite finding her far from a likeable figure. I had half an essay ready to write somewhere this morning, but I didn't have anything to write it down on. It's mainly that she does represent a 'noble' and at least somewhat righteous cause, yet pursues that to such a degree that it appears fanatical at times.

Of course, it also gave me some amusing talk to think up if she ever met someone relatively ambiguous. Especially the (now scrapped) old plot for Other Memory had me invent something silly if she encountered a less than good guy Delinius. The exact details of why that is falls in the realm of speculation, but take Wrath of the Sunbird and its general motive, scale that down, then repeat it in the form of various little incidents spanning many years.

Updaet #092 21-02-15

It's been forever since I took a stab at these. Not that there's been much to write about, really. More drawings, but the only notable addition is a pair of remakes of old drawings; one I never managed to scan and lost track of, the other a remake of that 'rainshot' drawing because it looks awful.

On the homefront side of things, it's no good. I'm slowly becoming a quiet untalkative idiot that refuses to deal with you and your advice, and it kills me. Don't really feel like going over something that has been my problem for over a decade by now.

Stigma timeline seems fun to me, but I'll get to thinkering about that once a little more is known/I search back anything Luka has already mentioned over Discord.

Zeta has me thinking of more continents. Not much more, since I'm not linked to trolls or reptilians.

Now, otherwise, I've fleshed out something for Iota, though I can't give much beyond this: Delinius turns into some kind of horrifying vigilante type who eventually causes enough collateral damage to be punished in a unique way - he is put into a coma of sorts and his consciousness released into a virtual copy of the world, yet this copy develops into a wasteland of little warring factions. Perfect for keeping the mind of such a man occupied, for decades, if not longer. You can't keep the dream going forever, though. He'll wake up and it'll be a bloody mess.

This is the antagonist Delinius that Sosh once expressed mild interest about, if I remember right. I've got other bits, but they're not very interesting or important for that matter.

Updaet #091 17-11-16

There was a number 91 scheduled for October 29. Its contents will not go up here for multiple reasons, and you will not ask me what was actually in it. I'll at least give you a quick idea of what sort of post it was at the end. There was also a number 91 scheduled for November 11. It's a fairly mundane text, but I have some extra things and things I want to write differently. So yeah, this is revision three, and I just went through some more study-related home arguing. Excuse any excessive crude language.

Blah blah, introduction title or paragraph goes here and I really do not want to write one.

  • My Discord account got disabled, and it was over other people I was moderating a server for being server 'raiders' and posting gore things. I ditched those folks, and yet the one who considers me her friend managed to apologise. And yet I will not join any goddamn server or help that fool out with any personal nonsense ever again. My account is worth more than such mostly for losing contact with some people. Ardere is a Latin verb and I'm very unfunny for picking that as a new username.
  • I'm not going to have beyond 15 or so servers to keep my head clean. I am actually happy I lost that at least.

There are story things too, though. Those are actually good to have around, and I ought to take my own advice about posting lore to heart as well and I have no excuse for it other than distractions.

  • Any timeline with the Reckoning: I never really put any effort into what Delinius does once he knows that the Reckoning will come, aside from making his house a fortress. Or rather, never properly put it on paper. He's heavily opposed to all that necromancy being waved about, knowing what will come of it while having to put up with not being able to say it per instruction. The fact that he is almost completely ignored in that regard factors into why he is such a hostile creature after the Reckoning when people consider him a hero. If you'd ask him, they all caused this by being dumb and unwilling to listen, and so he would be more than fine with exploding and killing people with it, and likewise to kill more people when becoming an Ethereal. Somewhere along the line, he broke.
  • Saga-Unified Delinius isn't necessarily half-dead, with some new things that came to light by word of Luka. This is something I'm quite glad about - the other option annoyed the hell out of me, in case you didn't know. This may give rise to either the 'saved' Delinius or even the Delinius from the unified timeline having his doomed self locked in a copy of his book of notes - possibly a combat move or even some kind of plot point that I will not be spilling the beans on because I haven't thought anything out yet.
  • Pi timeline will work as follows for now: unless stated otherwise it follows whatever was the last commonly established or at least roughly agreed upon lore, and probably it will have the same forking things as Saga, minus Teteoh. We don't want to copy that, and from a perspective outside the timelines the Pi timeline is a good deal younger so to speak. It's at least the same starting at -202 AEQ and presumably a good deal further back if Delinius' ancestry is to be taken for granted, which it is.
  • I might do a Pi-only Kuipter thing, if I ever gather the courage to do it. You know, I'm usually a bit worried about conveying characters I didn't design. I try my best. The whole mail war thing is decidedly something that doesn't correlate with the doomed timeline thing, so it's a saved thing. In the meta, this goes all the way back to the Alpha-Saved garbage things that were to be moved and would have been sent to Delta, which was then talked about and then I came and screamed and made the Pi timeline. So I guess somewhere in there there's still the fact that this is not world-threatening, but potentially a very bad problem if not dealth with. Delinius significant? Eh, vaguely. Pi timeline mainly allows me to flesh out some interactions and lore that I can utilise to better get him out there. Consider Pi my sandbox, basically. A sandbox with a window and an intercom, that is.

Not that you're probably going to work with me on anything within a story. Guess that's also one of those silly things I did with Delinius: put him in a place where I can mostly give him things to do without having to sit and have hours of discussion about exactly one lore element. This is probably the only hint at the contents of the first 091 updaet revision that you'll get: it was very, very ugly and written throughout a night at a performance in Brussels. Driving there wasn't nice. Some of the people we asked for help were assholes and didn't do a thing for us. And then there was a lot of stuff I was very angry about. I even planned to have a fairly short introductory post on this page and devote a whole page to the half-sane tirade I wrote out. Perhaps the only sane thing I did at the time.

P.S. - Story lore discussions? I participate. I try to come with insights or react. But honestly, all I want is there to be a clear agreement. I won't speak about what sort of things came before this attitude, and discussing that with me is not going to get you anywhere, because I will not. Let it be clear that I am actually tired of any and all bullshit and only put on the friendly and jolly Fire mask for discussions because it gets things done. Pragmatic, isn't it?