The Descent is going to be my next major project after I get some headway on my FF story, and after I complete "Wrapping Things Up" (Which is actually going to be fairly long)

It will star Revelian and only Revelian because I'm an asshole.

It takes place 10 years after the most recent story. (Whatever it may be)

In this, Luna has gone missing, and Revelian slowly goes mad without her. He winds up in a small building...

That turns out to have a stairway. A really long stairway.

However, as he starts to descend, he starts to see visions. Visions of a sick, white smile, and of a bloody monster that chases him relentlessly.

What are these monsters? And why are they stalking him?? And why is this stairway so long?!

FInd out when the story comes out. Most likely March.

...You're still here? Well, if you bothered to read either my or Luna's profile page, you'd see that the two monsters mentioned above are our shadows. That will be explained later. In a pretty major plot twist.


Shadow Revelian


Shadow Luna

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