Hello, Fan-Ballers. Since 11 of you voted "Yes" on me submitting the rest of my reviews, and I voted "Speddos", that means you people do want me to make/submit more reviews!

But I'd appreciate some help!

You see, finding horribly bad Crappypastas to rip to pieces is actually a lot harder than you might think. Most bad creepypastas tend to fall into the same category over and over again; Same cliches, same plots, not fun to write for. Me and an offsite associate do find shit nuggets from time to time, but it's not that often.

So here's where you come in!

If you want to suggest a pasta to me that is hilariously bad that you think I'd do a great job tearing into, by all means, submit the pastas down below! Most bad creepypastas tend to get deleted off of said wiki after a little while, but the truly bad ones that have a special place in the toilet get sent to the Trollpasta wiki so they can forever be mocked. You might find some on the Creepypata wiki, but the Trollpasta wiki will also provide you with some.

That's not to say you should grab every single pasta you find on the latter site; That site is, as you may guess, a house for trollpastas. Get pastas you're sure are actual, legit bad pastas. Not pastas some idiot wrote up specifically for that wiki. Trollpastas =/= Bad Creepypastas. If you want further help, see these two categories on the trollpasta wiki. (They do blend together a bit, but hey.)

So here's some ground rules.


  • They must be bad creepypastas; Trollpastas are not suitable for review because they are intentionally bad. How to tell the difference? Most trollpastas are absolutely batshit insane when it comes to content. They may also be as stupid as something called "DETH TROMBONE". (no seriously) If the pasta looks like it was intended to actually be a creepypasta (but fails, obviously), and not something filled to the brim with absolute ridiculousness, that's a crappypasta. Keep that in mind.
  • Do not submit something I've already reviewed.
  • Do not submit pastas that are primarily picture-based; Stuff like NES Godzilla and I HATE YOU are examples. (Granted the former is actually not too bad.)
  • Try to find hilariously bad pastas. Pastas that are just stupid, boring cliche fests are not fun to review, nor do they open themselves up to much commentary besides "Oh look a cliche. Oh look horrible word choice." All it takes is something hilariously bad to throw it into shitpasta territory. Check out the pastas I've reviewed if you want an idea of what defines something that is hilariously bad.
  • Don't just give me shit everyone and their dog has reviewed already. That's essentially pissing in an ocean of piss.

That's about it! If you find pastas that fit the following rules, suggest them in the comments below. Cheers.