That's more or less what this is about. Just odd bits of everything that has a place, but doesn't yet have the surrounding story to accompany it. It's mostly meant to make sure I don't forget these, but also serves as a storage for thoughts by characters. Or something like that. 

Don't ask me about The Barricaded Drawer

"Why didn't you say anything about this earlier? We could've done something about this for you."

"That is a question I cannot answer very shortly. It is mainly because I do not wish to bother any of you with my trivial problems and the solving of said problems. After all, I've dealt with my own problems for more than a century now, haven't I?" He coughed. "Though I have always been around to aid all of you in the problems you have, that does not mean I entitle myself to the same right, for reasons that are mine. This does not mean I do not trust you with said reasons, but that these reasons are personal." Delinius rose from his chair in the slightly crowded office. Everyone looked at him with curiosity. "Well then! I don't suppose there is a default plan for dealing with personal threats made to an individual, is there?"

He opened one of his drawers and unrolled a large paper across the desk. "Though I have yet to determine what or who is in this building," he said, placing a finger on a crude map of what seemed a small office building, "I do know this building is the source of his actions - a conclusion I've drawn from the locations in which I've noted Sigmond to appear." He rolled it back up and returned it to the desk drawer.

"Hey, would you mind also telling us what the heck's in that boarded up drawer now?" Delinius shook his head.

"If I were to disclose the contents of that drawer, all of us would have a fairly large problem that not even all of us together can solve. It is best that the documents in that drawer do not see the light of day, not to cover up any mishap, but rather because their appearance in the public could be misinterpreted and stir up a case of mass paranoia. I'm fairly sure that we all agree that this is a highly undesirable outcome. That is not the problem we were discussing, however." His face remained friendly, but his eyes had a slightly orange glow, barely noticeable. The subject of the barricaded desk drawer was dropped, and never mentioned again. 

It is mostly better for their own sake that they don't know the contents of the drawer. Considering the fact that very few people truly know the activities that occur on the floors of this building, they would be shocked. Though I haven't always directly observed things, knowing the shifting interior of the place, very strange things are likely lurking in the abandoned corridors, and the few reports of workers I've recieved are enough material for that conclusion.

Delinius is also bad at being the superior or being entirely in charge in some cases

"You know, it's actually really hard to work with Delinius directly. It's more like you're there trying to follow what he's saying or doing and not realizing he's getting whatever job you're on together done without you. He's best left to work by himself mostly, handing work to people that he can't do right away, or something he's not too great at. He always left financial things to me. Any sane person would've kept on that themself, but he literally once dropped a pile of financial files on my table during breakfast and said "I believe these are better handled in your hands than my own. Enjoy, Theo." before leaving. He placed the finance of something he was responsible for in another's hands. He pretends he's not too good at trusting people, but I think it's more about wanting to trust people. And to tell you the truth, looking at his past and the way he's usually treated, I seriously don't blame him." A silence followed, only broken by busy scribbling and the occasional whisper.

Trains aren't safe transportation anymore

At last, I had a little rest. I could quietly look across the landscape moving past without being attacked immediately. I realise very well that the hat I'd picked up a few days before may be what helped me survive for much longer than anyone would expect. When night fell, I had the courage to sleep, my hat over my face in order to remain hidden - under the noses of people who wished me no less of a fate than the witches that had taken blame for what they hadn't done. I thought I would be safe on that train. I would have been if one passenger hadn't been there, someone who'd seen me very recently. My illusion fell along with my hat, forcing me to break myself out of the place. An elaborate combination of law enforcers, spectators, sensation addicts, fanatics, lunatics and lastly those that had nothing to do with this crossed my exit path, most of them pushed aside or blown down. My only escape was out of this town, wherever it actually was. I'd soon find out that it was quite far from where I'd been before.

Even so, not even this great distance could keep me safe, and I realised it after some time. Auzos was known only as a rumour, a story that could be a lie in order to let people perish at sea. I nevertheless took it as a chance to escape, and hope can give one much more determination and strength than normally possible. And so the prophecy that had come to me in my early years was fulfilled as I crossed the seas, through winds, precipitation and a storm, and found myself free of pursuers.


It was pretty clear that this man was not inexperienced in combat. Though the weaponry he wielded only did minor damage to the ship's outer layer, the aim he displayed indicated some amount of tactical knowledge. "Of course... we've seen the symbol on that helmet before... Let's see." The nonagram, symbol of Dwinian religion. "Hmm... considering his notably powerful magic, this may very well be something that descended from the line of Langtons. Perhaps we can eradicate them after all..."

A Temporal Immigrant

A hooded figure entered the sacred room where they were singing, not speaking a word. They stopped.

"Who goes there? Our ritual must not be disturbed!" Instead of leaving or speaking, the figure walked forward, slowly, their arms folded in much the same way as they would.

He seated himself on the stone floor and laid his hands together in the exact same way they had, despite the fact that his hood would have obscured this from him.

"Et ego Dwinnilaudans sum." Spoken out perfectly, more perfectly than any of them had ever mastered. Not even the older members that had passed years ago had reached such a fluent and clear pronunciation.

"Unde venisti?"

The man removed his hood, revealing a head of thick, springy hair that had a faint, obviously magic glow to it.

"From a time when the name Kataphorus Leroy Langton still lingered in the streets, and a time before the many monsters. The prime Langton is the grandfather of my grandmother, Agatha Selena Langton. Who I am, that is surely your knowledge."

It was the ageless descendant that had been chosen to linger on Ludus for as long as fate would let him, filled with a desire to find it in balance whenever possible. Blessed, cursed, rewarded, punished? Time had erased all knowledge of it, although all four words had been uttered in relation to the man throughout time.

Everyone rose from the floor, this Langton the last of them. "It is warming to see a harmonious group in this place. Most will believe that I have died, and that my spirit merely lingers in every stone and wooden post set firmly by a Dwinean. To you, the man is very much alive. It is your firm trust in your ways that has brought you here, and may it carry you onward many years."

In the time that they blinked, he was gone. Even though nobody had blinked at the exact same time, he'd vanished for each of them individually.

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