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This is a page where all sorts of character and story-related things end up, as the title would suggest. I'm turning it into a blog post because I feel like it, by the way. Makes commenting easier, most importantly, which I feel is quite important with the contents of this page. It's very unsorted as well so bear with my terrible planning of what went where. Bless the table of contents. 


I know development on SFANB/SDANB is rather nonexistent. If I remember correctly, though, Mori asked me stuff about Delinius' role, seeing as he's listed as a Sub-Sessional player. Well, here's stuff I came up with.

Info things

Aspect - Initially thought of it as Rage, but has been convincingly changed to Light, instead. Mage of Light seems fitting enough, what with Delinius being somewhat of a mage type in combat? Alternatively, Heir of Light.

Strife Specibus - Axekind, mainly. Optional would be a secondary Bowkind, and perhaps even an inoperable Bookkind which is only for joking with. Speaking of which I might want to add the Axekind Specibus as a minor (but still relevant?) trait to Delinius' page. Probably increases his ATK by a bit or something when wielding an axe.

Planet - I'm not entirely sure about this - wasn't it the Land of Fire and Holes (LOFAH)? Or was that abbreviation already taken? I believe it was, but I don't know. In either case, the planet has many burning pits scattered across it, and has relatively little water.

Fetch Modus - HOURGLASS (and a GLASS JAR): The HOURGLASS contains three cards in each half, which are taken randomly from all cards in the GLASS JAR; the bottom three cards are directly accessible, and upon using one of them, a random card from the top half is placed in the open spot. A random card from the GLASS JAR then takes the free space in the top half.

The GLASS JAR is entirely mundane, but it is known that a lot of SAND was contained within it - and the jar occasionally produces a SAND card that is utterly useless but nevertheless ends up in the HOURGLASS, which also turns upside-down every few minutes, thus inverting the location of the cards. This can be both incredibly handy and completely disastrous, especially because it isn't entirely predictable when the hourglass turns - it might be within seconds or take an entire hour.

This Fetch Modus might seem complex, and its design is certainly not the simplest, but it is very easy to use (for Delinius at least, though he curses the turning of the hourglass). 

Delinius is likely to be a Prospit dreamer, fitting with the sun and light etc. and flames.

Personal quest?

"Dealing with the numerous HOLES across the planet would be a noble thing to accomplish." Rather than extinguishing the fire in the holes</obviousjoke>, Delinius could potentially attempt covering the holes by some kind of structures. Assuming he gets enough of this grist stuff, that is. If he does, though, he will surely succeed. Later joins everyone else in the collective quest for the "Ultimate Reward", whatever that was about. 


If SFANB does in fact feature portals and whatnot in the way the original Homestuck does, Delinius' portals wouldn't be located in a straight line above his house, instead forcing him to come up with various ingenious constructions to reach them. This would cause his home to develop into a massive and impressive structure. 


Prime - Delinius "Raving Fireball" Rupert Langton

Little needs to be said about this one. Notable words: Fire, slightly distant but friendly, odd food, proficient in language, Soul Flame.

Associated food item: (Primarily) BURRITOS.

Bizarro - Percidas "Frostbird" Frant Discomprehense

Bizarro counterpart. Ice, resenting the whole world, Ethereal since a little accident. See the comment section of his page for more details.

Associated food item: Some kind of frozen food.

Doublizarro - Merita "Gustywings" Fleece

Doublizarro counterpart. A very very very excited and happy girl who resides in a small house (though wooden fort would be a more appropriate description) in the forest. She also possesses a novelty weapon, the Toast Launcher, a semi-magical weapon that fires toast at an insane rate. She occasionally leaves her home for some reason and always comes back with all sorts of things.

She appears silly and on the edges of mentally insane, and tends to use her wind mejjyks to mess with people's mundane lives. However, all this silliness is a facade to ensure that nobody notices that she is in fact master planner and designer (hence why she always returns to her home with assorted "junk". In appearance a fool, in thought a truly advanced thinker. What exactly she's up to has remained unclear as of yet. Silly? You'd be surprised.

Main words: Wind, appears to be stupid but in fact quite clever, collects junk and other stuff, wooden fortress.

Associated food item: TOAST.

Triplizarro - Delinus Rupert Langton

Almost identical to his prime counterpart, except that he is just the average Gridmask with a lot of interest for fire. He is also the most bland character in the world, speaking with a fairly monotone voice. (Yes, that's a reference.)

