My brother and I are two candles that must continue to burn and light more candles as we go. There's little more to our ridiculous lifespans than that, if you ask me.


Delinius is de facto dead - and I'm left behind with little more than his house and all the things in there. There's nothing left of the Ludus I knew.

—after the Reckoning

Ina Sybil langton

Ina portrait

Birth date
1/7/-209 ADC
Delinius - Brother

Maltus Langton - Cousin

Helena Julie Langton - Niece

Katherine Lucy Langton - Niece
Known Nicknames/Aliases
Horriblly-cooking Langton The Sibylla
164 cm
62 kg
Cashew (#ca3612) - Flames


Ina is the older sister of Delinius. Her pestertag is illuminateLiveliness.


Alpha timeline

Due to permission reasons, Ina does not have a canonical role on this timeline, other than being mentioned once or twice.

Saga-Unsplit Timeline

-211 AEQ - Upbringing

Ina was born in -211 AEQ as the oldest child of Caldeus and Mara Langton. Quite soon, it turned out she was not the brightest learner - leading to some disappointment until her younger brother Delinius was born. To make up for the disappointment, she looked after him wherever he went - and picked up enough wisdom while helping him with his education. In -191 AEQ, she came to play a role in the defending of Ludus along with her family, but is much less focused on fighting the Nazcans than she cares for the health of injured family members. As well, she tries to reduce the times when Delinius goes out to fight the Nazcans, though this is only somewhat successful.

It is known that, in feeling somewhat uncertain about the future, Ina came to turn to Chronos rather than following the family tradition of being a follower of Dwin.

-182 AEQ - Ludusian monster plague

Not long after the departure of Delinius, Gaia sent out hordes of monsters from the Separ realm to find and kill Blackspell in the form of Zaion. This had the unfortunate side effect of putting the blame of this disaster with the Ludusian Witches, as well as many aliens and magicians. At the time, Ina had been studying the art of Chronomancy more extensively and was able to save herself at the time when a mob of angry Gridmasks came to end her life (and that of her family) by travelling some 30 years forward in time. Arriving at that point, she then looked for any evidence that her brother had survived - knowing that he had gained an extended lifespan through becoming a Soul Flame. Ironically, she was recruited by a group of then-common haters of magic in order to replace a member who died at the hands of a certain infamous magician. After some inquiry, Ina discovered that this had been Delinius' doing, which led to her working dilligently in hopes of meeting him again. Several years later, she left the group after several conflicts with its leader and settles in Greytown, where she enrolled in local law enforcement for some time.

-161 AEQ - Prophecies

At some point in time, Ina took a month's holiday from work to travel to Mavus, where she spent a lot of her time reading the many old Dwinian manuscripts and documents contained in libraries (even though technically not being of the religion at the time). As well, a distant relative of hers seeks her out and comes to speak to her about a prophecy that had been spoken out concerning her. Its implications are that Ina's lifespan will be extended far beyond the usual reaches of a Gridmask, in order for a later purpose to be fulfilled for Dwin, despite her radically different path`, theorised to be a purpose that did not suffer or perhaps even gained from her conversion, as this relative assures her that it is in the interest of both her ancestral deity and the one she follows at the time. Ina accepts this, as well as the fact that she is one of two last surviving descendants of Antacitus Langton, the middle son of the first Langton in existence. With these things in mind, she returned home and resumed her work for some time until Separ monsters made it impossible.

- 143 AEQ - Jericho's campaign

Though it is unclear how exactly Ina found Jericho, it's known that she came to support his campaign quite soon, and revealed to her circle of friends that she was in fact a user of magic, along with many more supporters of the campaign. Among these supporters was also Delinius, though he soon disappeared due to his personal infamy rendering him more hated than the aliens and magicians that were the target of most angry Gridmaskian groups.

-60 AEQ

Saga-Doomed/Unaltered Timeline

Saga-Saved/Fixed Timeline

Saga-Unified Timeline

It is known that Ina came to experience a strange dream, after which she travelled to Auzos and attained the title of The Sibylla, referencing her second name. Arriving there, she retreated into the woods, where she offers those that seek her prophecies, although some question their verity because of how vague they are.

Beta Timeline

Gamma Timeline

Delta Timeline

It is known that Ina lived a normal life on this timeline, and died at 93 years old in -118 ATC.

Theta Timeline

Mu Timeline

Nu Timeline

Omicron Timeline

Pi Timeline

A timeline under authorship of Fire InThe Hole.

Considered the 'main' timeline for both her and her cousin Maltus, who also manages to reach the time in which Delinius resumes life on Gredile.

