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  • I live in a hole, obviously. I know naught but to crush skulls with a club.
  • I was born on October 4
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  • I am a pumpkin pie, and I'm delicious.
  • Fire InThe Hole

    As you might know, Delinius is part of a line of deitic descendants of Dwin.

    The name Langton most likely originated from Dwin, as no such name or possible related name has been found before the birth of the first Langton, Kataphorus Leroy Langton in - 356 AEQ.

    There are many holes in the family tree, specifically due to how much happened during the witch hunts. There are several other anomalies that cannot be explained from before that period, as well as long afterwards. As well, it's unclear who the mother of Kataphorus was, and many (often mythical) names are given to this figure.

    • Dwin x ?
    • Kataphorus Leroy Langton - 356 AEQ x Masi Vatras -351 AEQ
    • Auspex Eric Langton -322 AEQ(1)
    • Helena Mary Langton -282 AEQ x ?
    • 'Fredric' Langton ? AEQ
    • Antacitus …

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    This is the 2014 section of the archive blog of the the WHAT UPDATE blog.

    Morony squared, I can barely find time to update this. My activities for the rest of this year are pretty low. I have the following things to do:

    - Downwards needs to proceed to the ending pretty soon.

    - A Walk Through The Fields is nowhere near finished and needs serious rewriting.

    - I want to write another story that started on the Doomed Timeline.

    - I have stuff to do at the Pet Creator.

    Aside from all of this, I have roughly 30 books to read for four languages in the coming year. I will not enter inactivity, but I surely won't have a lot of time to do things.

    Jeeze, updating this is a little forgotten. I've been incorporating all kinds of quasicanonish things into Downw…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    This is the 2015 section of the update archive of the WHAT UPDATE blog.

    This is the last day of 2015... heh. I should probably write some sort of reflection on the year but I can't be bothered. This was the year when:

    • Timelines became a thing
    • Hank has increased the amount of backstory to Hankvi trememndously
    • Mori has come with the idea of the Gray Agents, among other things
    • A lot of story stuff in general was being done

    This was sadly also the year when several people were pretty salty. We should probably ban assalt rifles, ay? Yes, that is a bad joke. Go ahead and make a weapon by that name if you want, honestly. It was also recently made the year when shitty vandalism returned for a short period. The result of that is that Ivan247 is bureaucr…

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    His wrath shall cut their ties from this unholy filth His wrath shall burn the skies and burn corrupt within

    - One of 's prophecies.

    An old man stepped through the gates of the city, a vintage motorcycle in his hands as he passed the security checks. Despite his appearance, with silvery hair and a simple walking cane, his stride was quite firm, and the motorcycle at his side seemed to have little effect on his speed.

    The security station was behind him now, and he smiled softly.

    "Poor lads. Hardly paid, yet always blamed for mishaps."

    He had heard many stories of this place. Of its great skyscrapers and the suspended bridges, even entire squares and shopping streets in the air. There were stories of those below the great buildings, too: of their m…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    Lyka Westwood

    November 30, 2016 by Fire InThe Hole


    |Lyka, after some troubles.}}

    |Affectionate name}} |Row 6 title = Height |Row 6 info = 166 cm |Row 7 title = Weight |Row 7 info = 64 kg |Row 8 title = Aura |Row 8 info = }}

    Lyka Westwood is mostly known for being Delinius' girlfriend.

    Story Lyka was born as a Gridmask to the relatively wealthy Westwood family, though said wealth had decreased due to many of them being lazy and only working 'for fun' rather than actually trying to make a living for themselves. Lyka was quite done with this and left for Hub City (this being quite a while back and maybe it was even Old Hub City at that time) and lived there by herself for some time. Presumably, she found a boyfriend of sorts at some point and got settled for a few years... until a rather…

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