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A timeline currently locked for permission reasons; Delinius' canonical role is being an employee at LDZX and 'dealing' with (il)legalities as well as other things other staff would rather not burn their hands on.


Delinius does all that which he would've done on Alpha if it hadn't been permission-locked. Considered the 'standard' Delinius compared to other ones.


Birth and early life

-202 AEQ, Rorschach 2

Delinius Rupert Langton is born in -202 ADC on the second day of the month Rorschach as one of the many members of the Langton family living together, descendants of the deity Dwin. Events around his birth are not exceptionally strange, though for some reason the rain that was pouring down onto Delinius' home area cleared upon his birth. This was interpreted as a good sign by many, though some would question if it had simply not been coincidence.

Delinius grows up as a clever child and displays a distinct natural talent for magic quite soon, and learns a lot of things out of sheer curiosity. This is abruptly interrupted by the invasion of Nazcan forces. Despite being little more than 11 years old at that time, Delinius insists on fighting alongside his cousins and has to choose his weaponry. Due to his less-than-great strength, he isn't able to use crossbows - weapons typically used if a fight has to feature physical weaponry. Instead, one of his cousins puts together a bow suitable for him, and Delinius takes up an axe alongside it. With these two weapons as well as his emerging magical abilities, he proves quite resilient and manages to perform a saving act on a girl he happened to be in love with slightly - and gets a kiss for it, which the young hero is pretty impressed by (i.e. it actually takes some time before he functions normally again). Regardless, things look grim and Delinius is often found holding out against Nazcans just so his family can retreat to a safer distance and then provide covering shots while he runs to their position as the last one. A number of his relatives eventually come to die, and their loss is mourned shortly after the conclusion of the Nazcan War.

Notably, Delinius is known to have met Siegler at some point. Through this encounter, he learned a fair bit about the Ludusian Witches, which he writes down in the writing book he's recently gotten from his father - it being some kind of specific heirloom and artifact that he's kept on him for a long time. With peace settling once again, Delinius spends some time becoming a crafter of ranged weapons (though he never got much further than perfecting a bow for himself and another one as a request some time later) and further develops his magic ability. At some point, a conflict arose between him and some of his cousins (Maltus being notably among them) and Delinius decides to seek a living for himself somewhere in the area of Mar Greystar (the area bordering the north of the desert), where he makes a living through some way.

44 years of strife and conflict

-182 AEQ

The event known as the Great Monster Plague or Separ Flood (or whatever) takes place by command of Gaia, who seeks to rid Ludus of the influence of Blackspell - and so ends up making all aliens and magicians suspicious and hunted for. Though Delinius is aware of the dangers that will exist for his family, he can't return home - and so believes them all to be dead (though this is true, it excepts Ina, who managed to disappear and travel to 3 decades later). Throughout the next 44 years, Delinius tries to defend the actions of the Ludusian Witches before they have all died, and subsequently occupies himself with escaping the various groups of Gridmasks that seek to kill him and other magician types. It is known that he faced Sanford at one point, though apparently he chose to escape rather than fight - being heavily outnumbered and knowing enough about the demimale to avoid a fight with him.

Other notable events include a month during which he hides on the highest floor of a dusty library, the crippling or otherwise seriously incapacitating of no less than 1,327 angry Gridmasks and others that were hunting him, and the death of 21 people as a direct or indirect result of Delinius' actions. Okay, 16 of those were deliberate, and these 16 were all publicly known as criminals, but a murder is a murder in many people's eyes.

End to the Escapade

-143 AEQ - -138 AEQ

-143 is the year in which Jericho Cane begins a campaign to end the oppression of aliens and magicians. Delinius soon notices and initially wishes to aid... and is then chased after by a horde of angry people, not so much for being a user of magic, but for his personal actions up to then. A somewhat disappoined Ina, who is also there to support the cause and hopes to finally speak to her brother again, watches as her brother disappears from her sight yet again.

Delinius would later possibly meet with Jericho once again shortly before he departs from Gredile, wishing him the best of luck and explaining why it is too late for Delinius himself, seeing as "[his] personal fame has come to play a greater part in the threats to [his] life than the usage of magic" - and considering the amount of people who are directly affected by fights with the Soul Flame (not to mention their relatives and offspring), it's far from impossible that there's a few thousand people who specifically hate Delinius by this time. Concluding that there truly is no hope for peace for himself at this time, Delinius flies to Auzos on sheer hope that it will be a safe place. Maybe Jericho would inform Ina of this (if she is still involved in the entire campaign at that point) but she never quite got together enough courage to make such a daring attempt - considering the fact that she has an extreme dislike of swimming or submersion in water.

Langton Incorporated - Refuge for refugees, by a refugee

-120 AEQ (up to -93)

After 18 years on Auzos, in which he initially works as an express mail deliverer for a few years, Delinius builds up a group of 30 people who journey as a bunch of nomads with him as their shepherd. Deicding that this cannot go on forever, Delinius manages to claim a dilapidated and unowned office building for his refugees. Soon enough, it attracts a wide variety of people, including aliens and magicians of various kinds, but also the odd runaway adolescent who decides to seek hiding these. Through a unique system involving shared salaries and a community fund of some sort, Delinius builds up a serious organisation that comes to be called Langton Incorporated soon - once a certain other Soul Flame makes her entry: Lyka Westwood. Discovering that the leader of all of this is the same kind of being, she soon bonds with him and the two stick together for all 26 years that Delinius does not kill someone resembling Sanford. This Delinius, having a modest amount of wealth, chooses to bail and has little time to prepare much for his journey back. With hardly a word of goodbye, he flees the public manhunt that is initiated and directed at him - leaving Langton Incorporated without its namesake figurehead and a heartbroken Lyka, who would later come to establish herself as leader of the organisation in loving memory of him.

Of some note, Ariadne Minoid came to live at Langton Inc. for some time before its leader left, though they leave fairly soon after said absence.

Return to Gredile

-94 AEQ, Embla 

Delinius gets back to mainland Ludus after his mistake with the Sanford-lookalike. Rather than encountering a new hate-following, he discovers that his 44 years of absence has led to a multitude of scary tales and myths about him - what with the last few people involved with him in the past having died since, so there's nobody to really provide a consistent story. As well, every single news agency of some level seeks to interview him for the purpose of confirming their wild fantasies. Rather than calmly letting it all pass and answering the many questions, Delinius announces that he will let himself be interviewed on his terms, and only when he is willing to. Having at least some wealth, he locates a certain area in the desert and pays for a house to be built there. With some peace of mind at last, Delinius then takes some time to visit his homeland.

The Phoenix' Return

-72 AEQ(?)

Although not directly known by many people in the area, Delinius soon catches the attention of some of his distant relatives and is brought to everyone's attention - and hailed as some kind of lost son to the place. Soon enough, Delinius finds himself surrounded as much as when he first arrived on Gredile - though this time there are no annoying journalists, and instead admiring people. He probably has a great time as he rediscovers the mountains and hills of his childhood. He also learns a lot about what caused the flood of Separ monsters, and the involvement of both Sanford and Zaion in this (notably the matters relating to Blackspell etc.), and comes to realise that he is fortunate to be among the living - many people died to either the monsters or activities related to Green Day.

He ends up staying there for three months (rather than the two weeks he had planned), and returns to his house, but not before having been promised a very large amount of things by his (distant) relatives and a lot of the residents of Faeric: furniture, but also old books and seemingly random artifacts, and enough money for Delinius to expand his house. Soon enough, this would be a must due to a fairly steady flow of gifts from his homeland - leading to an occasional truck full of things to show up at his doorstep.

For the time being, he works as a teacher of many subjects, both in Steckenberg and at home - though the latter is somewhat expensive and only meant for children and adolescents that really just don't feel like learning. As well, he accepts students for magic teachings occasionally and functions as a temp. boarding school for such (without the strictness for the most part). This job does bring him into contact with Steckenberg and Gredile in general, but it still limits his interaction to mostly his students and the occasional grocery store journey.

