Back to main reference page. A general reference work for Delinius on various timelines.

See also here, which contains more dates as well as more details to some events (though not all of them).

[Αα] Alpha timeline

  • Alpha- The 'first' or 'pioneer' timeline, back from before the concept of timelines was introduced in the first place. Closed from further additions and edits until further notice. The 'original' timeline that contains many past works that might not fit very well with the current times, but that doesn't quite bring enough pressure to get anything done just yet.
  • Delinius technically doesn't have any canonical roles on Alpha, other than being an employee of LDZX.

FanBoons1 Saga timeline

  • Meant to boot the old storytimeline up, but with the removal of a lot of outdated/unwanted content.
  • Though everything here is only in theory, there's an actual chance it's regarded as canonical at some point. Delinius is slightly more active during the many battles and disasters after -53 AEQ.


  • Before the split of the timeline, Delinius is still out of sight for the most part, either still running from paranoid Ludusians or on Auzos trying to keep a bunch of refugees together.
  • Interaction with other protagonists begins with his return to Gredile, not long after the Press Storm has subsided as he joins I&Q. Although initially viewed with some scepticism by several people - possibly by all the figureheads of the company - he becomes a great employee and eventually gets appointed as 'handler of legal affairs' or something similar. While part of this involves incinerating papers that form some kind of problem to the company, it also comes down to going out there and physically dealing with angry/illegally operating/stealing/etc. people who are just being a bother to I&Q. That his function as 'paper burner' is most commonly known (and sometimes used as an excuse to not deal with something, as we've seen now) is just an unfortunate happening that goes along with his reputation, as well as an incident that is not discussed by anyone. In the event someone does, Delinius will simply remind them that "the boarded drawer in [his] desk is still firmly closed, and thus with it this discussion". Why this drawer in his desk, which is indeed firmly boarded up with a wooden board and no less than 44 nails, nobody really knows. (Only 4 of these nails are large enough to be visible at any distance, for the sake of consistency with existing artwork.)
  • For the most part, Delinius doesn't really get involved with world-saving on the Saga timeline. He is mainly concerned with the safety of the corporate HQ itself and considers that enough for him - deeming his associates "better equipped to save this planet" than himself.


