aka Mars

  • I live in Norway
  • I was born on October 6
  • My occupation is Freelance whatever-doer
  • I am Demiguy, alternatively Demidude
  • BrokenMartyr

    Patron of rogues. Their tribe consisted mostly of multi-armed creatures, with stunted movement capabilities, often being immobile, much like themself. Has the gift of regeneration, which is why they restrict themself to the golden vase, lest their limbs consume the world. One of their hands was harvested for the sake of the creation of Lord Nazca.
    Patron of barbarians. Twin being of Mavors. Their tribe had the most aggressive members, using their hard heads as battering rams of sorts. Arxit was not incorporated in Lord Nazca's creation.
    Patron of knights. Twin being of Arxit. Their tribe had ruthless, borderline savage members, overpowering all others and conquering the Nazcan homeworld in a matter of decades. Thousands of years later, when …

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