-60 AEQ - Happy family reunion...

Date unknown

For quite some time, Delinius simply continues his teaching and doesn't do much else aside from occasionally visiting Faeric or some other Langtons, until this point. Through a widespread news article detailing on Delinius' current life, Ina discovers that her brother is still alive and quite well, and seeks him out in his desert house. Though hardly believing that she is alive, Delinius joyfully reunites with her and the two pick up where they left off - well over a century ago. Hearing of the many tales he has to tell, Ina tells Delinius that he's been quite busy for a good while in that case, and tells of her adventures - including even seeing him, only for him to be chased after by some Delinius-specific hotheads. Above all, they would hug it out and be glad that at least the two of them have made it so far.

Ina comes to move in with Delinius somewhere around Feint and would be a bit of a housekeeper as well as a 'teacher aid' by making it possible for Delinius to do more teaching and less stuff like correcting assignments and tests alike.

- 52 AEQ - Welcome to Isles & Quint


Although not immediately an employee, Delinius is quick to notice when Isles & Quint is started up, and after a bit of time has the trust to join the company. Though many of the people at said corporation were fairly sceptical of him - knowing that there's a few dozen spooky and almost mythical tales about the Soul Flame - they soon realise that his presence cuts down on a number of inconveniences - primarily internal disharmony between the many corporate workers and interns, legal issues of various kinds and lastly on fire damage and the deletion of 'certain unpleasant documents'. This latter function becomes his primary image to the outside world. At the same time, people note that there is never any legal issue related to I&Q - some say this is due to some kind of bureaucratic veil that blocks any such thing, but the few people that had ever been involved in a potential lawsuit also knew that their problems were sorted out by Delinius in a warm and clear manner that reminded them of a friend who owed them a favour and repaid said favour.

Delinius continues and merrily goes along for the most part as the corporation flourishes, and he comes to own and care for a fair amount of pet creatures himself. Unfortunately for everyone, the not-so-friendly younger brother of Revelian shows up and wishes to take over Ludus. Rather than joining in the direct confrontation with Kuipter, Delinius offers to act as housekeeper for the company - even though there are hardly customers due to the terror caused by the various maniacal acts of Kui. On top of this, he rudely interrupts government officials evacuating various areas when Cassiopeia is sent to wreak havoc - telling them to "leave this mundane task to my hands while you devise a method to stop its sender" (which seems to anger a lot of them) and subsequently taking over the coordination of the evacuations with great success. This causes a few strange looks, but at the same time improves his reputation somewhat - including his work associates and friends.

- 51/50 AEQ - The Sand Database, Corruption and a glance on the future

While everyone is busy fighting Dr. Sand, Kuipter and Zalgo, Delinius becomes increasingly distant. His work associates are confused, and Delinius is somewhat vague about it, only referring to something to do with "future disasters". Through some Dwinian religious person/whatever, he's been given a prophecy that warns him about the Reckoning (ahem, The Maintenancekeeper, who wants Delinius to survive). In order to survive it, Delinius will need to fortify his mansion in some way, and having this done takes him quite some of his time, and money, a large part of which he's gotten through agreements with his distant family. As well, a few of them come to live and work in and around his mansion - being quite skilled technicians and engineers.

He is busily working away at both his own defenses and the safekeeping of the many, yet he notes a significant fluctuation with his sense for light and darkness - with the anomaly being distinctly the latter. This was caused by Amygea acquiring the Book of Shadows; when Delinius subsequently meets them, he adds up what he knows about Mori and Zaion and the fact that there's a marked increase in shadow he percieves around them to conclude that a powerful artifact of some dark nature must be in their possession. How he later learns that it is the Book of Shadows is never left to be explained but it can be assumed that either his own library or a Dwinian-maintained one holds some entries about it.

Dr. Sand


Delinius doesn't go fight Sand, but he provides aforementioned support by trying to protect potentially targeted locations and such. Though this is in part because of supposed loyalty to IQ, this also serves Delinius as a bit of an image improvement to change his reputation of being a questionable figure within the company, something which remained a thing even after he'd dealt with his personal fangroup of arsonists. As well, he briefly investigates the wreckage of Sand's airship and manages to recover parts of its documentation in the form of logs and technical documents - and soon thereafter notices that Amygea has come to investigate as well. Being somewhat surprised as well as not wanting them to know that he's been here, he vanishes from sight, only to watch Mori salvage much of the airship before heading back home with this strange action firmly planted in his head.

[This was an idea cobbled up to make it more plausible that Delinius has access to any sort of high-level technology in the first place. This can be changed if necessary, e.g. Delinius knows Mori has salvaged the ship and asks if he could have a copy of its technical documents "in order to preserve the advancements contained within".]

- 50 AEQ - The IQ holiday and the Grey Agents


All of IQ's staff are summoned for everyone to have a vacation [In a to-be-rewritten The Dark Emissary]. Delinius initially tries to refuse, but then reluctantly joins, together with the recently time-forwarded Ina. Why she was allowed to join in despite not being part of the I&Q crew may either be because she intended to join the company, or simply because she's been around for a mere 10 years and gets to know Delinius' circle of friends and associates better. As to why Lyka was not included in the party instead of Delinius isn't very clear - presumably she didn't have quite as much interest in meeting Delinius' colleagues or just decided to oversee the defense measures being built (being slightly more technologically able than Delinius or Ina).

Curiously, somewhere while Hankvi gets struck in the head, Delinius is forced to come up with a plausible cover story because of the blueprints he's inspecting at the time, but more importantly due to his massive absence. With Ina being entirely aware of the truth by now, the two construct a perfectly plausible and mostly true story that relates to several past attacks and disasters, rather than pointing to the future. Everyone soon enough goes to sleep until Merynis makes her entry. Despite the fact that Delinius is normally difficult to wake up at night, the presence of Merynis, as well as "Hankvi", would serve to awaken his senses. With a grumpy head, he checks things out and ends up fighting both The Dictator and Merynis - and maybe she clones Delinius, but the attack derived from it would be absorbed by Ina? In any case, everyone would go to bed again... except for Delinius, who considers his night rest a lost cause and offers to stay up as a guard in the event more disturbances arise, as he grumpily remarks. As well, this allows him to continue his work somewhat, fueled mostly on sheer will and copious amounts of coffee.

Depending on how many times the gang fights Merynis (as well as any other villains?), Delinius and Ina would prove to be of value with their combined efforts. As well, Delinius enters a state of thorough rage at least twice and is able to use Inferno Curse - probably a move with sufficient power to end a battle.

After the entire ordeal, the two Langtons return home (after maybe a brief conversation between Delinius and Hankvi due to the appearance of the Dictator?) and Delinius resumes his work - sending a minor complaint about his delayed defense works to his superiors. Everyone simply puts up with it in the end, seeing as Delinius goes from 2-3 working hours a day to 5 and shows up for work most of the days.


When the group known as the Grey Agents (possibly the Grey Agency?) begins taking action and Mori is suspected of being involved, Delinius initially disregards the rumours, not wanting to let himself fall prey to common suspicion so easily, as well as being too busy to worry about it - even with the somewhat shady acts he's seen with the wreckage of Sand's airship. However, the prison break brings him to believing the same as everyone else, and he finally talks about what he knows about the Book of Shadows, and also admits he was aware of this for much longer, but did not want to think anything of it. As well, he notes that he saw Mori headed for the crash site a while before, but doesn't mention his own presence there - due to having to stick to his plans if he wants to remain of any significance and it would be shady if he was also at the wreckage site.

While Delinius is not actually part of the chase and battle between many I&Q characters and the Grey Agents, he does follow its events closely - having taken a break from his mansion fortifying to follow "at a safe distance - I am well aware of the sheer power in possession of the Grey Agents as well as the fact that my associates seem to be better off with me keeping their homefront safe". The massive ship that is the Nemesis Veneer eventually disappears spontaneously, leaving everyone without a clue to its location...

