dms u stremin

I'm not. This blog is here to not only act as a means of letting people know I'm about to stream, but to provide information about stream projects. For example, HOME, a game that I'm streaming (and waiting for updates to)



I MIGHT stream tonight. Or tomorrow. What depends on whether or not I'll stream tonight or tomorrow? How many people are actually online. If you want me to stream tonight, either get into the chat or flat out say in the comments you do. I prefer the chat though. If not, don't bother. I'll stream (maybe) tomorrow.

What are we gonna stream? Simple. You know how HOME's a good OFF fangame, right?? Well, who wants to look at a BAD OFF fangame?? A REALLY bad one?? I mean one that's so bad it makes HOME look like OFF itself? Yeah. A BAD one. It's also pretty damn short, so I'll probably finish it in one go. My first playthrough clocked in at... Twenty minutes, I think. Yep. It's that short.



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