Right now this is mostly a placeholder, but will in time fill up with various details about what was supposed to be Beta Delinius. However, it has not yet been cleared up which timeline this will be bound to instead. For the moment it appears that it will become the Epsilon timeline.


Placeholder title.

Relation to other characters compared to Alpha

Delinius has a completely different attitude towards LDZX and is not an employee of the company - a large difference in itself. Moreover, he holds a certain amount of reserve towards those involved in his unrequested imprisonment during Back to the Mainland.

A thing of note in this story is that Delinius intentionally remains mysterious about his intents, only stating that he has nothing bad in store. This is true, with the emphasis on nothing bad: he isn't very sympathetic towards LDZX and views Zachary, Ludicrine and Revelian as little more intelligent than the larger part of the population.

This attitude of mystery makes him pretty famous, but behind this little joke Epsilon Delinius plays, he hides the fact that he's working on the launch of his own company Sunrise Industries, a company specialised in lighting - though it also offers various other infrastructure-related services. When the company is finally launched - with all of its employees being part of the 200 people Delinius brought from Auzos, everyone is pretty surprised. But it's especially Zachary who would go to Delinius and be "what are you doing", and generally not like the unexpectedness of this event. And Epsilon would laugh at him and tell him what this truly is about: he intends on making sure nobody will feel like trying to oppose him. Not to later grasp any sort of positions of power, oh no, but to make sure nobody gets it in their head to be hostile to him.


As you may (or may not) know, Delinius has two children on this timeline (at least that's the plan here), two daughters to be exact. I've already posted details on them somewhere else but I'll just give a short list of characteristics for both.


  • Helena Julie Langton
  • Independence is the highest good
  • Loves flying but is unable to do so herself
  • Dislikes spicy food
  • E20616


  • Katherine Lucy Langton
  • Lots of hair in a great mess
  • Always cold, wears a scarf at all times
  • Artistic
  • A14CD8

Combat-specific notes

Epsilon has considerably more explosion-based attacks (both because that's cool/phlogistomancy yay and because my user name tbh), and still holds the same attack Infernal Curse that Alpha has, but also a few more explosive attacks. He wields an axe, though a different one than the Phoenix (though this may be subject of change).

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