This is a story based off of Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates. It's probably not "canon", in the sense that it's intended to replace the story it's based off of in whatever the current edition of our "new canon order official plot" thing is. There are a lot of changes made overall, as well as a number of changes to background plot surrounding the things. "Basically" the same story, in the end, I guess.

NOTE: Currently needs Ludicrine to be replaced with Bax. Ludi's name is featured around a hundred times I think, and he's described in the beginning as a Serrangio. He also is portrayed as having the ability to fly more than once, which is something that a gridmask probably wouldn't have. Needs another explanation for that. Also his anchor/magic use might be unfitting for whatever Beq is intended to have


Put into subpages due to huge size. There are 32 chapters in total: A prologue and an epilogue, 24 "regular chapters", and 6 "bonus chapters". The sections are as follows:

  • Prologue
    • Prologue: Introducing...
  • Chapters 1-4 (+B1)
    • Chapter 1: A Curious Case
    • Chapter 2: Anubis
    • Chapter 3: Sand Doctor
    • Chapter 4: Restart Command
    • Bonus Chapter: Dead
  • Chapters 5-8 (+B2)
    • Chapter 5: Rebellion
    • Chapter 6: Pressure
    • Chapter 7: Second Conquest
    • Chapter 8: Descending
    • Bonus Chapter: Project G.R.I.E.F
  • Chapters 9-12 (+B3)
    • Chapter 9: Passive Aggressors
    • Chapter 10: Enemy of my Enemy
    • Chapter 11: Mister Hyde
    • Chapter 12: Grim
    • Bonus Chapter: First Time
  • Chapters 13-16 (+B4)
    • Chapter 13: Commitment
    • Chapter 14: Zeronius Dark Star
    • Chapter 15: Dark Core
    • Chapter 16: Core of Nightmares
    • Bonus Chapter: Feasting
  • Chapters 17-20 (+B5)
    • Chapter 17: Playtime
    • Chapter 18: True Colours
    • Chapter 19: Two on One
    • Chapter 20: Vengeance
    • Bonus Chapter: Kappa
  • Chapters 21-24 (+B6)
    • Chapter 21: Stone Lord
    • Chapter 22: Escape
    • Chapter 23: I'm Sorry
    • Chapter 24: Anniversary
    • Bonus Chapter: Miraculous Machinations
  • Epilogue
    • Epilogue: Family


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