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    Hello, peoples. In order to make explaining how to install Eashy's SR Mod tools easier, I decided to screenshot the process. I will explain how to below for any noobs who want to install the SR Mod tools.


    You need to make ANY website a bookmark. Don't worry; the mod tools will not mess this website up in any way. Name the bookmark "SR Modding" or something similar so you can find it easily.


    Right click the bookmark, and click on the "Edit" button that appears. This will open up the following window -


    As you can see, I replaced the newtab URL with the SR Mod Tool code. The newest versi…

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  • DMSwordsmaster

    Until I decide to make him canon, he'll probably remain on this little blog for a while.

    Aristotle, full title , is the Bizarro counterpart of Shakespeare. His citizen rank and any potential pesterchum is unknown.

    Unknown. His background is shrouded in mystery. All that is known is he is a cyborg, he has crimson skin naturally, and he's a mercenary for hire.

    Like Shakespeare, Aristotle is a cyborg that wears dark armor. Unlike Shakespeare, however, his armor is more aggressive in its appearance. It has fiery red highlights, and the arms of his armor are stylized with flames. He also possess a ponytail made of fire.

    Compared to his standard counterpart, Aristotle is quite reckless and daring. He's got a heated attitude. He relies on his intense…

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  • DMSwordsmaster

    This is a sort of music track listing for Chronicles.

    How the table works -

    Area/Track Name Description Video (if available)

    Officer's Suite A soft, somewhat somber piano song. Not TOO somber, but quiet sounding. No video available
    Prison of Death Rather oppressive, somewhat storming instrumentals V
    Underground Weapon's Plant Maybe a dark, somewhat ambient track. V

    More to be added later.

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  • DMSwordsmaster

    For some reason Radiant's talk page is completely blank. Managed to grab the message regarding Speddos I left him and I'm posting it here for archival's sake.

    EDIT - For some reason, it's back. I have no idea. Weird wikia schmit. Still keeping this for the sake of it.

    So you've heard stories of the guy, right? But have you actually heard an in depth history of his rise and fall into a failtrollvandal? Probably not, but hey, I was here when it happened. I was in the war. Anyways, LOOOOOOONG ago, back when fan ideas for Dan-Ball were still being put on our userpages on this site, there were two people; Happyman... Uhh, I forget the random numbers in his name. And Speddos. Speddos initially acted somewhat cool; Being a regular, semi helpful user…

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  • DMSwordsmaster

    Secret Character

    July 26, 2015 by DMSwordsmaster

    Just a teaser for a major character that will appear in Chronicles. Major information about him is censored.

    [NAME REDACTED] is a [REDACTED], hailing from the deep reaches of space. He is the bizarro version of [NAME REDACTED]. Many years ago, he came upon the [REDACTED], and, seeing them as godless beings, swooped in and took them completely over. They serve him as their god, and do his every whim. He now has plans to [REDACTED]. He is referred to as "Lord [REDACTED]" by his [REDACTED] followers due to his proper name translating to [REDACTED] in the [REDACTED] language.

    [NAME REDACTED] is a calm, stoic being, a far cry from his standard counterpart. Very little puts him off and disturbs him. Underneath his serenity is a omnicidal, terrifyi…

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