Delinius the Diplomat

... were it not that Delinius notes the distintcly northbound course of the ship. Putting two and two together and making five out of it because let's reference nineteen eighty-four, he concludes that it has possibly and presumably escaped to Auzos. He initially plans to head there immediately - without warning I&Q?

Well, as he puts it, "[he is] not here to unconditionally say 'how high' when one says 'jump', but to ensure that Ludus as a whole is not torn by disharmony and conflict. So far, this has been quite difficult, and it's likely to fall apart soon. [Delinius considers] the possibility that the cause for which the Grey Agents work may not necessarily be harmful" Quite obviously, he is merely guessing at the motives behind the Grey Agents, but considers himself neutral within the conflict. He reconsiders his plan and deems it suicidal, remembering the power displayed by many of the Grey Agents. Instead, he first seeks out a Dwinian priest of sorts who puts him under a Dwinian blessing, so that "regardless of [his] location, [Delinius] will be able to escape from it."

After all of this sharp thinking and Fire making a reference to this character's SFANB Aspect, Delinius dons his old pseudonym of Leonard Essington, along with its disguise. Especially the hat is of importance, as it affects his aura's colour and scent to throw any would-be aura detection off; he travels to Auzos by different means than his own ability to fly.

Eventually, Delinius catches wind of 'Headmaster Bismarck' not being everything appearance would suggest, and uses this information (likely in addition to other clues) to find a way to the Grey Agents' base. Upon discovery, he makes himself known (either by hacking his way in using his Navigation Tablet or just taking the hat off and knocking) - and is captured under threat and interrogated. He remains oddly calm from their perspective and firstly apologises for having tracked them down - which is unusual in itself - and then explains that he has not come to "rat [the Grey Agents] out, as the saying goes", but rather because he wants to ensure that "[The Grey Agents'] plans, whichever their goal or purpose, do not harm the rest of Ludus. I have come not one bit due to certain broken trust or the tense situation between this group and those surrounding the pet-catching headquarters. We all know who I speak of."

He distinctly looks at Amygea for a moment and resumes - intending to show that he is the sole master of this situation, and nobody else. "At present, this conflict does not harm the well-being of Ludus and its population to my knowing, nor do your intentions." Of course, there is some dramatic irony involved there when one considers the long run, but he doesn't know this. He's then asked why he's even bothering with the entire deal anyway; moreover, he is reminded that he is in no position to negotiate or make demands, and he smiles mysteriously.

"Before I discuss that, I'll preface it with a revealed secret - you cannot, either by physical force or magical boundaries, prevent my escape, for I am under protection beyond your control. While it was quite accurate of you to consider me in no negotiatory position to speak of, I suppose you will see differently about that matter. Now, here is why I have come to be of inconvenience to you." He faces Caledonia in particular, knowing he has the most to fear from her, should she decide that he is a threat. He brings his statement across with as much diplomacy as he can.

"What can be done is not what must be. I personally have had nothing to do with this conflict, and do not wish for that to happen in the future. I propose as follows, and please listen carefully: for as long as your actions are not harmful to Ludus and its population, I remain silent and the information I possess about you does not exist - and likewise, our meeting here never came to pass. Should this condition be broken, your base will be located and I personally will see to it that it is."

"Ah, and how would you know this, then?"

A highly amused Delinius chuckles, politely replying: "You may question my ability to percieve this, but you would do well to remember my lineage, Rogue Witch of the Highlands, and why it renders me immune to any threats of you to retain me here. I am not a force of great power, but one of information - and the pen can be far sharper and deadlier than the heaviest of swords. I do not need to explain to you what the power of the masses can do to a group of any kind, considering what part history we have in common." Obviously, there is a case to be made for the Grey Agents to quietly eliminate Delinius, yet doing so could harm them quite a lot. Likewise, it would be unwise to ignore him - even they know that Delinius could summon swarms of his distant kin on his word alone, let alone what forces he might draw to them if they would do so.

His words are followed by a brief silence, and he remarks: " Then this is as I have spoken it out - that which I have seen and heard here never crossed into my mind, and our encounter never happened. Sic nobis omnibus veritas erit. Consider it a deed done in good faith, and try your best not to let it go to waste - I assure you that it is far from pleasant to be at conflict with myself and my Dwinian kin.

Still on the wagon of being the rhetorical master that he's always been:

If it does not displease you, I will take my leave now - as Amygea might know, Taku de Gridmasque doesn't like it when he cannot see and hear you, and my disguise only offers me temporary respite from his suspicion. Speaking of which..."

He adds one more thing: "Perhaps not to your surprise, I was always quite aware of the 'Book of Shadows' that came into your possession, Amygea. Even so, I never mentioned its existence or whereabouts, let alone treated you differently despite any 'dark' affiliations that come with such a thing. Hopefully, you and these people around you will be so good as to treat me on such terms as well." He finally takes his leave and gets back to business as usual - with the sidenote of having an extensive network of contacts and news followers rolled out in order to pick up on any further disturbances.

What has Delinius actually done with this? Aside from displaying his extensive knowledge and perception, he tries to maintain a certain amount of balance while keeping himself out of the conflict, in this case by ensuring that the Grey Agents keep to the agreement in return for Delinius benevolence and secretion.

Meeting with Taku (?)

Antagonist -50

Of course, it has in fact been noted by Taku that Delinius was 'off the radar' for a while, last being at the Dwinian priest. Because of this, he gets Delinius summoned to him for questioning.

"I've noticed that you weren't anywhere to be seen or heard for a while - and you and I know better than to say that's just coincidence." Aware of the obviously suspicious circumstances, Delinius aptly brings a proper answer that reminds Taku that Delinius is a more perceptive individual than most.

"I am quite aware that you suspect my involvement with the shady figures that are the Grey Agents. As we are both aware, you last percieved me while I recieved a Dwinian blessing that prevented me from being retained against my will." That Delinius not only remembers this, but actively brings it up, would be different to what Taku was expecting. "I will be honest with you - I have gone out in disguise to search the Grey Agents by myself, outside of your knowledge. That I had to mask my aura and thus render myself invisible to you was necessary in the event that these individuals would detect me otherwise - and you may understand why I would rather not attract their attention, should I discover them." Taku is somewhat surprised, and asks if he's found anything.

"I'm afraid not - they have gone to places unknown to all of us." It does not matter that this is a straight lie - Delinius has an agreement and he keeps it, even if he has to decieve nobody less than Emporer Taku de Gridmasque for it, who buys this deal (probably because they're only 6 years apart in terms of age?) and lets Delinius go after apologising for "being so suspicious of someone [Taku] shouldn't expect to be against [himself]".

-42 AEQ - The Reckoning and the Saltflame

Lazarus 2

The Reckoning begins, and Delinius activates his defense measures, shielding his home from the initial meteor showers (though it takes some minor damage from meteors shattering apart). As well, a few random alien invaders happen to pass in the direct vicinity of his mansion - something these relatively small vessels come to regret, as they escape with significant damage. A determined Delinius gets into his armored suit, equips the various weapons he intends to carry with him (still utilising his notebook's spatial magic but carrying two weapons on his person instead of one) and sets course for Steckenberg, knowing it will suffer greatly from the disaster. Upon arriving there, he meets with his associates at a bunker site and hears that Hankvi has died by meteor. With gritted teeth, he then shields them (and the panic-stricken citizens that are pouring into the bunker) from a meteor impact and kindly refuses their offer to stay indoors. "As you might conclude by my equipment, I do not intend to wait this disaster out. You have all done grand works to save this planet. It is time I live up to such a notion, and that time is now." When asked why he even has all of this stuff, he finally admits: "I was forewarned of this, some eight years before, yet I was also instructed to maintain silence of it. I am sorry that I could not share this information, or the knowledge of where the Grey Agents were. Perhaps I was a fraud or a liar in your eyes, after all. Whatever the case, I won't disappoint Ludus when it needs us most." Whether this last bit is an intentional snarky comment or not is unclear, but presumably it is. Throughout the remainder of that day, he does all he can in order to drive back the many invading forces - and apparently his ancestral god Dwin lives to tell the tale too through some chance.

