This page contains all sorts of ideas for stories, as well as occasional fragments of those if/when I write them and probably the status of the things in progress. I tend to remove already-finished things whenever I think about it, so a lot of this will not remain here forever.

Currently being written

  • The Incredubious Industrial - Currently delayed by indecisiveness, nagging about jobs and a slight case of tiredness. HOWEVER:
    • Delinius stumbles across a few more of his Langton kin, after the one-off dinner with Jack Langton and eventually hosts a fancy(?) party at his mansion (incorrectly called a manor by some, to which Delinius replies that he isn't some nobleman, so it must be a mansion and nothing else). A cooperative network is the fruit of this party - appropriately called the Langton Cooperation. Though suspected to be a simple and dirty trick to gain better grip on the market (by the influential businessfolk of Steckenberg), it's more of a 'hey we're family we ought to support each other'. For example, members of an insurance corporation that has a Langton somewhere up in its command chain will get a discount when eating at a restaurant owned by another Langton. Some even call it 'outright gang behaviour'.
    • None of these accusations really apply, and they die out as the people who make them overstep legal boundaries(questionable) and end up with a fiery lawsuit chewing on their pants. Delinius himself remarkably isn't mentioned once - a relic of his dubious fame regarding the link between the words 'nosy journalist' and 'all my property has gone up in flames': most journalists know better than to approach Delinius Rupert Langton with confronting questions or subjects.
    • The Soul Flame himself, however, does experience a significant threat. Somewhere during the cold season, a shipment of light bulbs departs from Steckenberg to somewhere beyond the desert. Delinius (together with Lyka) subsequently takes a walk out in the snowy streets (in a thick winter coat). Their peaceful stroll is interrupted by a bunch of icy magic users that intend to make a very chilling performance. Uncharmed by this, Delinius tries to hold their frozen projectiles and streams of cold back, but fails. Not so much because they are more powerful, but because trying to repel incoming attacks from many directions is simply too difficult, even once Lyka assists him (even though she is not highly gifted in terms of magic, she too has a few things she is capable of doing). Instead of quickly finishing off the two, the leader of this mystery group decides to postpone that, taunting and making bad jokes. Surely, these two won't get up. 
    • True, Lyka has been tied up and moved away from Delinius, who prolongs the fight by axe, but eventually sinks to his knees. They didn't count on the highly reactive nature of Delinius' spirit when sufficiently provoked, however. Catching the jerk of a man off guard, Delinius incapacitates him and the buddies he'd brought with him. Suspecting there's more to these people, Delinius picks up Lyka and locates his motorcycle (yes, he has one of those). His suspicion is confirmed when a number of people show up behind them in attire that's strikingly familiar from a few minutes beforehand. 
    • Through the streets of Steckenberg they race, which is to say the pursuing vehicles get stuck in traffic or crash as they try to keep up with Delinius' moves (which have a high concentration of daredevil to them). They eventually escape. 
    • To make sure this won't be another one of those endless stories, let's just say we don't hear too much from these weirdos again for now. Instead, a merry-minded Delinius is just done for the day and heads home from the Sunrise building. Rather than immediately leaving for home, he takes a little walk because it's the end of the week and he has time to spare. As he proceeds, his mind flies off to distant places...
      • ... and bumps into two unfamiliar figures (at least, to him at the time): a purple-blooded Alternian and his cogwork consort. All of them are sent sprawling across the pavement, with Delinius calmly recomposing himself fairly quickly. Hankvi and especially Issus do not, and regard the Soul Flame somewhat awestruck. Slightly confused, Delinius states his intent to do no harm and defaces the numerous myths about himself. While he doesn't mention it, he's quite surprised to find none less than one of twelveTemplate:* witches who were involved in defeating the Nazcans. 
    • Eventually, Hankvi is convinced that Delinius Rupert Langton isn't as scary as he is said to be and "a g[][]d j[]e", while Issus appears to hold a few reservations despite all of this. They become acquainted soon enough, and Delinius hears of their need for a job - this encounter being not long after the birth of Chariel Guidza. immediately, he has a brilliant idea of some degree: he offers to appoint Hank as "Head of Maintenance". The fact that no such position even exists within the company doesn't matter; he creates it (seeing as he originally handled this task himself as well).
    • It's no winning lottery ticket, but it gets the job of getting a job done and doesn't require massive work efforts for a troll with somewhat subpar working spirit. It also involved exploring the basement area of the building - adventure guaranteed? 
    • While that keeps rolling, Delinius is yet again confronted with the strange "Anti-Langton cult group" that seems to be hellbent on destroying his everything. Instead of launching another attempt at Delinius alone, a full-blown assault is assembled from nowhere. Where the hell are these dozens of people gathering from? 


  • The Great Mailman War - Unsure if it'll be a single story, but will serve as replacement for Downwards and Deliniate. I posted about this elsewhere

Ideas board (aka "Fire gets too creative again")

That sentence in brackets is to indicate that these ideas were ones that came to me in a haste and might not be incredibly well thought out. 

Loose material/notes/etc.

NOTE: Certain interactions on the Gamma timeline are crucial, others aren't. Keeping the necessary ones within what's left to be written for the love of gog, lest I write a story that would be 50 printed pages at a default font size.

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