All notes Delinius has published.

The Langtons that exist today are a different branch. I have known only a few of their predecessors. One of them has come to me. He asked me about our history. I told him that that history is long. That this history is not pretty. He persisted. I agreed to tell him the entire history, as soon as he gave me his own. He sat down and started telling.

From his story, which was broken by twenty thousand sobs, I learned that he is an outcast. His name is Michael. He lost his parents not long ago and the rest of the family apparently wasn't on good terms with them. He currently has a home next to his school, which according to him is awful. I have offered him to live with me. The moment I said this, he sprang from his seat and said: "For the love of gog, please don't let me go back there..." He now has a room for himself and he's studying a lot of things. I'm not entirely sure I know why I've taken him in.

Today, some guy came to visit. He was from the school. He said he came to take Michael back. I explained to him, first calmly, later more persistent, that the boy is definitely not happy there.

The man threatened me with some kind of law nonsense. I replied as follows: "If that's the case, give me as much time as needed and I will take care of this custody thing. Now then, sir, please leave and do not bother me again. I will not be this calm and friendly the next time you do.

I've arranged everything. Michael had to give his opinion as well, and he told about things that have happened that I think belong in some dark age. The man who bothered me was there. He called it all lies, but the jury and the judge decided otherwise. I am now his legal custodian, yet he has entered the habit of calling me 'dad'. The first time he did, I was quite surprised. I've gotten used to it by now.

Oh of course. Suddenly, when they hear that the rejected member has found shelter, they try to destroy it. In short, Michael's uncle came to visit. What he said and what he proposed isn't important as much as what it implied: they're trying to keep an eye on him, and try to control me. Unfortunately, I've been around too long to be fooled by that kind of nonsense."

And a week after the uncle, we get the aunt, but not a bad one:

- I'm sorry, Delinius. My brother was rather unclear about his intentions.

He was more than clear enough for someone my age.

I laughed softly. She was clearly nervous to be sitting in a room with me.

- I can explain why this is going on. Michael's father wasn't exactly... a good example to go by, and we are hoping he doesn't take after his father.

Well, no. I should think I can make sure by myself that he won't become an idiot or a moron. Firstly, he's quite eager to learn, and good at it, too.

- I'm glad to heat that. But could we-

- That depends on whether or not you trust me in this. After all, if you had really wanted to make sure he wouldn't take after his father, you would have taken him in yourselves. I've seen too much in my life to be fooled. I will warn you once and only once: do not, I repeat, do not, try to play tricks or fool me. However, I'm not one to keep isolated; you may come once a week. If it's really important, you may come more often, but do let me know in advance.

- Very well, I suppose. We are having a dinner this weekend, you must come. Everyone is quite curious about you.

I've accepted the invitation. I'm not sure if it'll be just a party or another attempt to get hold of me, but I can't refuse it. They are relatives of me, no matter how distant. Michael was trying to convince me to not go. I told him that whether they tried with words or acts, they wouldn't get to me. I've experienced worse than just some painful remark - I've had the pleasure of dealing with Speddos! Unless one of them turns out to be him, of course, but that's unlikely if you ask me.

The dinner party was interesting enough. Though it was initially just a party, I was eventually asked a few rather intrusive questions. Of course, I wasn't too pleased, but it was alright. Not long after the actual dinner, one of the younger people came to me, a girl about the age of Michael; his cousin. She led me all the way up to an attic, and explained me that not everything here was as it seemed. In fact, I've been followed by them ever since word arrived that I was still alive, and it wasn't out of mere curiosity or interest - it's my fame and relative wealth they're after, even though most look like they're well off themselves. I recieved a small stack of paper.

"Don't show anything that might tell them. I hate this entire thing. Why can't they be more open in these things?"

- If they find out you gave this to me, will they punish you?

"I think they will..."

- If they do, contact me. I'll come and get you out, and you can stay in my house for as long as necessary. My sister lives there too, and I think you'll get along well.

"Thank you. You know, my parents actually told a lot of bullshit about you."

I put the papers in my bag and took out my notebook. At least we had to pretend to have done something else, right? And indeed, someone came to look at what we were doing. I told them that we'd been touring the house and had decided to stay here. I then read one entry about my work in the north for credibility's sake. The rest of the dinner party was fairly uneventful, though everyone insisted I came and visit them another time.

Back home, I explained to both my sister and Michael what had happened. They were both slightly surprised, and so am I. Now I understand why I rarely saw that branch of our family back then. In any case, I've prepared another guest room in case."

What a weird day. I was assigned to do adoption registration today, and of course it was crowded today - of all days. Without any reason, some person refused to give their personal information. I had to literally remove him from the place because it was starting to annoy everyone else.

After that incident, one of those distant relatives came. Wanted to adopt more pets than is allowed. So, I kindly told him that was not possible. Yeah, "Delinius, come on man! We're family, right?" "Say that again and you'll regret being related to me. You have to understand that this is my job. I can't just do that stuff for whoever I want. You could go to someone else and ask them, but I don't have that kind of power."

They left angrily. Fortunately, everyone else had heard this conversation and supported me in my decision. I'm going to discuss this with others and ask how they usually handle that, because this is just stupid. And if this continues, I am going to contact those Langtons again. Heck, I'll bash the door and ask what the fuck this is about.

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