This page will give you a better idea of chronology and such relating to Delinius, and it is also where a bunch of new story titles occasionally appear to make things a little interesting. 


Apparently, Alpha is locked, or something like that. Therefore, I don't need to worry about Delinius' role on this timeline, which is exactly what I'll do. 


The Beta timeline is Ludicrine's work, and as such it's not something I have to bother with. On top of that I've never seen any of it, so I've hardly any idea what happens. I'd imagine Delinius having a similar minor role to what I planned for him on Alpha before the lockdown, but that's just speculation on my part. 

Gamma (Another time)

A few things go differently for Delinius on the Gamma timeline. Gamma Delinius seems to only start being different from the Alpha timeline in -126 ADC, when he travels to Auzos. This is the same thing as in Alpha, except for the date, 12 years earlier than Alpha. Aside from this, several figures that have to do with Delinius either do not exist in the same form, or go through different events as well. 

  • Langton Incorporated - A story that essentially shows what Gamma Delinius got up to when establishing a refuge for all sorts of outcasts. And even though its story takes place on the Gamma timeline, the events are for a large part identical to the ones on the Alpha timeline. Only a few details are different, really, though said details do influence everything quite a lot.
  • Back to the Mainland: Delinius finds LDZX - I've already divulged quite some information about this one in other places, so go find that (if you can/dare/want/must).
  • The Incredubious Industrial - Delinius now has so much riches he doesn't know what to do, and starts an actual business for the heck of it, Sunrise Industries, running 100% on solar panels, Dwinian magic, and a combination of those two. It begins as a manufacturer of lightbulbs and such, but soon grows and manufactures pretty much all household appliances you can think of - except refrigerators and freezers. The company, with its astonishing ratio of price/quality, as well as the miraculously lenient working schedules and nice salaries its employees get, becomes a kind of sensation - how do these people manage to do so well? Nobody knows, not even Delinius himself. There are things at play here that he has little idea of, and it all comes down to the place where he grew up. Delinius-revering subcult within Dwinianism? Someone pulling strings in Delinius' favour outside of his knowledge? CONSPIRACIES?
  • Not a story but: Probably during the above story, Delinius meets Hankvi Guidza of this timeline, a free-spirited troll that (ad)ventures out with his partner Issus. This could be either before they have a child, or soon thereafter. Though initially a scary person to encounter, Delinius is soon regarded by both of them as an okay dude and he in return offers Hank a job that pays him enough but also gives him enough time off, details of which I've posted somewhere, derp. They become good friends soon enough (after all, Hankvi has his past of being chased by trolls and Issus shares the witch hunt history to some extent with Delinius) - and who knows, Delinius helps the young family out in several other ways. It is possible that he offers this job again after Hank's adventures at I&Q, dismayed at the tales he hears about Masa. 
  • Of course, soon after, the Alternians attack Ludus and Hankvi makes a reluctant escape to Everspring with Issus. A disappointed D.R. Langton feels betrayed, but does not lose all of his belief in Hankvi and doubts that the Alternians invading Ludus have done so at his command. Hearing Masa blaming herself and not Hankvi for the misfortunes, I'm pretty sure Delinius would agree. ... you mean to say, Masa, that you actively attempted to draw Hankvi to this company? Be assured, I will not hate you for it, but I must say it is your fault, in that case. In quite a mocking tone, and with no regard for any feelings of misery/etc. this might bring to Masa.
  • Most likely, Delinius splits his business and dedicates part of it towards supporting the Ludusian army, along with his very own unit of Dwinian staff being incorporated into it all. We discover that this is the timeline from which the Phlogistomantic Enforcer originates, and more of such things come rolling out of the factories to fight the invaders.

A noteworthy thing is that this is the timeline where Delinius has two daughters, both of which I've got character designs in mind for, but I'm not too worried about that right now. Also, whereas most character offspring is involved in fixing the Alpha timeline, these two do not play that much of a role, though they are at some point involved in other timeline fixing: see Wau for details. I'm not sure if I'll leave these two on the Gamma timeline, however, and instead perhaps move them elsewhere.

Delta (ZedEx/Archlight Delinius)

This wasn't really set to be any timeline in particular, but I'm settling for Delta; it seems the most logical choice. Anyhow, Delinius never leaves his home region in the first place (due to no Blackspell and thus no Ludusian monster rain), but does in fact become a Soul Flame. He is later crowned the leading figure of Dwinian religion.

