Suggestion idea thing, for if anyone wants to do a thing with it.


This is supposed to be a file-based compilation of the recorded events pertaining to The Kuipter Files. It will consist of written recordings of the several known events that occurred in The Kuipter Files, though it will be made in a more organized and complete fashion, to appear professional and all. Kind of like a person just writing actual files about the events relating to Kuipter and things. This will work as a prologue for the events of the story.

Status: Waiting for approval for this to ever be a thing.

XX/XX, -51 ADC

On this day, the Dark Star went into orbit around the planet Ludus. Kuipter and an associate of his started an attack at Revelian's home, where Mura Zeronius was murdered. A message was left by him making it known that his intentions were conquer Ludus, harvest its' resources and drain its' power, and then destroy it.

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