To be fair, even I don't really know what I did there. All I know is that it left me in a mess afterwards. I want to leave my past as my past. If only a few people respect that, that's fine by me.


You fucking left me there! Do you know how scary that was, you idiot?

—Lyka, after some troubles.

Lyka Westwood
Female (she/her)
Birth date
Courier 17 -188 AEQ
Delinius - Love interest/partner
Known Nicknames/Aliases
Dearest disorganised dame
166 cm
64 kg
Pomegranate (#c64062) - Rings


Lyka Westwood is mostly known for being Delinius' girlfriend.

Story Lyka was born as a Gridmask to the relatively wealthy Westwood family, though said wealth had decreased due to many of them being lazy and only working 'for fun' rather than actually trying to make a living for themselves. Lyka was quite done with this and left for Hub City (this being quite a while back and maybe it was even Old Hub City at that time) and lived there by herself for some time. Presumably, she found a boyfriend of sorts at some point and got settled for a few years... until a rather shady voluntary experiment leads to a turbulent month in which she discovers that the experiment is an attempt to convert people to an odd cult [unspecified cult; potentially made to be the group surrounding Croburit Nefaskind]. Seeing as she really doesn't have interest in joining said cult, she attempts to escape and does so with the odd bonus of having attained the traits of a Soul Flame - despite remembering nothing about this from any point in time. [This implies that maybe the Blood Thief and his gang had something to do with it, but this is only implied and also leaves room for potential memory loss plot though that may be less desirable (Cobalt similarities).]

The unaware Lyka only proceeds her life for another five years before noticing that she isn't aging - which seems delightful at first but proves to be troublesome as she still chooses to age in appearance, much to the dismay of her boyfriend. The two break up (or rather she straight up leaves without so much as a notice) [This takes place in roughly -140 AEQ] and never truly meet again - though their paths do cross once later.

With the paranoia still being in full swing, Lyka's famed non-aging is soon considered suspicious and she has little choice but to run, discovering the magical ability that developed (or lay dormant) during the dubious cult dealings. It's not long before she meets more people that share her fate, and hears some of the stories regarding another Soul Flame, though their name doesn't quite stick in her brain. As with a lot of other people, she reacts with scepticism to the rumours about Auzos, but the difference is that it doesn't matter greatly in her case as she has moderate control over airflow and the weather to extent. Out of sheer hope and curiosity, she sets sail in a somewhat makeshift boat (and with a slightly too small amount of food for the journey). With decently smooth sailing and a rather empty stomach, she arrives on Auzos and finds her way to Ivinopia. She experiences the somewhat unfriendly attitude to strangers but manages to get by from day to day, until eventually hearing of an initiative to house refugees by one of said refugees. Interested, she checks it out.

Langton Incorporated

Shortly after being introduced to Delinius and his plans within an abandoned warehouse, she became good friends with him, also because of numerous things they had in common. At some point, Lyka came to develop romantic interest in Delinius, though he initially showed little in return. Eventually, however, she discovered Delinius felt just as much for her. The two then began their romantic relationship for quite some time.

[This amount of time varies; notably, it's extremely long on the Gamma timeline.]

Combat Info & Stat Spread

Stat spread

  • HP 51
  • ATK 25
  • MAG 62
  • DEF 51
  • SPD 32

Lyka has little to no physical attack strength and tends to be one of the last to land a hit, but has both magical power and the health and defense to make up for it.


  • Punch - A rather simple punching move. Does abysmal damage due to her low attack stat, but has a 10% chance to stun the target.
  • Gust - Magic that causes a sudden gust of wind. Deals low damage, but is guaranteed to hit all enemies by default.
  • Airflow - Can have a number of effects.
    • Sweltering Haze - Attacks that have a chance to burn have their chance increased by 10%.
    • Nauseating Air - All attacks have a 20% chance to poison.
    • Chilling Breeze - Has a 50% chance to slow everyone for one turn.
  • Storm Wind -
  • Kicker Wind - Thrusts a blast of air at high velocity. Hits a single target with 50% accuracy, dealing moderate damage with a 40% chance to stun.
  • Dire Storm - Unleashes multiple gusts of wind as well as various weather effects. Has a 60% chance to hit all enemies with the same damage as Gust, a 25% chance to slow all enemies in addition and 15% chance to also hit all enemies with lightning bolts, dealing moderate Thunder-type damage with 95% accuracy. Unlocks once Lyka's health goes below 30%, but has an increased chance to inflict its additional effects for every time it is used. Lowers the effectiveness of Fire-type moves by 35%.



  • Windproofed - Is 30% less likely to be inflicted with stun.
  • Lovely Langton - Speed stat increases by 20% whenever Delinius is in battle.
  • Disorganised Thinkpan - Takes 20% more damage from mind-based attacks, but is equally less likely to suffer confusion from all sources.



  • Lyka seems to be attached to Delinius due to his horrible sense for romance, among other things.
  • Though she is known to be disorganised, she does have some technological talents and can handle related tasks and subjects in an orderly fashion.
  • Her first name may have been inspired on an old brand of cameras, though the character's author doesn't quite remember.
  • Westwood, along with Essington, is a name referring to a race of beetles of the Delinius family and more specifically its place of discovery as well as the researcher who discovered said beetles.
    • Said reference was discovered long after the initial design of Delinius as a character.