  • In Luce Ingente - Archlight of the Mountain: "in luce ingente" means something along the lines of "in the immense light" in Latin. "The Mountain" refers to the mountains west of that enormous jungle on the map (is it the Wonder Jungle? Nobody has confirmed it or denied it...), the homeland for most (probably all) iterations of Delinius. This would be the title for the first of at least two stories. I have decided to just list the entire history of this timeline rather than binding it to story titles.
  • Speaking of which, I've rediscovered/remembered that that continent I'm talking about is called Faeric (unless that particular part has a different name, but whatever.)
  • Because of a prophecy (which would instead be the plan of another iteration of Delinius), he is brought into this large palace-like structure where he undergoes a ceremony to be crowned Archlight, some sort of religious-royal title. He becomes the leader of a theocracy - at least, in its name. In reality, this refers to the fact that Delinius is the highest political and religious authority, effectively making it more of a monarchy (or dictatorship). In addition, the crowning ritual also entrusts him with the power of his god Dwin, in the form of several artifacts.
  • As an Archlight, Delinius continues to rule the mountain as an independent state, even fighting out a war with a government calling itself "the government of Ludus" (aka the same sort of government that features in most stories). And despite it all, his little realm on the mountains remains a relatively wealthy place, and he is treated not only like a king, but almost like a god (which is only remotely accurate, what with his ancestry having that god several generations back).
  • When a great threat comes to Faeric, Delinius is able to avert the worst for his subjects, though he can't completely protect everyone and in the end a lot of people die in any case. Despite the losses, nothing changes in the people's loyalty, not until a cult group, followers of a different god, begin stirring. This eventually results in a religious war that ends with Delinius uncrowning himself and choosing self-exile. Wherever he goes after this is insignificant for the moment. In his absence, his little kingdom is finally brought under control of the Ludusian government - though there's plenty of resistance against it for the next four or five generations before it eventually dies out.
  • Once this ends, Delinius suddenly returns. Where he's been and what he's done, nobody knows. Fact is that a lot of people blame him for everything that has gone wrong since he left, and he doesn't stay long, only coming to take an important artifact with him, or more accurately a weapon. This has no significance to the timeline itself, but it will tie into another timeline:
  • Archlight meets up with the earlier mentioned other iteration of Delinius (see Wau) and hands the weapon/artifact to him, and he will end up handing it to Alpha-Unaltered Delinius shortly before the Reckoning. 
  • After this transfer of a weapon, the former Archlight begins a so-called deli, accurately called Delinius' Deli. His shop becomes his kingdom and he becomes the eternal deli owner whose mysterious origins remain a mystery to his customers. 
  • Due to having undergone changes in becoming the Archlight, Delinius' aura is slightly different, along with his pestertag: desertLightbringer and an aura of sandstone (which has no relation to Dr. Sand, mind you.)

Theta (Teteoh Takeover)

When Teteoh takes power and wreaks havoc, Delinius intially chooses the fight. When it appears that everything's going to hell, he performs one last action of resistance by spontaneously combusting in the middle of the battle, causing a great explosion (fueled by any and all rage inside Delinius at that time), but only doing a tiny bit for those resisting Teteoh.

Kappa (Kuipter wins)

Similar to Theta, Delinius stands up and fights (against Kuipter in this case), but soon finds himself fighting a lost fight. In order to at least delay Kuipter in his "bloody hell of sociopath experiments", Delinius carefully hides and later seeks out a place of significance to Kuipter's experiments. During that, though, he is captured, to later be used for such experiments. Unwilling to be put through this, Delinius blows himself up (again), but this time he achieves something: the explosion ruins a big portion of the facility he was in, and he destroys one or two pieces of somewhat important technology, and curses Kuipter while he's at it, too: the curse is only a little effective on Kuipter, but its intended effect had been to make Kuipter lose focus and concentration whenever the sun was up - if it even is by now. The actual result of this is only minor and causes Kuipter's attention to slip from time to time - only briefly.

Iota (The Finity)

With Zachary becoming the Emporer - and crime rates going up - Delinius generally keeps busy with said crime (and perhaps puts together his very own crimefighting force, recruited from Dwinians). He also deems Zachary "The Idiot Emporer" due to all this crime happening; contact with others is rare and generally short. Although Delinius does come into conflict with government forces and the government itself many, many times, he is never stopped because his Dwinian anti-crime force is proficient at roasting out them criminals. They also teach phlogistomancy to people - which is not the best of ideas.

Mu (Delinimus)

Delinius is initially completely unaware of how bad Lazro is as Emporer. This begins to change once people begin standing up against Lazro: Delinius initially sees traitors everywhere but then realises (or is convinced) that they are right. Is also caught for the Mass Rebel Execution, but escapes shortly before everyone else is freed, though not without many injuries. Memories not retained, but events recorded by alternate timeline self, the Maintenancekeeper. 