Rho Timeline

Upsilon Timeline

Phi Timeline

It is known that Ina does exist on this timeline, though it's highly uncertain what she gets up to, as rumours have her involved in widely different activities.

Omega Timeline

Appearance and Personality

Ina has long blonde hair and is a little shorter than her brother. She usually wears a pair of red boots, as well as varying shades of orange and yellow, often with some purple mixed in.

While appearing to be quite social at first, Ina will sometimes abruptly fall silent, often in the middle of a conversation. This odd quirk is usually passed off with a laugh, but seems to be the only outward sign that she remains quite occupied with the past, regardless of how distant it has become.


  • Delinius - Ina has a great bond with Delinius, having spent quite some time together in their early years. As well, the two seem very light-hearted around each other, possibly to help forget the loss of the rest of their family. However, it's know that she can have a bit of a moderating influence on her younger brother if necessary.
  • Maltus - Although the two don't extensively talk, Ina appreciates Maltus' presence and doesn't mind his slow manner of speech too much, sometimes innocently joking about it. She does, however, defend said slow manner to others whenever it is brought up.

Little is known about Ina's attitude towards other people, though she presumably has a reasonably open mind about others.

Battle Information

Typical to a Langton, Ina possesses high magical power, but severely lacks in attack strength. Her other stats are fairly balanced. Though her offensive moveset is made up of forms of magic and focused on fire-type moves, she also seems more focused on buffs and debuffs than damage.

Stat Trend

  • Health: 50
  • Strength: 26
  • Dexterity: 36
  • Magic: 80
  • Defense: 56
  • Agility: 52
  • Level: 37


    • Attack - Attacks with what is equipped.
    • Flame Bomb - Launches a concentrated ball of magic at enemies that bursts into flames on impact. Has only 45% accuracy, but will deal splash damage even when the initial attack misses. Has a 40% chance to inflict Burn and a 50% chance to cause Stun instead.
    • Scorching Heat - Increases the chance that attacks from her and allies inflict Burn by 25% for two turns. Can only be used every 7 turns (including the two turns it lasts).
    • Sunburnt - Has a 55% to inflict all enemies with Burn and deals minor Light-type damage. In addition, it may heal her or an ally for 4% of their health at a 10% chance. Takes 9 turns to recharge. Cannot be used while Scorching Heat is active.
    • Time Warp - Slows one enemy for the remainder of the battle. Can only be used once per battle.
    • Mindful Influence - Uses mind magic to one of two effects.
      • Delusionant - Deals minor Mind damage, but has a 70% chance to inflict Confusion on a single enemy. As well, it has a 10% chance to lower enemy evasion chance by 5% or increase their susceptibility to Light-type attacks by the same amount.
      • Illuminant - Deals minor Light damage and boosts accuracy for her and her allies by 10% for 4 turns. Has a 5% chance to either lower enemy accuracy by 10% for the same duration, cure all debuffs on one target, or increasing Ina's evasion by 15% for the next turn.
    • Solar Flare - Deals high Space- and Fire-type damage. Has a 20% chance to inflict Burn.
    • Dwinian Blast - Utilises Dwin's blessing to deal a very high amount of damage to one enemy, generally killing them and forcing Burn on all enemies. Requires a second follower of Dwin to perform and requires one turn to charge, counting for both their turns.
    • Pyrogenesis - Summons a number of ethereal creatures to the battlefield to attack with 1/9 of Ina's health pool.


    • Foldable Dagger - A weapon that appears to be a combination of a folding knife and a dagger. Passed on to her by tradition. Has a 35% chance of inflicting Bleed, but has only 50% accuracy.
    • Handgun - Simple nonmagic pistol with no apparent special properties.
    • Sunbird Dagger - given to her in the aftermath of a series of events. Increases the chance to inflict Burn by 30% when wielded. Also increases the health pool of creatures created using Pyrogenesis by 20%.


    • Dwineage - Grants high magic power and pyromancy. Is unaffected by sealing moves.
    • Sun Absorption - Absorbs 50% of fire- and light-type attacks. 40% more damage taken from ice- and freeze-type attacks.
    • Langton Brother - Increases attack by 30% when Delinius is present in the battle. Stat boost remains even when Delinius is incapacitated.
    • Vengeful Skill- If either Ina or Delinius are incapacitated in battle, the other will be able to use both of their attacks.


  • Similar to Delinius, Ina has two first names. Whether or not this is a trait of the entire Langton family is unknown, though it seems likely.
  • Though Ina travelled forward in time thanks to Chronos, this holds no significance for her magical abilities, which were developed before that time.
  • She can sing quite well, though this is not agreed upon by everyone.
  • Ina is supposedly very bad at cooking, despite many attempts by Delinius to teach her to cook.