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  • Hankvi - Uses [] and [,] instead of "o" and "q", 1-6 like [.]-[:::], ends with '....' sometimes with '!!!!' or '????'. Otherwise, he uses regular grammar and syntax.
  • Ludicrine - Uses regular grammar and syntax, though he does not put punctuation marks at the end of his sentence all the time. .D
  • Zoshi - Shows blatant disregard for any sort of typing pattern, erratically disregarding spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules at various times. Frequently mispells words on accident.
  • Revelian - Often uses regular grammar and syntax. When joking around or acting comical, he often uses less capitalization and punctuation. When angry, he types in all caps.
  • Mori - Perfect grammar and syntax. []_[]
  • Poisonshot - Often makes spelling or grammatical errors. Uses all caps when being emotional.
  • Samuel - Either uses perfect grammar and syntax, or no capitalization and no punctuation except for occasional ellipsis and single/multiple question/exclamation marks.
  • Mercuron - Uses correct capitalization and spelling, though he often uses words of broken common with '. He does not end his sentences with a period. Rarely uses exclamation marks. :3c
  • Lazro - Uses regular grammar and syntax, though sometimes capitalizes the wrong letter or uses a made-up word. May also sometimes type in a command with a > behind it.
  • Iala - Uses regular grammar and syntax, and often uses cussing or sexual terms.
  • Linthe - Perfect grammar and syntax.
  • Cobalt - Perfect grammar and syntax.
  • Ellona - Types in all caps, uses various combinations of )|( to replace letters.
  • Armega - Doesn't use capitalization for the most part, capitalizes the letter "o," replaces "t" with "+."
  • Uskuro - Capitalizes vowels, often uses commas, types in the letter 'h' twice in a row for each one time, and replaces the letter 'p' with his own symbol.
  • Hassii - Has no punctuation and no capitalization. Replaces the letter 's' with '5'. Puts '-' in place of spaces in between words.
  • Grodus - Uses perfect punctuation and spelling. Replaces 'x' with '><'. Replaces "o" and "i" with "0" and "1" after becoming a cyborg. Substitutes the "ate" sound with "8" and types punctuation in sets of 8 only when exceptionally enraged or otherwise has lost control of himself.  D><
  • Tarzuk - Initiates sentences with a ">," replaces the letter "a" with "4." Frequently references internet memes and uses 4chan-esque slang.
  • Murtaw - Nearly identical to Hankvi, occasionally uses [:D] emote.
  • Liwiya - (Suggestion) She replaces the letter y with her symbol, puts emphasis on the letters i, t, and c somehow, and types in all caps except for the first and last letter of her sentences.
  • Zaion - Does not use capitalization or punctuation, aside from periods/question marks/exclamation points. Will use thirteen punctuation marks when expression emotion. In Grimdark mode, she types with perfect grammar and syntax (and with Zalgo text).
  • Sanford - Uses regular grammar and syntax, though he will only use periods as a form of punctuation, unless in special cases.
  • RDB -
  • Ivan -
  • Anicetus/Stickbeard-
  • Taku - Uses perfect grammar and syntax regularly, though in certain situations he will type in all caps.
  • Thristel-Immo - Uses regular grammar and syntax, though sometimes speaks in bad english, and he usually stops speaking after a some number of words to breath from his mask.
  • Masa - Uses regular grammar and syntax, and sometimes uses puns involving mechanics or memes relating to Sam.
  • Hankvl Guldza- Uses () and (,) instead of "o" and "q", 1-6 like (,)-(;;;), ends with .. sometimes with !! or ??, replaced L/l with li and I/i with IL.
  • Afeita -
  • Isevel -
  • Cordoz -
  • Demeta -
  • Magnus - "X" is used to replace the "k" sound. It should also be noted that he switches his uppercase to normal case.
  • Duiker -
  • Pre-Accident Hankvi -
  • Naijad -

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