  • On the Unaltered/Doomed timeline, he is forewarned by the Maintenancekeeper of the arrival of the Reckoning, some 8 years before it occurs (-50 ADC/AEQ).
  • Knowing this, Delinius subtly begins to alter his work schedule to the point where he is only present at work 2-3 hours a day unless called in for specific reasons - although he gets a surprising amount of work done in the little time he's there (and also does part of his work at home). With this extra time, he works on the reinforcement of his mansion in a special fashion, making it so that the reinforced part only becomes active with the pulling of a lever. In addition, he stockpiles a few rations (a few due to being able to produce food to some extent within his home (the attic is suitable for use as a greenhouse with some effort). More important to him is stocking up things like steel beams, base ingredients for concrete and asphalt, etc.
  • The reason he does this is that he doesn't know how long the Reckoning will take, only the approximate time at which it will happen. This was deliberately omitted by his timeless counterpart for the sake of novelty.
  • Having prepared his mansion, Delinius now has a stockpile of everything, weapons and a highly advanced suit of armor - reminiscent perhaps of a cyborg suit, minus the cyborg part and at the very least equally advanced. Although heavy, it still allows him to run - running for a large part on the (Magical? Auric?) energy of Delinius himself, as well as gaining some back from all the light, heat/fire and explosions that enemies might provide him with. With all of this, he calmly returns to business as usual as far as that was possible in the first place...
  • ... Except for possibly a forced vacation to Universe City (Lazarus -51) in the rewrite of that one story, in which he probably makes his first 'canon' appearance together with the other protagonists, which features Chrysalis, a disturbed Dictator and the unusually sharp observations of Delinius. Afterwards, he decides to get a little more productive and apologises for his absent state with "I had certain... family-related issues that needed to be addressed. Forgive me." All is forgiven...?
  • Until the Reckoning takes place, starting with an unhealthy weather forecast of meteor showers. A meteor strikes his mansion- that is, it slams onto the subtle but resilient 'bubble' that envelops it. Following this, Delinius activates his immense home defenses, consisting not only of highly resistant plating that covers all the house, but also a trench, traps here and there and most notably turrets that shoot beams of highly concentrated light. All of this put together makes his house a hornet's nest best not touched upon - and so it remains.
  • Upon hearing that Steckenberg in particular is under attack, he sets course there (and taking a massive risk by using the Navigation Tablet to travel there in one go, which just happens to land him right in front of his workplace). All of these things pass in less than an hour - he spends the remainder of the Reckoning fueled by rage as well as any combustions/fires the enemies decide to put down - as both things allow his suit to recharge its magic-based energy core. Soon after arriving, he witnesses Hankvi's death by meteor (or perhaps hears it shortly thereafter). Not so much shocked, but highly infuriated by this, Delinius brings forth a prolonged state of rage, allowing him to fight the invading attackers with his weaponry and magic.
  • The downside of so much rage-based action is that it leaves our unsung hero of the Reckoning with some stability issues. Upon meeting his coworkers and friends (and somewhat surprised to see Hankvi in one piece), the only remark he manages to pass from his mouth is a rather suggestive question: "Where have you been during this disaster? Safe, kept from harm inside bunkers and shelters? Yet, where was I, when Ludus needed protection? I was not. For the sake of this planet, I spent every bit of effort and energy I could to keep it from harm, just as you've done numerous times yourselves. I am not disappointed, nor mad. I am disgusted."
  • Bitter and deeply disappointed, he retreats into his mansion, with little contact afterwards - except for Hankvi, who is asked if he would be so kind to mind Delinius' written notes if he dies - which becomes important later when Delinius blows up himself as well as the TV studio in which he was being being interviewed. He becomes the Ethereal Saltflame and proceeds to enact 'vengeance' upon all users of necromancy and 'dark' magic. Eventually, 9 Dwinians manage to seal the Ethereal into Delinius' notebook, and they get to hand it to Hankvi.
  • When the Alternians invade, Hankvi would probably be contacted by Ina to see if the two could bring Delinius back from being not there. This succeeds and rids everyone of the evil personality of Saltflame... but Delinius has a creepy amount of pleasure while causing absolute hell for the Alternian army everywhere in the desert.


  • Things proceed differently on the Saved/Fixed timeline, where Delinius simply joins IQ and begins his work - with considerably less difficulty in adapting to life on Gredile. However, upon meeting Hankvi, he is surprised to discover that the Alternian not only knows his name, but also has a book of notes for him - which surprisingly resembles his own, but more worn and with an added enneagram around his 'typical' one. Hankvi might also note that "[the book] felt very uneasy in my hands - as if something wants to escape from it" - something all too true.
  • Delinius simply pockets the book and keeps it at home as a notable, although highly grim journal of a different past. One of the things he derives from this is preventing the never spoken incident mentioned on the Unaltered timeline from happening, although he cannot help but smile every time tables are the subject of a conversation, and might mutter "damnata mensa" - knowing what actually happened and what was contained in the secret drawer.
  • At 527 ADC/AEQ, Delinius becomes 729 years old (9×9×9) and ascends to demigodhood.
  • At 1000 ADC/AEQ, the RAD UNIFICATION happens and the Alpha-Unified timeline is formed - resulting in... not much, possibly, as the Unaltered iteration of Delinius is sealed inside a book. Then again, seeing as the two are quite close in a litteral sense, they might simply fuse, resulting in an unusually passionate Delinius who might do a lot more alley brawling than usual.
  • Assigned stories: None.

[Ββ] Beta timeline

The work of our lord and true saviour Carbonicrine Ludicrine and kept off-site so that it can be worked on in peace.

