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  • Aeinstein

    Aein's Mod

    September 6, 2016 by Aeinstein

    Recently I've heard about Ivan's mod for Stick Ranger, I tried it and liked it, then, I thought I could try to make my own mod for Stick Ranger. I started it on September 4th.

    Total progress with it:

    1. Added "BURN" info on Fire weapons
    2. Now, the "BURN", "SLOW" and "TIME" info on Fire, Ice, Poison and Freeze weapons have colored text
    3. Added 2 new weapon types
    4. Increased the size of the book and added a new continent to the world map
    5. Added 19 new stages so far!
    6. Increased EXP level cap from 99 to 128
    7. Added Yellow, Cyan and Purple stones
    8. Added Turquoise, Onyx, Citrine, Amethyst and Moonstone jewels
    9. Added 145 new weapons
    10. Added a new compo item category: "Runes", which decrease LP but increase defense against a specific type
    11. Added one new tileset
    12. Added six new la…

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  • Aeinstein

    Most OP weapon in SR

    February 16, 2015 by Aeinstein

    I was wondering, what is the most OP weapon there is in SR?

    so, i am making a "tournament" where you can vote!

    First, we will decide the most OP weapon for each class, the winners and the runner ups will be in the "knockout" stage

    NOTE: only the newest and the strongest weapons will be in!

    Results for the 1st round:

    Spark Claw: 5 votes

    Needle Claw: 1 vote

    Flame Blade: 4 votes

    Lightsaber: 3 votes

    Double Flame: 4 votes

    Quad Steel Arrow: 3 votes

    Indra Arrow: 1 vote (eliminated)

    Electric Shock: 4 votes

    Spread Explosion: 3 votes

    Poisonous Staff: 5 votes

    Freeze Exp Staff: 1 vote

    Scattergun: 3 votes

    3-round Burst: 2 votes

    Mini Uzi 1 vote (eliminated)

    Pierce Homing: 1 vote (eliminated)

    Thorn Flail: 5 votes

    Explosion Flail: 1 vote

    Fire God: 4 votes

    Charge Chakram: 1 vote …

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