As the smoke clears and the last bits of rubble fall down, Delinius has been leader of a squad of soldiers who lost their commander, fought with a minor water deity and staved off a bunch of aliens. His suit is fairly damaged but functional, and he himself is exhausted and emotionally torn, hardly able to utter more than a suggestive question full of contempt towards everyone who comes out of hiding and compliments him. He refuses to speak further and only seeks out Hankvi as soon as possible, the only person he seems to have any respect left for.

The Sealing of the Saltflame

-42 AEQ(?)

"My dear cybernetic troll, who could not aid in the defense of Ludus, I must ask of you one thing amidst these people who did not dare protect their planet. I believe my end to be soon: this world has been doomed to an unspeakable degree - even I cannot see light in it. Ludus has been wounded to the deepest of its very soul, and the same applies to myself. So please, should I come to die, make sure you find my book of notes and keep it safe - it may prove of some use to you in my absence."

Hankvi, willing but also surprised Delinius asks this, asks him why "[Delinius] considers his end to be near", and Delinius smiles weakly. "I have survived this disaster without much more than a few dents - something which may be considered miraculous in itself. However, there is nothing left for me here. The world of this time is doomed, and there is not enough hope left to really repair the wounds that this reckoning has left. So please, my dear cyborg, pass my written notes to someone who will see the world in a better state.

Not long after this, a live television interview with Delinius about his actions during the Reckoning goes horribly wrong: a journalist asks Delinius if there's any relation between the death of his family and his protective actions, and Delinius furiously combusts. Literally. The journalist and much of the live studio is vaporised in the blast, and Delinius discards his physical body...

... and rises as an Ethereal going by the name of Saltflame, who believes it is his task to punish those he believes are responsible for the Reckoning - primarily anyone practicing necromancy and especially of the blasphemous kind. Soon enough, 9 Dwinians arrive and seal Saltflame within the notes of his former self. Once the news about this spreads, Hankvi seeks out the Dwinians and repeats Delinius' request. They immediately understand what Delinius' idea was with it, and hand it to him - recommending him to not open the book alone. Although Ina was present on this timeline and survived the Reckoning, she doesn't play much of a role after the loss of her brother, which she seems fairly distraught about. She lives out the rest of her life as a hermit...

Except that the Alternian Army has come to find The Dictator. Ina seeks out Hankvi and agrees to help him bring Saltflame back. This unintentionally ends up splitting the cynical Saltflame from Delinius, with the former being destroyed by Ina. The Ethereal Delinius and Ina help Hankvi in a bitter last stand for the survival of Ludus, with Delinius acting as a major plague and poltergeist to all enemy Alternians that dare enter the desert - which he does with an almost wicked amount of pleasure, hinting that not all is as it seems about him - especially the fact that he leaves many a troll dying of dehydration is unusually cruel.

Timeline fixing

-2 AEQ; possibly Embla

Delinius never joined in fixing the timeline due to being bound to his notes as an Ethereal ghost. Keeping to the agreement, Hankvi takes the Book of Saltflame with him, to be exchanged with Wau!Hankvi's journal between the Fixed timeline's Hankvi and Delinius.


-53 AEQ and later dates

On the Fixed timeline, Delinius adopts a slightly more open attitude towards the press and in general shares more information in most cases. The Reckoning and many other disasters never happened and Delinius seems to be on great terms with most people. Interestingly, Ina is granted an extended lifespan in this timeline and works together with Delinius (and Lyka, who is known to have tracked down Delinius at some point on this timeline though at a later time than would've been the case in Unaltered).

The Phoenix

527 AEQ, Rorschach 2

When Delinius reaches 729 years (9×9×9) in 527 AEQ, he is made to be a demigod (more things involving Novae*). He fulfills a role not entirely unlike the Archlight on the Delta timeline, as he becomes something of an icon for his religion, except that it's by far not as influential as the Archlight's rule. Theories galore: possibilities include a wondrous city built in the desert that couldn't possibly exist by regular logic or maybe Delinius returning to his natal area on the Faeric.


1000 AEQ

It's unclear as to what happens here: The demideitic rendering of Delinius as opposed to the 'dead' one from the Unaltered timeline? I would personally instead consider the possibility that Delinius' two different iterations merge due to neither being fully 'dead' in the sense that neither has entered the Separ realm. This could grant Delinius just a little more power and possibly alter his form somewhat (due to the merge between Soul Flame and Ethereal?) to a more translucent state resembling an Ethereal more than anything. As well, he would be 798 years at this point - sheesh. Presumably, his role within stories, if any, would be to give advice to people capable of dealing with new problems. He'd also be living in the mountains of Faeric, where he seems to rest as some kind of hard-to-reach advisor that you might even convince to join you with his power if you really try.

On a sidenote, Ina is known to become The Sibylla, a prophet residing on Auzos. While she does have the answer to many (if not most) questions, her answers are always ambiguous to some extent. Even so, she is visited somewhat frequently.


The Beta timeline is under author- and ownership of Ludicrine.

For all I know, Delinius ends up playing no role, a massive one, or is just his usual inconspicuous self. We'll see.


Though Delinius' life proceeds quite differently, this difference is not how the Gamma timeline came to be a thing - that would instead go to Hankvi not killing Issus. Up to -150 AEQ, Delinius' life does not differ from Saga.

86 years of Langton Incorporated

-150 AEQ and later dates

For the most part, events of Delinius' life are parallel to Saga, up to when Delinius flees to Auzos, which is about 12 years earlier. Aside from this, Delinius doesn't actually kill the man he mistakes for Sanford, and only is forced to leave Auzos when its people start attacking him and the residents of his buildings. These are events found in Langton Incorporated, with a sidenote that it proceeds to exist for 86 years - an enormous period that never came to be so long on other timelines - and it seems to be completely ignored by the authorities in the end, despite being surrounded by various businesses that would like to see it gone. Even when Delinius decides to slay one or more groups of 'anti-Langton vigilantes', they choose to do nothing - and maybe it suits them just as fine that they don't have to spend so much law enforcement on arresting these combatant groups. Whatever the case, the entire situation has ended up in a permanent siege that Delinius occasionally deals with by axecution.

Internal conflicts

-70 AEQ

Two of the three main managers within Langton Inc. decide to defect, trying to change the course of things. Delinius and Theo end up letting them be dealt with by the cruel vigilantes and whatnot that seem to exist solely to ruin the day. At this point, the place has become a self-sustaining fortress and yet its inhabitants still have jobs outside of it, though especially the former is much to the dismay of Delinius, who would rather have seen the walls pulled down than reinforced, but he is left no choice. After the cruel destruction of his defective managers, he begins the search for a suitable location of Gredile to house his fortress population in, and succeeds in buying this location when it comes to be sold (having sufficient capital at hand to make the other interested parties wonder what they did wrong). Thanks to being Leonard Essington and having all the appropriate documents attached to this pseudonym, nobody knows this is Delinius.

Re-migration and a battle with corporate managers

-56 - -53 AEQ

After discovering that Gredile is now safe for aliens and magic users, Delinius decides that it's best to move everyone under his care that way. This will take years to complete, and Delinius does not show his face much on Gredile, instead focusing on roasting all that which seeks to destroy his residents - enlisting the help of some of said residents as many of them have converted to Dwinianism throughout the years. Both this and his migration plans go quite well, and he gets ahead of schedule.