As a sidenote, perhaps the Maintenancekeeper is the one who informs the resistance forces about their goal when they're on Artemus. I'm not sure if a different being has already been thought of for that role, but it's a possibility.  

Nu (Nazcan timeline)

  • Ruined Flame: A doomed race - It is possible that others create stories about the Nazcan timeline, and if they agree, Delinius may end up playing a role in those instead. Ruined Flame is about a half-good half-villainous version of Delinius that is really bitter about the outcome of the war with the Nazcans. He is also the only iteration that is aware of the fact that there are different timelines from the very start of the timeline, which makes him even more bitter because he's on that one rather than elsewhere. However, all of this is a story that I do not plan to write as of now.
  • What can be said about Nu Delinius, however, is that he is everything but docile. Seeing as this iteration would be 11-12 years old when the entire Nazcan takeover happens, he'd be filled with hatred and anger towards the Nazcans, and fight for all his life, though he would eventually die, which I'd assume to be around the age of 50-55. One day in the cold season, he'd be too old and tired to fight. At that point, he would perform the rather common move of self-exploding, blowing up a chunk of Nazcan forces.

Back on Ludus, though, he did have several children to continue his lineage, and the same applies to his sister and any cousins. This means that the Langton bloodline continues to exist and fight even when the Nazcans are after them, for a long, long time. 

Typical colour:BA3904

Omicron (?)

I've completely forgotten what happened on this timeline. Please tell me. Not that it'll likely mean Delinius plays any key role. 

Pi (Fire's very own line of stories)

After some confusion: 

  • Voyage is first because it's a description of Delinius' backstory. It could be considered the backstory for multiple iterations, but I'd have to rewrite a few elements at some point in time, which I frankly don't feel like. 
  • The Rising Sun - Delinius during the Reckoning. This is a more or less clear idea I have in my mind and its plot was formed during all the times I was listening to a particular album. In any case, Delinius fights as hard as he can (and even harder than that), but can't quite do anything truly significant. Moreover, his sister and cousin die during the Reckoning (which were there thanks to their own time jumps - though I might change that and retcon that idea). Moreover, Delinius mourns those he knew and in general his mind is broken when the events of the Reckoning end. He is somewhat distant to the other protagonists, mainly because they took shelter where he went out to fight the actual problems. Fortunately, he doesn't really hold it against them.
  • Afterburn - A disillusion living too long: This is to replace that rather stupid idea that took its place. The story would be about the broken-minded Delinius, who has no more questions, except for one: what was responsible for all of this, and who caused it (for he refuses to believe this was just plain chance or the works of a deity). An interview about his actions during the Reckoning eventually causes him to explode in rage - literally, thus discarding his physical body and becoming an Ethereal, who refers to himself as Saltflame.
  • These last two don't really make sense for this timeline, but it'll all become sense in the end. When that will be is as tangible as flames right now. 

This timeline is supposedly 'mine', seeing as these three stories belong to me. If, for some reason, anyone has something that would've been a rewrite of Alpha but due to permission issues it can't be, shoot ahead and ask me if it can be incorporated into this timeline. Seeing as I have literally zero specific ideas, it's highly unlikely it won't fit. But, of course, communication. 

Rho (Splation-Ludus)

  • No big stories in particular, though Delinius would be married to a Splatonian. Offspring, if any, would not be very involved in fixing the timeline, however.

Sigma (SFANB)

Delinius is supposedly a Sub-Sessional player. If I'm not mistaken his planet was the Land of Fire and Holes (LOFAH). I somehow think that that abbreviation is already taken in some way, though. I'm not sure.

Phi (aka the "let's make nonsense" timeline)

  • Desert Disaster; Birthday Boogaloo - Delinius hosts his birthday party in his mansion which is obviously larger than that of everyone else SPACE MEJJIKS and because he turns out to be making some sort of alcoholic brewing things go really wrong. No, the mansion doesn't burn up entirely you doofs. It's 250% fire-proof.
  • I was going to plan a sequel of Desert Disaster, Desert Disaster 2 - Gotta Burn Them All, but I don't think that's going to turn out that great. Might use the concept of that sequel for something else perhaps.

Omega Timeline

The Infernal Enflamer comes to exist here and is the absolute ultimate being that "burns things", regardless of what they are - mortal, deitic, hellbound or otherwise, they can all burn in some way. Also contains the souls of the Alpha-Unaltered (?), Theta, Kappa and Nu iterations of Delinius, which were fused with this being's soul. Maybe. Also possesses minor time powers as a nod to the below. 

