You might not understand what this title is about, but it's tied to my intended revamping of the ~22 blogs and subpages I have containing reference material of various kinds. This is actually also a planning of sorts that will likely need bunping a dozen times for your convenience.


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      • /Reference material
        • /Dwin(ianism)
          • /??? [May end up having several subpages]
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          • /Detailed overview
        • /Timeline settings
        • /Potential plot
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Summary per page: Fire InThe Hole/Subpages

Acts as the large umbrella under which all the interesting stuff will be - though blog posts will retain names of their own.

/Reference material

Main page for reference work - and contains a few minor things as well (such as nZarro counterparts).


As the name would suggest, this page will contain all the reference works pertaining to Dwin and related religion. Is supposed to have at least two subpages (Artifacts and a timeline that might be storified and made a Saga... if that's how it works?). Will also include the Dwinian calendar I made a while ago.

/Timeline overview

Currently already exists as a blog, but will feature all the timelines as far as I'm able to tell and as far as plots/elements are confirmed/thoroughly planned.

/Detailed overview

Pirating its basic form from Hank's last Hia-logue, this will spruce up the information from the overview with some more dates and specific interactions. It will also be linked to from the Stories section page, due to its relevance.

/Potential plot

Ties in somewhat to the timeline overview and brings up several concepts and interactions that could be made a thing, but which really require some communication in advance for some reason. Because of that it will also be a blog page. Make sure you check this one on occasion!


Is the main page for stories, though some of these have yet to be written and will only have a listing here. The page will also contain upcoming story plans, if any. Check this one if you care to know what I'll be up to. Feel free to tell me if you feel something doesn't make sense.


Will be on the Gamma timeline instead of Pi, because it doesn't really fit with the intended theme coming up over there. Will be rewritten to reflect what happened on the Gamma timeline.

Langton Incorporated

This one's mostly done to the point where touching it further would harm it. I'll do a last check on it some time to make sure nothing feels cheesy or illogical, but that's it.

Back to the Mainland

Also nearing the point at which I shouldn't touch it, though I clearly remember there were a few things that need to be changed.

The Incredubious Industrial

Currently in progress - though actually it's a matter of posting the relevant edit (you'll see why).

In Luce Ingente - Archlight of the Mountain

Though this is the only story title I've said anything about, the Archlight's story arc will span more things, but that's for a later time.

The Art of Phlogiston

Iota timeline; either a self-defense manual or an actual story about Delinius fighting crime on the timeline.

Return to Sender

Introductory story to The Great Mailman War. A number of things will be slightly cleared up but not all shall be revealed. May or may not be published after aforementioned story.

The Great Mailman War

(See also here.)

Mysterious happenings involving mail pets and a strange situation once the truth becomes clear. Does not feature multiple instances of Delinius on one timeline. At all.


I'm sure I have more titles lying around to be used at some point. I'm a little busy getting everything organised, but more of those might appear here.


Page listing all the characters that are of my authorship; also contains a number of unassorted details and trivia.

/Interactions with Delinius

Brings an in-depth analysis of the interactions that happen between Delinius and other characters across the many timelines. It's a long-term project and probably will not be worked on much in the near future, though it's definitely on my list of things.


Will be updated to fit the current state of things. I might even go so far as to expand it properly and make it a subpage of this one, if things go well.

Blog: Ivy Lenns

A character design done for use in Chronicles of the Other Side, though it's been gathering dust for the time being. Will simply be kept as it is.

Blog: Merita

Delinius' Doublizarro counterpart. Will be adapted from the already-existing subpage (which I apparently forgot about) to an entire character page.

Blog: Ina Sybil Langton

Already exists... but needs some serious work to make it a proper thing. If I'm given permission at some point, it will be mainspaced, but that's of later care. Updated artwork exists for her (though said art is actually over a year old, it's still good).

Blog: Maltus Chuck Langton

Initially a character, then slated for complete removal and now set to only be relevant on the Pi, Delta and (maybe) Iota timelines. Will also be given a poper character page. Also has some artwork that will be posted (one year old, but also a more recent portrait).

Blog: Delinius Maxwell Langton

Only recently posted as of this writing, it speaks of the energetic and inventive Maxwell. Though a lot of it is pure fiction, a few things will prove to be persona adaptations of myself (notably, something about jazz and formal wear). Is either the Omicron or Rho iteration of Delinius, depending on how interesting it would be to have three technology-developing protagonists on one timeline. For now, though, I've settled for Omicron because it seems like a slightly more open timeline aside from the Moriurge/Yaldaboath.

Blog: Lyka Westwood

Delinius' romantic partner on many, if not most timelines (save for Wau, Delta and oddly enough also the above one). Westwood is a reference that is based on the same thing as the name (Leonard) Essington - both pertaining to something about the beetle known as Delinius Essingtoni".


Isn't a page, only a heading on the Subpages page.


Will in fact be called so because it's a slightly more 'appropriate' name </euphemism>.

Various blog posts

These were maybe as far back as 2011/12 Fire and a tidbit of 2013 maybe. I don't know anymore. They will be left as they are for the sake of laughs and maybe for use as reference in joke stories.

Bonus: Silliness archive

Wait, what? This isn't part of the list! Get out of here, you nosy- *chop* Quiet, you. Archive of various things that were funny, primarily Delinius' Chanukwanzaa song and the like. If you decide to check this once every while (alongside the Rantbox), you might find some funny stuff.

Too long; didn't read

tough cookies. *stabbed* No, really, just take your time to read it or maybe don't read it. It's going to take some time before I will even get to the phase of wiping my subpages clean, so you'll have plenty of time to complain. Preferably, chuck your hate mail comments down here or on my talk page, if anyone even does that nowadays. Alternatively, those who have my Steam can file their complaints there and even get a reply the moment I see it! Actually, don't quote me on that. 

As a sidenote, I will have to mark a bunch of things for deletion at the end of this - I probably won't be able to repurpose every subpage. 

Welp. BACK TO WORK, what with two more midterm things.

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