Ivy Lenns

Ivy small sketch

Yes it's in jpg format and there's going to be a larger version as I always do with these nowadays.


Ivy was born on another continent of the planet, south of the main landmass. Although her parents were somewhat disappointed with her being a girl, Ivy worked hard to prove her worth. This surprised her parents, but didn't change their view on their child. Bitterly, she set out to live by herself. What exactly happened after this moment is vague until Ivy returns to her parents several years later, this time armed with a gun and in a completely different attire. What she came for and how her parents reacted has not become clear, and anyone inquiring about this usually ends up in a hospital or a coffin. Likewise, her reason for traveling in general has not been revealed yet.


Ivy has a fairly average height and has a mostly black attire with purple accents, to match her (also purple) hair, which is possibly her natural hair colour. Her hair is fairly long, but slightly shorter on her right side for practical reasons.


Cynical is the most important word in describing Ivy's general character. If she sees an opportunity, she will say anything negative that fits the situation. In reality, this hides her actual thoughts: Ivy has a kind side that faded over time due to her parents' lack of interest in their daughter.


(As required by the contest rules, Ivy specialises in debuffs on enemies. While I apparently don't have to do this part, I did come up with two moves)

  • Knee shot - Shoots at an enemy's knees, dealing decent damage. Has a 35% chance of inflicting Bleed and reduces the target's evasion.
  • Kick - Kicks back an enemy that comes up too close. Deals little damage, but has a 50% of causing Stun.


  • Ivy's actual first name is Yvette, but she hates this name and chooses Ivy instead.
  • Her boots are made of an extremely hard and durable material, but what the material actually is has yet to be discovered.
  • Ivy's signature colour is a a shade of purple, which seems to refer to her purple hair.