That is, until Isles & Quint gets itself involved in the entire deal - with its leaders believing that the odd immigration flow is all Delinius' doing (correct) and thus must be stopped (wrong), seeing as they only know the false reputation of Delinius. Hearing of this, Delinius grudgingly makes his way to Steckenberg to deal with them, choosing a fairly aggressive confrontation rather than the original 'peaceful attempt' he would've made otherwise. This would lead to a major brawl between Delinius (assisted by Lyka as well as a certain arachnid figure, Ariadne) and the I&Q gang - which would be interrupted by a major news flash on a nearby TV about Delinius not being as guilty as everyone says.

A highly irritated Soul Flame then launches into a 'this is why you guys should stick with catching monsters and not try to capture the likes of me' speech. He also says he ought to go and burn down the Isles & Quint building to make a very cruel joke - the joke being that he would follow his old reputation by doing so. Whily Lyka wouldn't be much angrier than thinking of the I&Q as a bunch of uninformed baboons, Ariadne would act highly hostile towards them and threaten to eat them all (and for once, they aren't joking). All of them would eventually calm down, though Delinius remains thoroughly pissed for another month or two, during which the many residents of Langton Incorporated are hailed by Steckenberg and beyond as invaluable assets in various field, most of all in the way of construction, architecture and infrastructure.

Curiously, Revelian is initially the only member of IQ who gets along to some extent with Delinius, with things between Delinius and Zachary never quite coming to be entirely normal. As to Baxter, we can only assume he thinks not too much of the entire thing and just goes on for now.

Delinius has a splendid mansion built, located on the desert side of the large bay's coast, in such a fashion that it can easily trump the looks of Rev's castle or Zachary's modern home. Now he moves onwards and begins an industrial business: Sunrise Industries (assorted reading here). Though off to a somewhat doubtful start, it soon takes off and rises to be the greatest in not only lamps and lightbulbs, but eventually a large variety of household appliances.

Delinius knows how to best harness the power of the sun and runs his factories entirely on it - because he's got solar panels that use all sorts of Dwinian magic tricks to better catch all that energy (and so goes the electricity bill). As well, Delinius works together with his distant kin, who are employed in all kinds of places (even as far as Universe City), and they all provide the other's members/customers/employees with mutual benefits here and there - making it all one big family just like Langton Incorporated was.

Things go well, aside from a few incidents involving haters of Delinius the industrial achiever.

Hankvi "The Renegade" Guidza

-53 AEQ; Antagonist 1 - Feint 26 or Rorschach 2 - Lustrum 25

Here begins an interesting event, stolen based on what Hank envisioned - and approved and expanded upon by meself.

Somewhere around the time that Sunrise Industries flourishes, Hankvi (see here) has a family to sustain and needs a job. After unexpectedly bumping into Delinius when the Soul Flame takes an evening stroll, Hankvi befriends him as "a g[][]d j[]e", after some fright and hesitance due to the scary tales about the man. Soon, he and Issus would find similarities in their own histories compared to Delinius - sans the romantic part that brought the two of them together, but you get the point. Instead of a mysterious and dangerous figure, Delinius is quite a friend to have, and someone who seems to be rather careless of his wealth and supposed status, offering Hank to help find a suitable house for his family, or even have a house built for him. That he can do all of this is due to Sunrise becoming something of an inevitable business that trumps all others in its branch and rivals Isles & Quint for sheer capital and other assets.

Issus seems to hold a certain reserve for a longer time than Hankvi, as they may have witnessed at least one 'confrontation' between Delinius and people of the Green Day - the latter party losing but not dying and instead they are left crippled and broken for the remainder of their lives. "I really don't know what to think. He might be a really nice person nowadays, but I've seen him fight with magic-hating people and it was almost savage." Eventually, though, Issus would come to realise that Delinius has put his past behind him - quite like Hank - and trusts him enough to be near him with the young Chariel, even with the mysterious legends and spooky tales surrounding the man.

Delinius would show his very best sides in order to put Issus and their child more at ease, and yet come to wonder "how one of a dozen witches, responsible for Ludus' well-being and subsequently all hunted down, survived this entire bloodshed..." - thinking they had surely all died during that time. However, he does not ask any further, as he understands all too well how sensitive the subject probably is. Now being better acquainted with Hank & family, he instructs Hank on the task of 'exploring the factory basement', which turns out to be an adventure. Aside from that, though, all seems fine and Hank eventually goes to work at Isles & Quint under the 'inspiration' of Masa. Delinius accepts this and tells Hank to never forget that "[Delinius'] house will always have room for [Hankvi]", by which he not only means his mansion, but also Sunrise.

Delinius and the Guidza troubles

When Mori and Caledonia proceed to steal Issus' piece of Subconscious Fragment and put both Hank and Issus in a sleep, Hankvl poses as Hankvi to keep appearances up at I&Q... but that doesn't work to fool Delinius, it seems - his absence cannot be explained, and apparently Caledonia, Amygea and Hankvl never considered Delinius as an extra factor to deal with. And while I&Q doesn't believe Hank's story, Delinius, pitying Hank, listens to the story, pays attention to who is supposedly to blame, and remembers it - knowing that Hankvi was in fact gone. Due to not being an actual member of the company Hank works at and on fairly questionable terms with it, Delinius can't do much to increase Hank's credibility and wisely keeps his mouth shut - knowing his support would do nothing but harm said credibility. What he does do, is hold this event against Mori and Caledonia, despite not knowing the latter very well, and he would do so well beyond the resolving acts of Chariel some time later. Knowing from Issus at least something about the entire Subconscious Fragment situation, Delinius would perhaps come to plot something against the two sometime later, not only out of anger over the incident and "their blatant lies at the expense of this troll and his fairy partner, who just sohappen to be my friends", but specifically due to suspecting the theft to be part of a larger thing - which would be completing the Subconscious Fragment. This may or may not just remain at Delinius merely staying cold and hostile towards those responsible, however.

Things calm down for now and Delinius even becomes a business partner of Isles & Quint... until when Issus suspects something between Hank and Masa, and Delinius happens to be busy with other matters and only hears of everything when Hank is already sacked. He attempts to calm Hank and states that it's nothing to truly worry about. Though he offers the same position as before, Hank instead chooses to spend more time with Issus (maybe due to Delinius taking care of their finance to give both a little peace of mind). Delinius comes to be almost belligerent towards Mori and Caledonia around this time, but also develops a mild dislike of Masa due to her cringeworthy pression attempts, with much headshaking along the way. It should also be noted that he comes to work together with Isles & Quint in the area of custom-climate pet environments and specifically lighting and temperature regulation - which might have him end up working with Masa regardless. This could make the mild dislike disappear (maybe), leave it the same or even outright worsen it (unlikely). As well, he tells Lyka to not engage in conversation with Masa, should she come along to the building at any time - having 'learned' from the recent events even though this is a conscious retaliation to make her feel bad.

Hunt for The Renegade and the Alternian Army

-23 AEQ, Serendipity 23

Though said hunt is very short-lived, as Hank and Issus escape to Everspring. The Alternian Empire invades Ludus, with Zekrys Adepri ensuring the Ludusian people that they will take over Ludus and kill Hank if said Ludusians don't get to the troll themselves. With the various mess-ups between Hank and the I&Q, they regard him as a traitor and the cause of this invasion. Delinius adopts a different view on the matter, believing that Hank must have been at least slightly aware of but not responsible for the problem, though he would not seek to have this explained by Hankvi nor share it with others. He would seek to communicate with Isles & Quint - as they apparently do tend to fix things and whatnot - and discuss what to do about the invaders. Masa blaming herself for Hank's misfortune might be caught by Delinius' ears, and he would bluntly retort that "Well, it is your fault, then, is it not? It is no surprise to me that you feel sorry for it, as you ought to." Revenge for Hankvi's forced disappearance? Probably. It would contribute to Masa maybe isolating herself, though he might be inclined to comfort her later on to avoid the anger of certain IQ figureheads, believing disharmony is the last thing they need in this situation.