  • Unclear what Delinius' role is in this timeline, if any. If he does, great, and it'll probably be a typical background role. If not, also great. I'm looking forward to seeing it either way.
  • Assigned stories: None - this is Ludicrine's alley.

[Γγ] Gamma timeline

  • Occasionally attributed to myself and the line of Gamma stories, it was rather formed mainly by a key point in the life of Hankvi Guidza - his encounter with Issus. When forced into killing Issus, he instead makes an escape together with them - meaning he doesn't become the employee gog of forever.
  • Delinius travels to Auzos much earlier - 12 years before doing so normally. This makes Langton Incorporated much more sturdy, lasting 86 years. Unfortunately, this results in most of Ivinopia as well as even some internal figures to question Delinius' course. The result of these changes is that Langton Incorporated is 're-migrated' to Gredile, not because Delinius himself has made a major mistake but because half of Ivinopia has at least a few people that would like to see Delinius and residents very dead. Because Delinius knows better than to show up in public on Gredile - having heard a number of tales about him through the few people that make it to Gredile and back.
  • Having purchased a sufficiently large building under a pseudonym, Delinius sets the migration plan in motion. Rather than going out in the open to guide everything, Delinius leaves the migration itself up to his staff while he and a few others begin roasting the loving hell out of the various militant groups that want to destroy Langton Inc. For some reason, one of them thought it to be a good idea to throw an inflammatory projectile at Delinius.
  • Not all is well however once I&Q catches wind of the deal. They discover that it's the work of Delinius and believe it has to be stopped because they only know massively overdone stories about both Delinius and his refugees. A moderately annoyed Delinius now makes his way to Steckenberg, where he deploys a multitude of tactics he's practiced on the many hate groups around Langton Inc. in order to disrupt the actions being taken to stop his migration plans, most of which involve the usage of fireworks. Fireworks? Yes, a lot of them.
  • This allows his migration plan to work out, but he now has to duke it out with Isles & Quint. It eventually leads to a grand brawl that is taken to a restaurant in the end. There, Delinius, Lyka and Ariadne choose to make a clever escape - leaving I&Q as well as the government coughing in the smoke of a pile of fireworks. They go into hiding for a while.
  • Langton Incorporated on the other hand, as much as it was completely hauled over to Steckenberg, loses its purpose and its residents fan out across lands far and wide where they prove valuable assets. The buildings themselves slowly become an empty husk. As well, a number of researches carefulle poses the idea that Delinius is not that guilty and criminal.
  • Delinius can finally emerge, and is invited to see his hard work pay out. Its final day consists of a large party where Delinius is presented with the result of his hard work - the collective funds that were never quite spent entirely throughout the years. All this money just... happens. And Delinius doesn't really know what to do with it just yet, aside from building a palace mansion for himself and Lyka - though this one's actually significantly bigger and has more splendour than usual and is located at the coast of the large bay (Submarine series) west of Steckenberg. It's still located in the desert.
  • After this, Delinius ludicrously decides to begin an industrial business during an interview - Sunrise Industries is born, and within the year Delinius has not only gotten all the paperwork done, but also has a location, employees and basically everything settled. Beginning as a manufacturer of lightbulbs and later the corresponding lamps (table lamps, bed lamps, floor lamps, floating lamps, magic lamps , etc.) - eventually producing a wide range of appliances. This, combined with a good price/quality ratio, fair salary for employees and forgiving working schedules, accidentally puts a few companies out of business largely or entirely - possibly angering a number of people who invested into said companies. Delinius is questioned about it in an interview when one company CEO remarks that "the Langton doesn't seem to understand the rules of business".
  • Upon hearing the question whether or not he deliberately aims to become the biggest manufacturer and/or put other companies out of business, he shakes his head. "Had these companies paid attention to the changes to the playing field, they could have adapted and kept their positions - the fact that they did not is simply because none of your affluent aristocrats expected this lowly man to succeed." Without giving his interviewer a chance to inquire further, he adds: "Why, they were quite wrong in thinking so - I know for a fact one of them carried a Langton in the chain of command, and he performed his task well beyond average expectations, for we are of a modest but dilligent and noble lineage. Had they specifically decided to take this into account, they could have expected some degree of success from me, and thus prepared their business strategy accordingly." He speaks no further.
