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This page is about my Bizarro character. As of yet the ideas I have are very vague and unstructured.


Right now, I can say the following things about this character:

- Ice-based (as opposed to fire)

- Able to enrage enemies (as opposed to being enraged)

- Permanently sensible person, lack of humour (which is somehow the opposite of me)

- Frostbird (as opposed to Ranting Phoenix)

- Ice OutsideThe Cavity (as opposed to Fire InThe Hole; mostly inspired by the many times others were playing around with this idea)

- Lives in the Snowfield area (opposing Delinius in the desert)

- unintrusiveGatekeeper [UG] (028CF9). Yes, it's the exact inversion of Delinius' colour.

- Also more magic-based, but focuses more on speed and defense (whereas Delinius is extremely MAG-based with not that much speed and crappy defense). Basically a magical tank.

Alongside this, Bizarro Delinius probably has isolated himself from the world somewhat, attacking anyone who comes too close to him. Antisocial, he resides on the top of the mountain, where he guards what he considers 'his home'.

See here as well.


Percidas is generally a sorrowful person who will never let anyone approach. He resents everything and everyone in general, but has a particular dislike for Raptor. "Raptor? Pff, the rich dinosaur that thinks money can buy everything? Well, this goddamned world is of a level where that's pretty much true. Now leave me alone, you idiot."

Another thing

Percidas: Leave!

The morons finally leave, after staring at me like a pair of stoned monkeys for half an hour. I resume my usual habit of wandering across this place that is my home, before I see them again.

Percidas: Oh, you want a show? I'll give you a show you won't forget!

I encase them in ice and shove them downhill. Serves them right. Not like anyone would miss them. Just another pair of people, equally guilty to... IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, GRIDMASKS! YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO PAY IT BACK!

Percidas is misanthropic, and is unable to imagine any person, Gridmask or other, could ever approach him with good intentions. The shock of losing his family to a home invasion is one he has never overcome.

Combat thingies


  • Average HP
  • (Very) low ATK
  • High MAG (68)
  • Decent DEF (56)
  • Low-ish speed

Combat Apparati

  • Attack - Attacks, with various results depending on the equipped items and buffs.
  • Ice Bolt - Fires an icicle. Has a 50% to inflict Slow.
  • Frozen Wind - Casts icy wind, affecting all enemies. Has a 60% chance to inclict Slow and a 30% chance to inflict Freeze.
  • Blizzard - Summons a snow storm, damaging all enemies. Has a 80% chance to inflict Slow.
  • Hail - Drops hailstones on all enemies. Has a 40% chance to inflict Slow and a 70% chance to inflict Freeze if the enemy is already under the Slow effect.
  • Equipment
    • Snowstone - An unusual stone consisting of extremely compressed snow. Increases Percidas' MAG by 40%.
  • Traits
    • Icy Nature - Grants Percidas the ability to absorb Ice and Freeze attacks to regain health
    • Coldflame - Increases damage taken from Fire attacks by 50%
    • Cold Face - 30% resistance to Burn.

Also, if you have questions about his backstory, ask that flamey moron who wrote all of this nonsense or leave a message on his talk page.

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