Serendipity 25

Delinius puts forth some plans that allow him to quickly split off part of his industry to support the coming war efforts - and brings up some oddly fitting weapon and equipment blueprints, both for personal use as well as a unit of Dwinian people trained from his own employees - which is considered not entirely legal, but at that point the government seems to simply put up with Delinius taking this liberty because they could actually use the help. He and his forces end up assisting the IQ crew on several occasions as a reluctant ally, and they would either win or lose - either way, Delinius himself would seek to off Zekrys' head with his axe in a personal fight - irony intended if he succeeds, quite obviously.

Cross-timeline support package

Unspecified date

As a bonus chapter, Delinius comes to hand a number of weapons and other things to The Maintenancekeeper, who has explained that "a different one of [Gamma Delinius] on a different stream of time requires some assistance, and support would be of great value". Primarily, the Phlogistomantic Enforcer and a number of parts involved in creating an armored suit would be sent off.


  • Was initially planned to have Delinius simply being much more of a free spirit and not part of I&Q, much like Hankvi, but this eventually ended up extending to him initially being on a very bad footing with them and never really getting much involved.
  • The events of this timeline also serve to shed some light on the shadowed side that comes with Delinius' person.
  • Is also the only timeline along with Delta where Delinius is deliberately (although not intentionally) highly significant to the timeline's events.
  • I have intentionally made certain things the (polar) opposite of their 'normal' state just to mess with your heads and because I like to be a rebel sometimes because certain unexplored ideas for Delinius (from the before-timelines era) brought me to do so.
  • Though it was Hank who initially came up with Hankvi befriending Delinius, I've decided to drive it up just a bit to the point where Delinius acts as a moderately protective patron to Hankvi and his family.


Timeline where Teteoh never came to be featured as a part of Blackspell and thus the plague of Ludusian monsters never happened.

Foretold ruler

-202 AEQ, Rorschach 2 and later

Delinius is born as normally and lives his life in relative peace - though he still comes to ascend to being a Soul Flame through an accident. It is around this time that a bunch of high-ranking Dwinian figures come all the way from Mavus to inform Delinius that he is to come with them to be crowned Archlight due to a certain prophecy (although some involvement is part of this entire deal). With certain family members seeing the young Delinius go with pleasure, he is shipped off to Mavus and recieves his coronation in -182 ATC.

I have my own little empire...?

Delinius has a little difficulty getting adjusted to his new title and position, but soon enough begins living the glorious life of an Archlight. After renovating his palace (due to its last big renovation being well over 150 years ago), he also orders for a lot of work on the surrounding settlement, such as new roads and most of all a lot of vegetation (some of which bears fruit, which may be harvested freely). Aside from the aesthetically pleasant sight of these improvements, they also serve to give his subjects (most of which are Dwinians) a taste of his style of ruling. Several notables in his court question these actions, but soon find that they lead to a much better atmosphere and become some of his most loyal supporters.

Surprisingly, the place also attracts various followers of the Creation Trio, who come to peacefully live alongside the Dwinians - tolerance being a valuable characteristic. Their respective churches are also quite loyal supporters, which would only become a notable thing some time later.

Bringing Down the Tyrant

Somewhere in -53 ATC; alternatively, -38 ATC

At some point in time, the Ludusian government believes the sovereign state of Mavus needs to be brought under its control - this being due to the fact that a few mishaps with Dwinian citizens make the group as a whole considered somewhat dubious - and thus initially they send out some people there to see if this can be resolved in a simple manner. This proves to be impossible (and perhaps some of ZedEx gets involved in the entire thing) and peace talks are off the table soon enough.

Delinius knows that he cannot sit pretty and hope to be left alone, and so instead chooses to further the moderate technology that's available to him. A lot of it is outdated or otherwise not on par with conventional things, but the money he puts into development suddenly puts him in a much better position. To top it off, while he doesn't have that large of an army, said army consists almost entirely of people with at least decent magical ability. Due to the fact that there are not only Dwinians (with both followers of the Creation Trio as well as unassorted deities and a few people who have their magical ability by nature), this makes for a beautiful variation of skills that is equally dangerous to fight against.

The initial fights would see some of the homes of Mavus' inhabitants demolished by the government's attacks and they even manage to reach up to the palace... and then the Archlight decides to lose his temper, rendering all enemies in roughly 4 miles around the place little more than ashes. His army then drives back the Ludusian government's forces and even gets across to one or two points on other continents where said forces came from. This pattern would come to be slowed down and eventually result in a trench war on Helc and some kind of guerilla warfare in the swamplands of Faeric. Neither front really moves in any direction and the only thing it results in is the death of many people.

ZedEx involvement (?)

-50 ATC/-35 ATC 

It's possible that ZedEx and its protagonists get involved here and convince both sides of the conflict to stop fighting for a moment. A meeting with the Archlight would be planned, and they would find him to be far from the tyrannical ruler pictured by the Ludusian government. Nevertheless, they believe him to be a dictator that needs to be dethroned - and Delinius simply laughs. "Why then is it, I ask thee, that I must be removed? You have no grounds upon which to stand in this debate, so I would ask kindly that you, as well as the Ludusian government, leave myself be and consider cooperation rather than subduing an innocent state. The various mishaps that happened with some of my fellow Dwinians are arguably the fault of your intolerant laws, not theirs. How do I know that this is the reason for this war, you asked? I quite simply do.

With this as his final sentence, he lets them be escorted out, but this isn't executed as planned - these visitors then begin arguing whether or not it would be best to fight him. (Sidenote - if Team Desmin is involved in any of this, perhaps Desmin would be quite conflicted about the situation, what with being a Dwinian). The Archlight then irritably sees to it that they exit personally or be evaporated where [they] stand.

Of note, Mavus and the Ludusian government eventually come to an agreement that leaves the former mostly independent, but with some things being in the hands of the latter. This displeases Delinius mildly, but he considers it the best solution.


-35 ATC/-20 ATC 

Things between Mavus and the rest of Ludus become tense after a heated discussion between law enforcers from outside of Mavus with their local counterparts about rulebreaking when it is done due to religion, and this sparks debates, riots and further escalations until Delinius, Archlight of Mavus decides that this is enough disharmony. He uncrowns himself - taking with him several artifacts as well as his old clothing - and disappears from sight completely.

He proceeds to the great Desert and is known to have built a house there, in fact not far from the place it would've been in on other timelines. Going by Delinius Lessing, he eventually starts a deli store in Steckenberg using the limited capital he can muster from his personal bank account. Irony puts his front window right where the ZedEx building is clearly visible. The reason that the first name Delinius isn't suspicious is that the name has gained moderate popularity across Ludus for various reasons, and so he is just one of the many Delinii.

The mysteries of Delinius' Deli

Date unknown

Though nobody knows where the mysterious and quiet deli owner came from or what his history is, they all enjoy the fairly exotic menu that's served at a modest price. Customers come and go, but one peculiar woman always comes not only to eat, but also to talk with him, always trying to learn about his past.

This would be one Helen Des, and she isn't what she seems either - being employed by The Maintenancekeeper as well as being a fairly adventurous time-traveller (and a follower of Chronos). She eventually manages to peel the many layers of THE ONION this strange man away to find that which she was looking for all along: the Archlight. With this out of the way, she then also tells about herself before getting to the main point, which is restoring him to power. The both of them then proceed with spreading some stories that the Archlight is still alive and intends to return soon - sparking peaceful but urgent demonstrations planet-wide, even after this long (assuming it is quite some time later). The Ludusian government would deny such rumours but lack the ability to provide a better answer, because they simply don't know either despite having made efforts to locate him.