  • Finding himself doing quite well, the first batch of lightbulbs is shipped off by train a little further away - beyond the desert and to the mountains. After giving a short explanation, he and Lyka walk off in the cold season to enjoy some time together and-
    • -instead find themselves fighting users of icy magic with a rather chilling performance. Uncharmed, Delinius fights back and tries to fend them off. Both of them hold it for quite some time, but eventually are sent sinking to the ground from sheer exhaustion - being outnumbered quite badly. Lyka is dragged away and subdued, while Delinius tries to prolong the fight with the leader of the group by axe. Eventually, he sinks to his knees and cannot do much more. Instead of a quick execution, he is taunted and poked here and there by a mocking figure. He seems to take it quite calmly, until he senses a chance at escape - and takes it by sheer rage. Expecting this attack to be somewhat coordinated, he doesn't linger to make sure the bad ones are well and truly finished and instead locates his motorcycle. Lyka climbs on the back and off they ride, increasing their speed once they spot a number of strikingly similar attires in the traffic.
    • Through the streets of Steckenberg they race, with Delinius performing dubiously daring and dangerous moves, which alitterates beautifully, rendering the pursuants stuck in traffic or crashed into it. Delinius and Lyka escape.
    • For the time being, they don't hear of any of it - these chilling attackers seem to have vanished. They forget about it for the most part, assuming it will be a one-off after the rather disastrous results for the attackers. Delinius, finishing the workday at the end of the week, decides to take a walk through the surrounding streets and lets his mind drift as he proceeds...
    • ... then bumps into 2 figures he has not met before - a purple-blooded troll and said troll's clockwork partner. All three are sprawled across the pavement, with Delinius being the first to recompose himself and apologising. Hankvi and Issus remain fairly awestruck, to Delinius' confusion. Not only is this due to the many scary tales about the Soul Flame, but also due to a notable difference in height - Delinius being 16 cm/6½ inches taller than Hankvi, and Issus being a little shorter than Hankvi - and thus making Delinius seem even more intimidating to the two. In order to close the evident distance, he states his harmless intentions and defaces some of the scary tales of Delinius Rupert Langton, although quite surprised to see "one [he] thought had surely died during the era of witch-hunting by paranoid Ludusians" - which he does not mention. Despite the mysterious aura that seems to surround him (with an auric smell of an uncommon type of hot sauce), Hank befriends Delinius as "a g[][]d j[]e"; Issus seems to remain slightly more reserved - possibly having witnessed a battle between Delinius and pursuing Gridmasks (in which none of them actually die: they're left pretty broken in the end, Delinius having an almost savage way of retaliating due to the prolonged strain of running and fighting.)
  • One way or another, both Hankvi and Issus find a good friend in Delinius, who also has the makings of a great plan once he hears of their need for income - what with having a child and needing to raise it, possibly. With "a brilliant idea of some degree", he offers Hankvi the position of 'Head of Maintenance', a task he's been handling himself at the moment. The primary focus of the job isn't to deal with the actual maintenance - that part can mostly be left to its own devices - but the exploration of the basement floors of the building. Adventure guaranteed? Who knows.
  • An unusual event takes place at some point - a large full-blown assault is launched on the building of Langton Incorporated. Delinius (and, by chance, Lyka) being present, they both begin fighting it out with the invaders - with Hankvi perhaps also being there and joining in. Although massively different in their fighting styles, perhaps the two axe-wielders plus one's partner might find a synergy - Delinius and Lyka taking care of all that which cannot be dealt with by a slower Hankvi, whereas Hankvi might be entrusted with taking out some 'heavier' nastyfolks that appear.
  • After some evaluating with Hank(GuideDude), it has been decided that any further events on the Gamma timeline are to be left for a later date - this being due to his absence for the majority of the coming years.
  • Assigned stories:
  • The Incredubious Industrial