Main words: Gridmask, mundane teacher of history, has no interest in travel. 

Associated food item: SANDWICH. (Because sandwiches are pretty ordinary in my humble opinion.) 

Quadruplizarro - Some kind of fire-related fool

I haven't given this much thought yet, though I'd imagine a standard joke is that she "suddenly appears and burns everyone. Then, she makes a poopton of burritos and buries everyone with those".

Associated food item: BURRITOS (again).

Quintuplizarro - Something really cool

I have even less of an idea for this.


More will follow later in here.


El Grande Taco (The Great Taco) is featured in 44 photographs, all of which are noted to produce a distinct smell of the food they portray. In all photos, El Taco is positioned in such a way that he(? It?) appears to be the most important of everything. (Tacos because those are more or less related to burritos and it's a bad joke so let's make that a thing, ay? Right?)

Associated food item: HIMSELF/ITSELF. (I don't know what gender applies to a taco, if at all...)


Delinius' brozarro counterpart has something to do with the name Flameyman. And one of the counterparts before that has something to do with burritos. More interesting is that all counterparts have something to do with food (each has an associated food item), save for Sanzarro, which literally is food.. I haven't figured this out entirely, though. 

Associated food item: IT GONNA BE 2HAWT4U. (Retardedly hot things, such as a miniature sun or a planet's core.)


Gamma Delinius has two daughters, Helena (Lena) Julie Langton and Katherine (Kathy) Lucy Langton. Unless I pick a different timeline for them.


First child of Delinius and Lyka. Although her hair style really doesn't resemble either of her parents, her favourite colours are essentially identical to the colours Delinius tends to prefer, for some odd reason. She has an unusual fondness of flying, although she doesn't have the ability to do so. Lena tends to hang out with all sorts of people, yet never really has anyone she considers friends (due to the fact that she wants independence above anything, which is also why she would love to have those aura wings to fly anywhere). What does Delinius think of this independent attitude? He's perfectly fine with it as long as she doesn't mess something up. (Also this design is a work in progress.)

Lena has learnt to use similar weaponry to that of her father, and has the skill to handle them. However, she relies a lot more on it than him, this because she is not extremely gifted with magic (reflected by her only above average magic stat of 53), and moreso because it makes sense (with an attack stat of roughly 40-45). 

Signature colour: E20616 (Which also more or less tells you about the colour of her hair)


Youngest of the two. She has inherited her father's colour and amount of hair, and the lack of interest to do much about it. Aside from this, she usually wears a warm coat and scarf when outside (and keeps the scarf when inside), as she's quite sensitive to cold temperatures (and her room has separate heating that's usually a few degrees higher than the entire house). She's actually a little taller than her sister.

Kathy's name coincidentally reminds of the name of the first Langton (which I only realised when that name showed up alongside Kathy while typing on my phone).

She's a little quiet and shy, but usually starts to talk if she's complimented on her drawings (in-canon she's the one who has made all the good work by me, except for her own portrait). And for some reason she really doesn't like spicy food.

Although she doesn't like combat situations, she has the capability. Her stats lean towards magic (63) and health (48), but she suffers from the same lackluster defense (and even moreso attack) as Delinius. Most of her moves simply deal damage, but a few can inflict "unique" status effects (in the style of Delinius' Phlogistinate move). Due to her warm coat and higher body temperature, she has a little resistance to cold things, but it doesn't really help her too much. However, she does take advantage of something all Langtons have, i.e. resistance to fire, and this includes a healing move (which CAN be applied to allies, but if that's advisable? One could wonder about that.) If she wields any weaponry at all, it's likely to be something fairly small.

Signature colour: A14CD8 (this only vaguely tells you about her favourite colours)

Alternate Timelines

See here.

Opinions about Delinius (accuracy may vary)

"He's alright I guess, just don't mention Sanford near him."

– Zachary Isles

"Why does he disappear and appear randomly? And then there's his burritos..."

– Ludicrine Anagram

"My brother is an idiot. I like it, though, because he's a wise idiot."

– Ina Langton

"The only thing that annoys me about Delinius is that he observes you a lot. Other than that, he's not too bad."

– Revelian Zeronius

"I think he's actually a nice guy. Sure he's a bit moody at times, but he's someone who you can talk with whenever you want to."

– ?