A covert manhunt is started for the former Archlight in order to imprison him or at least stop him from returning to Mavus, and public announcements are to make clear that the Archlight is not going to return. A group of Dwinian students (with a slight hint of anarchy in their motives) then stirs up commotion by burning a police vehicle while yelling something about freeing the Archlight and how the government is holding him captive. While that isn't true, it does set off a chain reaction of demonstrations, eventually turning Steckenberg into a great mess and making things really unpleasant for everyone. Said mess then quickly spreads to the rest of Ludus, most heavily on Mavus (and to a lesser extent Faeric). In this chaos, Delinius' Deli is spontaneously closed. A stealthy Archlight then makes his way back to Mavus with some help from Helen, and reveals his identity... only to be arrested because law enforcers (not Dwinian) decide that the man is a hoax. They come to regret it.

An Archlight's Wrath

Everything related to the Ludusian government is expelled from Mavus (and subsequently, a similar series of events takes place in Delinius' place of birth). Fire extinguishers as well as high-pressure hoses prove insufficient to calm everything down, but physical violence is only like oil to the fire. Delinius lets this situation proceed for some time so as to see what will pass, until he is pleadingly contacted about the situation by diplomats. By then, everything on Mavus is quite calm again - and the same cannot be said for many other areas. Eventually, the Archlight believes the anarchy has taught the government enough of a lesson and travels to Steckenberg in person to halt the massive riots, starting by extinguishing one of the distribution offices of ZedEx (which was about to succumb to the many flames of angry Dwinians and other riot-goers.

"My dear Dwinians, cease your fights and extinguish those motor vehicles that you have set ablaze. It is time to seek harmony once more, thus sayeth I. In nomine Dwinnaei, pacem ferte. They will not punish you; they shall not punish me."

Though the last sentence is not agreed upon by many, this become the de facto situation - although the damage and losses caused on both sides are made up for under the influence of the Archlight. Said influence also wipes every discussion about his authority cleanly off the table. Curiously, however, he sees to it that everyone not Dwinian is punished for any crimes and damage as they "have no legitimate reason to have commited atrocities against the peace of society". Many of these people would then be sentenced to work on repairing the damage of the public disorder across Ludus.

Some people come to fear the Archlight; some hate him. A great deal of people respect him, however, which forms the base for a stable peace between Mavus under the Archlight and the rest of the planet under the Ludusian government.


  • Initially Delinius would leave, set up his shop for some time, then come back only to grab a few things.
  • Obviously a timeline where he has one of the most significant roles imaginable - capable of both causing and ending a global riot. Important? Very.
  • Some discussion happened about moving certain other stories to this timeline, which would have been possible and also have made this story arc native to the Iota timeline.


Caution is advised when attempting to reach the remains of our home timeline. It doesn't conform to our understanding of time, or any sort of logical flow for that matter. 

-The Maintenancekeeper, asked by Helen if he would go and try to go back to the Wau timeline if it was viable.

Not that much is known about the Wau timeline's events. Although many characters known to be of significance exist and have somewhat similar function, Ludus' society is everything but orderly due to an unusual concentration of time magic (mostly not of the Chronostian kind) leading to timeline shenanigans and paradoxes. Though Delinius is confirmed to have been born in -202 AEQ, it's impossible to determine the exact flow of time as he himself presumably went through at least several time travels as early as his 9th birthday. It seems he grew up as a fairly independent and adventurous individual, but also someone who tries to fix a few truly strange and dangerous anomalies in time - taking up the Chronostian belief age 16 and thinking Chronos would not be displeased if he tries to patch up the flow of time a bit. After some time, he is blessed with additional Chronomancy and power in general by the deity, and given the title of The Maintenancekeeper. This would serve him well alongside the various devices he develops to detect and alter temporal distortions and anomalies.

Dynasty of the Submachine

Date unknown

Delinius happens to run into a "somewhat shy figure with strange orange horns of some sort" - Hankvi Guidza, who knew of his own past through several time-travelling friends. Delinius becomes good friends with him and learns of his past through several ways as well, possibly being one of the few people who is allowed a gaze into Hankvi's project - the Submachine.


102 AEQ(?)

Things go horribly wrong on what Delinius describes as "the edge upon which our timeline's development unfolds" and tries to warn as many people as he can about it. Oddly enough, only a few of his close friends listen to this. Among these would be Hankvi as well as one Helen (that same woman who convinces the Archlight to return to his former glory), and The Maintenancekeeper recieves some kind of vision inspired by Chronos, and gets to know that he may escape from the timeline if he wishes so - something of a reward for his hard work. Hankvi, however, chooses to go down with his machinery, passing both his journal and some last words to Delinius - above all, Karma sucks.

The Maintenancekeeper's fortress of Artemus

Date undeteminable

Due to the Separ not really being bound to regular timeline sense, it's not possible to determine a specific absolute time from my understanding.

The Maintenancekeeper arrives, along with a few others, and manages to set up a self-reliant fortress that houses him, Helen and a number of others who would in part end up living across the planet itself - though Helen continues work as the assistant of the Maintenancekeeper.

Sidenote: He has a certain amount of animosity towards Mercuron stopwatch-twelve for whatever reason - even though he considers the other LATs colleagues.


Delinius is pretty screwed on this timeline and decides to ritually combust - which does literally nothing.


Delinius becomes known as "Angry Criminal-Roasting Crimefighter" and has a highly violent group of crime fighters who don't arrest but outright kill and oftentimes torture criminals, the latter usually with fire and in many cases not necessarily to interrogate them.


Kuipter Zeronius succeeds in conquering Ludus and begins experimenting on its population.

Resistancce attempts

Delinius does not quite appreciate the defeat of his friends and tries to pull together a defense force. He fails simply because nobody believes in him. It's known that he was warned of both the Reckoning and the things Kuipter intended by the Maintenancekeeper, but he didn't listen carefully and merely sought to sabotage Kuipter's facilities.

Caught but not captured

In hopes of stopping at least some experimantation, Delinius tries to infiltrate one of Kuipter's facilities... and is caught doing so. Knowing that it's the end of the line anyhow, Delinius then remarks at the Dark Matter workers and/or mutated subjects (possibly including a protagonist or two?) that the flame shall burn one last time, and blows himself up just like on the Theta timeline. This time, however, he managed to blow up and severely damage a bunch of instruments and devices, which would prove somewhat tedious to repair and replace.


Lazro retroactively replaces Taku as the Emporer. Timeline is actually not free to append things to, so all of this is theory.

Master of Propaganda

Although vaguely feeling like something is off, Delinius came to act as Lazro's head of PR. When rebels known as the Diamond Defenders rise up, he initially sees a bunch of traitors. His vague feeling of wrongness is then finally explained by them, and he is convinced to join their cause.

The Slanderer

Throughout the next time, Delinius goes from subtly altering the many propaganda messages in favour of Lazro to aid the Diamond Defenders to turning the government press into a slandering machine of Lazro - operating from an underground location that changes at irregular moments and thus making it nigh-impossible for Lazro to stop it no matter how well he ordered for searches and how hard his IT specialists tried to block access to the government media servers and whatnot - with Delinius having a number of inside cons that render these attempts futile.

I'm not just another rebel!

Eventually caught for the Mass Rebel Execution, Delinius seems unwilling to be offed as just another rebel and makes a daring escape attempt for his life. To everyone's and his own surprise, he survives this and lives to tell the tale. He would eventually end up on Artemus, and meets his Wau counterpart in person - The Maintenancekeeper. The two would exchange talks on this occasion and Mu!Delinius would tell The Maintenancekeeper to let no record of this reach another timeline - knowing that his slandering role isn't exactly a very good one.


  • I'm not sure if this was ever implied as being otherwise, but a certain being informs the Diamond Defenders of their purpose on Artemus. While it would certainly be a curious thing for The Maintenancekeeper to do, I figure he makes an exception from his usual Delinius-only actions because there's a whole population of rebels on 'his' planet in Separ and he does sort of care to keep continuity going even if only for the sake of the relevant Delinius.


Delinius spends a lifetime fighting the Nazcans - though never becoming a Soul Flame - and eventually dies age 55 during a large repression attack by the Nazcan hivemind. The trend of a self-combusting Delinius continues here, but not without having put no less than four children on the world to continue his legacy.