[Δδ] Delta timeline [ZedEx/Desmin/Demoralic/The Archlight]

  • With Teteoh never influencing Zaion to become Blackspell, there isn't so much as a whisper about a monster plague. As well, Hankvi is not born and instead is born as the red-blooded Desmin. Demoralic comes to be from Mori being cursed by Satan, leading Desmin & co. to try and find a solution to this.
  • Delinius, on the other hand, never leaves far from his home - only going through the same events up to the age of 20, when he is suddenly called to Mavus due to fullfilling a certain prophecy- ahem, plan by a certainother Delinius, and is coronated as Archlight, a title that makes him influential above all else. Though questioned by some older figureheads of Mavus, the young Archlight more than proves his capabilities when tasked with renovating the large palace belonging to him - said palace having last been changed in any way 150 years ago. He redesigns much of the exterior as well as some of the furnishings inside, deeming their "archaic value considerably less than the need for better furniture - more for the sake of others than my own".
  • Revered by his Dwinian subjects and now loyally supported by other Dwinian leaders, Delinius keeps a stable rule over Mavus and manages to bring it to quite some wealth - and yet being equally kind to everyone else... for the time being.
  • Eventually, the Ludusian government comes to take action against Mavus and a three-year war ensues. A temporary peace treaty allows for talks, and some agreement is made in the end, somehwat to Delinius' dismay as it's not in his favour. All of this is not enough, however, as more discord rises over some small matters. The Archlight is sick of all the fighting, uncrowns himself, leaves and sets up a deli in Steckenberg. His front window ironically looks out on the ZedEx building.
  • Of note, a Gridmask(?) by the name of Helen Des comes to play an important role after the fall of The Archlight's reign: she eventually finds him in his deli, convinces him to get working on returning to power and then helps him with it. As stories spread, all the Dwinians begin rioting and stirring up troubles across all of Ludus. Delinius is able to restore his rule and leaves Steckenberg in anarchy for just a little bit longer, because he feels it will serve them as a lesson.
  • In the end, people fear, hate or admire the Archlight, but any questioning of his authority is definitely off the table.
  • Assigned stories:
    • In Luce Ingente: Archlight of Mavus
    • Misunderstood: Downfall
    • Lux Tremenda: Restoration of the Archlight

[Εε] Epsilon timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Ϝϝ]Wau/Digamma timeline [Shredded timeline//ALGIDAS/Maintenancekeeper]

  • A timeline heavily influenced by Algidas and TIME MAGIC, which eventually causes the timeline to fragment into exactly a million pieces and resulting in its doom, possibly in 102 AEQ (due to the GNARLY THING)
  • Delinius of this timeline took on the title of 'The Maintenancekeeper' and escaped the timeline before it was shredded, fleeing to Artemus in Separ. From there, he exercises his mostly subtle influence on his other timeline iterations, rarely presenting himself physically and as himself anywhere... with a number of exceptions.
  • With him he brought Wau!Hankvi's Journal of the 623rd Dynasty of the Submachine and made sure it would end up in the hands of Alpha-Fixed Hankvi.
  • Assigned stories:
    • None - only this background info.

[Ζζ] Zeta timeline

  • Unused Greek letter, with the sidenote that "Z IS FOR ZUERA!" would be an unusual and interesting concept.

[Ͱͱ] Heta timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Ηη] Eta timeline [Etarnia/The Dictator wins]

  • Hankvi- eh, The Dictator succeeds in overtaking Alternia and names it Etarnia, because it will eternally be his, he deems.
  • May or may not influence Delinius (and Ludus in general) at all, other than perhaps conquering Ludus. In such case, Delinius would surely come to fight against him, together with other protagonists.