"He's an awesome friend, but he looks like my opposite in terms of personality - this gives me some slight creeps."

- Hankvi Guidza (suggested by Hank)

"I don't know what to think of him. He's definitely smart and he's got plenty of money. Thing is, you never really know what he's up to. I think that's why people find him so hard to trust."

- Baxter Ethos Quint?

"Delinius isn't really as distant as he pretends - he's actually very warm, but he doesn't want to suffer more from the distrust around his name. And he's so bad at being romantic that it's funny."

- Lyka Ross

Langton bloodline

I'm currently designing Delinius' family tree, along with a little lore.

The name Langton most likely originated from Dwin, as no such name or possible related name has been found before the birth of the first Langton, Kataphorus Leroy Langton in - 356 ADC.

Much of the Langton family tree is full of gaps and question marks, at least, according to Delinius, the only one to date who is willing to divulge any sort of information. He knows plenty about his direct ancestry, though.

  • Kataphorus Leroy Langton (First ancestor): - 356 ADC
  • Antacitus Devon Langton (Great-grandfather): - 318 ADC
  • Agatha Selena Langton (Grandmother): - 279 ADC
  • Caldeus Philip Langton (Father): - 243 ADC
  • Ina Sybil Langton: - 211 ADC
  • Delinius Rupert Langton: - 202 ADC

Notable things:

  • Kataphorus had three children in total, one being Antacitus, the other two having the names Auspex and Crevius. Auspex' branch completely ceases to exist after -250 ADC for unknown reasons. Crevius and his descendants lose most of their religious habits and are almost completely ignored by the remaining branch (which is the one of Antacitus). This later happens with a few more Langtons - some disappeared or died without clear cause, some are said to have left the family for good. What part of those stories is true we do not know (which is to say that not all of that is as it truly is, but the truth behind it is usually covered up so as to prevent more commotion).
  • It is known for a fact that Auspex occupied himself with different kinds of magic, including the kinds nobody should try. Perhaps it wasn't a mysterious cause that ended him and his line, but Antacitus or one of his children who stepped in to halt their practices, though there is evidence to this theory.
  • Apparently Langtons keep their last name no matter what.

New stuff

I took a look at all the new things on Mori's character page. I'm indeed overwhelmed but at least most of the concepts in the new material are fairly familiar to me by now, and to be honest I think it works very well.

Although it's of no great importance, I did note the fact that the Grey Agents teleport to Auzos, outside the knowledge of the protagonists. I originally intended Delinius to at least have discovered their location due to having seen the Agents go there, but it seems that won't go.

However, there is still the remains of Langton Inc, and even though Delinius did flee Auzos in the past, it is very possible that he does on occasion visit the continent (in disguise?). In that case, I would imagine he hears things that remind him of the Grey Agents, and perhaps even bumps into one or more of them. Even when considering the fact that Delinius has nothing but bitterness and distrust towards them, he would probably not engage in any combat by his own initiative.

In the case he does face a fight, he would primarily seek to repel any attacks and only worry about fighting after that. Should he face multiple agents or face Caledonia, though, I think you can safely assume he makes haste with a retreat. He's got those big auric wings to take care of that problem, and if that's not enough he could probably utilise the Navigation Tablet, that odd artifact that allows for limited teleportation. Speaking of which, I should work that out a bit.

The Navigation Tablet, an old gift to Delinius from one of his uncles, uses whatever common form of teleportation magic and transports the user, as well as any people who physically touch them (up to a total of 3 'passengers' alongside the user), to a given location. This has its limits, though:

  • The location must be one that the user has visited before, or has at least seen;
  • The location cannot be a too great distance from the user. Ignoring this results in teleportations that can easily land a user in harmful places (for example, the classical teleportation inside a wall or the ground);
  • The Navigation Tablet has a certain recharging time, partially depending on the distance travelled and the amount of people transported, though it can be charged with magical energy to counteract this somewhat.
  • The user will transport most items along, but larger objects (as well as some others) have a tendency to be left behind. This can be used to the user's advantage, however, as there is some degree of control over what gets left behind. This can, for example, free somebody who is tied to a chair - which might just sound familiar.

The Mail Inquiry/The Paper Inquisition

Potential story. Initially not meant to be a serious story of any kind, but was supplied with enough ideas to become a good concept. 