Wau (Maintenancekeeper)

You will certainly think "whuwat that's not a letter". True, it's not a letter in the Greek alphabet... anymore! Ha, I'm such a fool. Apparently, it used to be one (and there's a few others, but this is the one that I'm sticking with in any case). The fact that I've specifically chosen a letter that doesn't exist in the alphabet anymore is because this timeline only exists in concept, so to speak. This is because the timeline fell apart at some point and just ceased to be real.  

But why all of this? This is a convenient way to keep all the other 24 letters of the Greek alphabet that we use free for more significant timelines, while still giving this enough of the significance it would have. By the way, that Greek letter is essentially the same as out modern-day 'f', both in small and capital form. Mostly. Aside from being called Wau, it is also known as the Digamma, if that might interest you.

It will probably only be referred to within a subsection of Delinius' page (Probably something like Delinius/Alternate timelines because tidyness and very maybe give one or two really different timelines their own sections.) 

  • What happened to this timeline for it to fall apart? Uh... I only invented this recently, but through some sort of thing, a lot of the timeline's inhabitants/characters end up having chronomancy, and chronomancy on this timeline is more powerful than normal. Who or what the hell did this? Uh, not Chronos, though that guy/god is definitely annoyed by this timeline. As Mori suggested, this is the fault of Algidas. The timeline is so messed and generally broken that it's starting to fall apart. Delinius has through some means gained the ability to travel off the timeline and escapes.
  • "Wait, wasn't Delinius a follower of a different god?" This one broke free from his family's tradition and decided to follow Chronos because time magic is unusually common, and he's just interested in this god, even though a lot of people on his timeline hate Chronos (this would be because of Algidas' influence) and time shenanigans are as common as a cold. Wau Delinius (and maybe with a select few others) manages to escape the timeline before it is broken down and falls apart, and he flees to a planet in Separ. 
  • This could either be the OKTE, seeing as it is supposedly the easiest to access without having to be dead, the Nether because of puns and jokes, or... Artemus? I believe it was said to be inhabitable, so this could be a place for him as well. 
  • Chronos would most likely be pleased that the entire timeline Wau has shredded itself apart, but he'd certainly not like to see a random fool walking around, not bound to any timeline, with the ability to jump between them, and demands that Wau Delinius remain in Separ as much as possible, but also eventually grants him the permission to occasionally go out and do something.
  • Algidas probably just continues being "THE MOST RADICAL ANTHRO-CONCEPTUAL OUT THERE" and forgets that Wau Delinius escaped from the timeline. Wau Delinius decides to keep watch over his other iterations, so as to hopefully save them from any timeline shenanigans, either caused by Algidas or otherwise, and gives himself the title of Maintenancekeeper.

Other notable things

  • The Maintenancekeeper continues to 'keep things in good shape', but when the entire sequence of fixing the Alpha timeline occurs, he requests the help of Gamma Delinius and his family to alter a few things regarding Delinius - after The Ones Who Went Back have made their changes. Why not help them instead, and make the changes during that? 
  • Well... Aside from the fact that there's already enough characters involved in that (at least, I don't want to shove a bunch more into there), The Maintenancekeeper doesn't care about whatever else has to be fixed - he considers that 'not his problem', and wants to focus on his own plans. In particular, he makes it so that Alpha-Saved Delinius does join LDZX, something that he considers important for further events. 
  • Quite a lot off odd things, such as the fact that two of Delinius' relatives end up with him on both the Fixed and Unaltered timeline, have been forced by Maintenancekeeper. This is an example of seemingly random changes that do not seem directly important, but might be from his perspective. 
  • This timeline is not too significant to other timelines because of its nonexistence, and as far as I've designed it, no stories will say a lot about the timeline or what Delinius got up to on there. But as with everything, all input/suggestion/feedback is welcome, and if you do want to provide an idea about it, go ahead and I'll probably include it. 
  • The Maintenancekeeper, having become a follower of Chronos, has developed a very different aura from most other iterations, along with a different tag, dislocatedLogkeeper, and an aura of pepper.


Notice: One very, very cynical thought that passed through my head recently is that I might as well not be here with my writing. Oh, I'm sure everyone likes what I write, and nobody would like to see me go. 

You won't see me go. It's a mere thought, of course. And if it's up to me, it remains that way. The thing is, looking at this entire page, I keep wondering why exactly I try to inform everyone else, and why I bother following the information posted by everyone else. 

In short, I'm starting to lose track of why I'm even doing this. I think I have uncovered the exact reason as to why I began writing stories that were largely independent from the rest of canonity, however, and it's exactly why that cynical thought above crossed my mind. Looks like Delinius turns out to be quite a persona, disillusioned as heck. This hardly belongs here, does it? My subpages are a systematical mess either way. 

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