[Θθ] Theta timeline [Teteoh takeover]

  • Timeline in which the being Teteoh awakens and ascends to power - leading to the demise of everything and everyone on it.
  • Delinius tries to fight Teteoh and followers, but sees no other option than to perform a ritual self-combustion - only leading to mayhem and nothing bright.
  • His soul is sent to the afterlife, but gets a good ending?
  • Assigned stories:
    • None.

[Ιι] Iota timeline [The Finity]

  • Known as the Finity, Zachary is coronated as Emporer instead of Baxter (who is off with Nina). This causes crime rates to go up massively.
  • Delinius leaves I&Q to fight crime on this crimeline timeline, organising a band of anti-criminals.
  • Similar to Delta, Helen Des appears here, this time to combat crime with Delinius, though she also eventually leaves him be.
  • Assigned stories:
    • The Art of Phlogiston - A Manual to Magical Self-Defense

[Ϳϳ] Yot/Jott

  • Unused Greek letter.
  • Also a particularly irritating one whilst digging into the grammar of ancient Greek, as it has caused a flood of strange anomalies in verbs - and it must be learned.

[Κκ] Kappa timeline [Kuipter takeover]

  • Kuipter wins his battles and conquers Ludus.
  • After the defeat of the protagonists fighting Kuipter, Delinius stands up and tries to draw up some kind of defense and resistance force - having been absent from the battles with Kuipter. This fails mostly due to his less-than-undisputed status, and forces him to abandon ship and hide. Sought by Kuipter, he hopes to impede any "cringeworthy experiments not even rightfully executed on the vilest of criminals, but rather by the vilest of criminals", by infiltrating one of his facilities - and is caught. Unwilling to be subjected to any experiment, he blows himself up and takes down a good chunk of the place as well as a few pieces of technology that cannot be replaced. In the end, however, this does little.
  • Assigned stories:
    • None.

[Λλ] Lambda timeline

  • A timeline in which Julius, an ancient Gridmask, made his way to Ludus. Timeline under authorship of JWDD.
  • Assigned stories:
    • None by me.

[Μμ] Mu timeline [Lazro for Emporer?]

  • Lazro takes Taku's place as Emporer - resulting in a poorly governed Ludus.
  • Not being part of the Diamond Defenders means that Delinius is mostly unaware of Lazro's 'misplaced' position - instead having become some kind of PR manager for him. When the first signs of rebellion occur, Delinius simply sees traitors until he starts to realise that none of it makes sense - and contributes to the good cause by first subtly altering Lazro propaganda and later turning the vast propaganda apparatus into a slandering machine against Lazro.
  • Eventually caught for the Mass Rebel Execution after 48 hours of pursuit by Lazro's forces, but is unwilling to wait and just let himself be offed as "merely another one of those that try to correct this wrong state of things" - and thus makes a run (or rather a run-jump-teleport-duck-fly-etc.) for it. He survives to escape, but not without being quite injured and hurt.
  • No journal of his is passed on elsewhere, though his actions are recorded by the Maintenancekeeper.
  • On that note, perhaps the Maintenancekeeper informs the Diamond Defenders of their purpose once they arrive on Artemus. While this would be unprecedented (as he normally doesn't influence timelines outside of Delinius iterations), it seems logical.
  • Assigned stories:
    • Featured in the main storyline in a minor role?

[Νν] Nu timeline [Nazcan takeover]

  • Timeline in which the Nazcans succeed in conquering Ludus.
  • Delinius has to combat the Nazcans from an early age and winds up dying on 11/22/-148 ADC. He does succeed in passing the torch to his offspring and they bring forth children etc. Delinius' line of offspring continue to fight the Nazcan oppression for long after he has died.
  • Assigned stories:
    • None.