You've had a little glance on what's going on. First, there were just one or two loose Envelope-headed creatures, such as Cyanmail. This turned out to be a little bigger than that, in the form of the Mass Scale Print Distributor and its Paperworks Deliverers. But they're only part of the story. More of these constructs exist, apparently built solely for the purpose of creating and delivering paper everywhere.

When the news reported of strange mail-carrying creatures piling people's post with unwanted and seemingly incoherent sheets of paper, I was entrusted the task of firstly eliminating the larger part of the creatures, as they were becoming a plague - instances of these "Paperworks Deliverers" would often spray a stream of paper at any civilians attempting to interfere with their 'deliveries'. The amount of paper seemed inconsistent with the size of the creatures, leading most to believe that some form of spatial magic or anomaly is contained within.

After a small amount were retained - both for study and for adoption at the facilities of Isles and Quint - I was asked if I were willing to help locate the source, for there were new instances every day. Having been a 'recipient' of unwanted papers numerous times, despite the remote location of my home, I agreed. After twenty-six days, we had finally discovered the source location, which was a derelict and abandoned warehouse somewhere in the south of Steckenberg. Upon entry, we were swarmed by a myriad of the wretched things, and engulfed by what is best described as an avalanche of paper. Somewhat irritable, I dealt with this situation through mass incineration - while still keeping an eye on the structural integrity of the building. About a hundred metres from the entrance stood a creature - though 'construct' or even 'machine' describes the mass of things we found. This is what we discovered was the Mass Scale Print Distributor. Traces of ink, among other signs, indicated that there might have been more than this sole object, but the law enforcers that had been assigned to aid me did not want to investigate further. We dislodged and transported it to I&Q, along with a sheet of paper describing both the MSPD and the entities we now know as Paperworks Deliverers.

I was commended for my success, and we all presumed the issue was over. It seems we were wrong. Aside from the curious and anomalous creature discovered by one of our CEO's, Baxter, reports of other creatures related to the previous ones emerged. Everything appears such that I may conclude that this problem is more extensive than we initially thought it to be. A request has been submitted to me to teach a special enforcement unit in the arts of pyromancy in order to deal with outbreaks efficiently (flamethrowers are deemed to expensive at the time). Although not opposed to this idea, I have not yet decided upon granting this request.

If this problem proves too large for both me and a specialised force to handle, I will have to engage the help of some fellow Dwinians, perhaps.

You'll find that some of this will be slightly SCP-inspired, which is in part because of certain things in the descriptions in that one Angels pack. Hehehe. 

We don't really know where the Postbringer came from, timeline-wise, but his existence does not seem bound to any timeline - possibly indicating a similar nature to that of the Maintenancekeeper.

In actual fact, The Postbringer was initially also native to the Delta timeline. This presents a paradox, seeing as the Archlight is the one who should fill this position. Therefore, some kind of temporal anomaly must have occurred somewhere in the past. Moreover, this also means the Postbringer must've been 'cut loose' from the Delta timeline eventually.

The truth is that The Postbringer developed from a past form of the Maintenancekeeper - unknowingly formed on the Wau timeline before it was struck by the GNARLY THING and shattered.

Through some kind of luck - or perhaps fate - this iteration also managed to get out of the Digammic Disrepair (the fragmented state of the Wau/Digamma timeline) after a long process of piecing himself together, in terms of time. (I'm not sure how this would work on a heavily fragmented/corrupted timeline. Perhaps through some kind of spell, the Postbringer made it so that he would be able to return to a whole state regardless of temporal disasters.)

Either way, his mind did not come out without complications. Arriving on the Delta timeline, he notes ZedEx... and develops an obsession with mail and all its different aspects, after which he 'binds' himself to the timeline using a low-power form of temporal magic designed to go unnoticed. He quickly enough becomes skilled in magic tricks involving paper and envelopes, and goes from there. His presence on the timeline, however, does not go unnoted. The Archlight, being warned about the nature of this 'unrequested mail boy', sets out to capture or banish his other self - indirectly aided by the Maintenancekeeper (who was responsible for the Archlight crowning in the first place, and now does some more backseat modding). He succeeds at banishing, not realising what he has done.

He has set the mailman free, and he's looking for a place where he can unfold his plans:

To deliver the mail. Always. To everyone. Forever.

He discovers the Pi timeline - a place still relatively untouched by the progress of time, though that will change soon enough with him, he thinks.

Boy, will he be surprised how much resilience Pi!Delinius shows.

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