-202 AEQ

Delinius is born under the full name of Delinius Maxwell Langton and has an older brother - something completely different from all other timelines. Said brother has the name of Linsus, which is apparently confused with Delinius' name due to the way abbreviating often works. Due to this, Delinius would quite soon choose to go by Maxwell instead of Delinius.

Up to -53 AEQ

A lot of Maxwell's life seems fairly similar to Saga - with the sidenote that Langton Incorporated's real estate was turned into a high-end complex and Maxwell did not make the mistake of killing a Sanford-lookalike - instead being banished from his own works by all of his staff for a trivial dispute. Maxwell shrugs it off surprisingly well.

Bax, Zax and Max

-53 AEQ

Maxwell joins Isles & Quint fairly quickly after its founding and proves of great value, not only because he's quite the hard and creative worker, but also because he tries to actively think of ways to improve the company. As well, he seems to be on great terms with Hankvi... but not just because of similar work ethic, seeing as he has little contact with Masa aside from casual talk. What the reason for this is remains to be seen, though romance would be dubious and unlikely to succeed if it was the reason.

Lumen Limited

Date undetermined; -44 AEQ?

Being a great help to Isles & Quint is fun - but Maxwell still finds himself left with a lot of spare time (what with being quite efficient in the 3 shifts of 4 work hours on a regular day, with an hour's break in between each) and so comes to found a small company specialised in the recycling of various lights (and later also production on a small scale), dubbed Lumen Limited for its fitting name as well as the allitteration this makes.


  • Maxwell was originally going to be an offshoot descendant of Delinius who would be a great industrial and do good things for Ludus. While the latter was unconsciously moved over to Gamma Delinius, Maxwell Langton was dug up from one of the many subpages and made into a somewhat detailed alternate-timeline Delinius.
  • As to Isles & Quint, perhaps Maxwell ends up being of enough significance in the early days of the company that it would instead be called, Isles, Quint & Langton (IQL) or any other order of the three names. Bax, Zax and Max would come to be a running gag as well, in that case.


A timeline created simply because some things were never meant to be placed in places and could not be placed elsewhere due to already-existing plans. Well, technically. As we all know, the Pi timeline was a somewhat undemocratic act of me to claim, though I believe I've made it clear that it's quite open to additions - though I no longer believe that such would be necessary (ahem, Saga timeline). Not everything is set in stone for this timeline yet.

Delinius, solver of problems

The majority of Delinius' life is as it usually is - and this time Langton Incorporated was formed as early as -144 AEQ and proceeds to exist as just a pretty good-natured and closely-knit community for long after its original purpose (refuge for aliens and magicians) is obsolete. The Delinius of this timeline would be associated with Isles & Quint at the least and presumably be an employee, though of a different kind than usual. Rather than being the great document administrator who seems to be responsible for both archival and deletion of said documents, Delinius is the employee of the kind that does a certain amount of hands-on work in the department of disputes, specifically revolving around pet creatures.

The Langton Team

-70 AEQ

It is known that both Ina and Maltus managed to travel forward in time to reach Delinius, and the three form a team of sorts. Normally, Delinius does his work at I&Q and the occasional teaching once a week, Ina works as a librarian at some educational institute and Maltus the slow one generally spends his days making all kinds of mechanical objects. Although initially all living in Delinius' mansion, Ina and Maltus soon get their own houses. Or rather, the mansion is extended at ground level to have two new sections, each with completely independent everything - though the three often do things together either way. Curiously, both Ina and Maltus were granted highly extended lifespans to keep up with Delinius, apparently as a means to have three 'reliable' Langtons who could be entrusted with guiding the other ones in the right direction.

On a sidenote, this mansion expansion </allitteration> was not the only new building activity - a modest settlement develops a short distance away from Desertflame Mansion, initially with just a bunch of liberty-loving individuals but eventually attracting a number of distant Langton kin just as well. Maltus' mechanical contraptions and devices also find purpose with the people in the nearby place being quite happy with mechanical things they can repair themselves.

Mail invasion

Date undetermined

Things go quite well for Isles & Quint as well as Delinius personally, until a bunch of strange mail-spraying creatures cause mayhem in Steckenberg. Being renowned for being a good burner of papers, Delinius is requested to help deal with the onset of a literal spamflood. The entire deal escalates, and it quickly becomes clear all these mail-spraying/dropping/blowing/creating pets are not just randomly being sent out - someone with a plan is behind all of this. Things get very strange upon the confrontation with the mysterious and elusive Postbringer, and even stranger in Delinius' battle with said figure. No spoilers were made.


Gridmasks and Splationians both live on Ludus (Squareheads and Roundheads, presumably). Delinius marries a Splationian and this resulted in children. As well, he is known to have had a normal lifespan and died in -114 ADC - aged 88 with no less than 12 grandkids.

On a sidenote, I might write something about them at some point, but this will be postponed until the time when I've finished other plans and projects.


The realm of SFANB (and SDANB). Delinius (Either Mage or Heir of Light) is apparently a sub-sessional player, though I am unsure what he'd be doing at the time.


Dammit I lost most of my sleep one night over the results of the Upsilon timeline theme in the Unused Music Track Library

Delinius has a base orbiting the star Lux and probably has some kind of Delta-based symbol on his suit. Said suit is excellent at flying but not too spectacular in other areas.


Delinius Rupert "RavingFireball" is very, very good at burning things. Cravolca, Splinterford (actually not really), ice cream vendors? You name it and he will probably burn it if it's against him. Being 'Master of the Burrito', he is known to spontaneously conjure them at will for various purposes.

Being a fan of Muertween and Chanukwanzaa, Delinius tends to fool around, often bothered by the various mishaps that will always ensue in the progress. He doesn't need to do much more for Muertween than brandishing his axe, putting on some torn clothes and a scary face - and the old days of the axe-wielding people-crippling Delinius relive. Unfortunately for him, this will sometimes result in the local law enforcement thinking that some deranged individual has been set loose, which then requires Delinius to explain everything again. And again. And again again. And again again again again again- *bludgeoned to death*

Though really unhappy about the cold season, he's always there on Chanukwanzaa. He was even there when he wasn't featured in the story. You just didn't see him because you didn't look. HE WAS THERE ALL THE TIME LOLOLO- He's a pretty good singer and wrote his own carol, which didn't end in very fortunate results. He also hates Splinterford and will do everything to ban that damn asshole from existence forever even though he definitely will not return.

Sidenote: No misprints. There is no burrito, no Splinterford and finally there is no spoon. There never really was any pumpkin, and the cake that was a lie was merely an illusion. I will not be contributing anything to a Chanukwanzaa story either .



The being known as The Ireful resides here, primarily protecting his ancestral deity Dwin from the many strange things that are there. As well, he really loves burning things. Like all the peasants the entirety of Greytown, which he did once. It was undone for some reason, though.


"Why yes, I simply deliver your post!"

He should never have existed in the first place. It was impossible in theory. However, some things don't exactly work out like they are in theory when your timeline is hardly a line.

"I believe it to have been my own mistake, as well as the fault of Ariadne Minoid and her cursed time-weaving." Ariadne is technically not female, you dummy

It's a loophole that was inadvertently utilised, and now there's this. You can't kill him, but you can't really let him live either. Quis est? Who knows...

Generic info

  • Generally speaking, Delinius' life ends up either spanning hundreds of years (Alpha/Beta(?)/Gamma/Delta/Wau/Iota/Omicron/Pi/Rho(?))or ending within a Gridmask's average lifespan (Theta/Kappa/Nu).
  • Leonard Essington is consistently used as a pseudonym for exactly 4 months by all instances that experience a witch hunt.
  • The number 9 for Dwineanism and the number 44 for Delinius aren't chosen very specifically:
    • 9 came to be due to a drinking glass at home having a 9-sided bottom surface.
    • The origins of 44 as a number are obscure to me; presumably I chose it for some reason.

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