[Ξξ] Xi timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Οο] Omicron timeline [Yaldaboath/Maxwell]

  • The entity known as Yaldaboath comes to possess Mori on this timeline. On another note, Dragonkin survive long enough to interact with Gridmasks, possibly leading to new possibilities.
  • On the note of Dragonkin, perhaps Delinius' family interacts and exchanges information - and maybe this iteration of Delinius is part Dragonkin himself?
  • Delinius was born as Delinius Maxwell Langton and picked his second name as his preferred one.
  • Joining Isles&Quint very early on, Maxwell proves to be a creative worker and thinker who tries to contribute to the well-being of the company; possibly, he even becomes so important that the company is called Isles, Quint & Langton.
  • Assigned stories:
    • None.

[Ππ] Pi timeline ["Fire's very own line of stories"/Delinius, Solver of Problems]

  • Unlike Gamma, a timeline correctly attributed to myself due to the word for 'fire' being τὸ πύρ in old Greek. Its setting is functionally equal to Alpha, but its events are very different and a lot of supposedly outdated things that remain on Alpha don't exist here in the first place.
  • Delinius seems to play a slightly greater role on this timeline than is usual for him, notably considering the fact that he is still an employee at I&Q - albeit only when he is specifically needed, which is limited to 'legal issues', complaining customers and any form of undesirable fire happening within the building. This latter function extends beyond the IQ building as he occasionally gets called out to deal with fires as well.
  • Equally interesting is his status in public, which seems a mix between mild fear for him and slight reverence for the numerous times he deals with fire outbreaks.
  • Not all is well, however, as a strange iteration of himself brings an apocalypse of mail to the timeline. This has to be dealt with quickly and soon enough escalates as more strange creatures appear that are all proficient at spewing out, transporting or otherwise doing something with mail.
  • More could be said, but the culprit is eventually dealt with.
  • Assigned stories:
    • Return to Sender
    • The Great Mailman War

[Ϻϻ] San timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Ϟϟ] Qoppa/Koppa timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Ϙϙ] 'Archaic' Qoppa/Koppa timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Ρρ] Rho timeline [Splation-Ludus]

  • Splationians inhabit both Splation and Ludus in peaceful coexistence with Gridmasks (with Splationians being called Roundheads and possibly Gridmasks being Squareheads?)
  • Delinius marries a Splationian and has one or more children. That's about all I can think of.
  • Assigned stories:
    • None.

[Σσς] Sigma timelines [SFANB/SDANB]

  • SFANB (and by extension SDANB) take place here.
  • Delinius, the Mage of Light, inhabitant of the Land of Fire and Holes.
  • Assigned stories:
    • SFANB - at some point?

[Ττ] Tau timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Υυ] Upsilon timeline [Space Mechsuit AU]

  • An alternate universe in which protagonists (as well as antagonists?) are interplanetary space agents of sorts.
  • Delinius has a suit that allows for excellent flight and has a fairly large base orbiting Lux directly (rather than having it orbit Ludus or its moon); hence why he has a suit that facilitates flight.
  • Assigned stories:
    • None.

[Φφ] Phi timeline [Chaotic nonsense]

  • The timeline housing all nonsense in a surge of power from Chaos.
  • Delinius and burritos are a frequent combination, as well as high resistance to intoxication when drinking his own form of alcohol but drunk somewhat quickly from everything else - resulting in him babbling in languages described as 'Latin', which does not exist.
  • Assigned stories:
    • Desert Disasters; Birthday Boogaloo
    • Desert Disasters 2; Gotta Burn Them All; Atrocious Flamers Unite!

[Χχ] Chi timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Ψψ] Psi timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Ωω] Omega timeline

  • Conglomerate of roughly thirty somewhat similar timelines that contain very powerful versions of many characters. Inaccessible to most.
  • The Ireful lives here; he is mad and burns things.
  • Assigned stories:
    • Possibly a Chronicle of The Ireful?

[Ϡϡ] Sampi timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Ͳͳ] 'Archaic' Sampi timeline

  • Unused Greek letter.

[Ϸϸ] Sho timeline

  • Potential unused Greek letter.

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