Just my own idea for Speddos backstory. Probably going to be declined, but eh.

As SR123

SR123 was original a devout follower of the god known as ha55ii, though he was very unintelligent. He once tried to join LDZX, though he could not master the pet taming abilities so he was immediately kicked out, to which point he vowed his revenge. He then tried to plagiarize from LDZX, but was sued because of this. He renounced his following of ha55ii and changed to the worship Speddos, who he then pulled into existence in this universe.

SR123 was later tracked down by Revelian and brutally mutilated by him, but before he could be finished off, Radiant accidentally made created a portal that summoned him. In his damaged state, he was mistaken for a monster and Ivan decapitated him. His body fell through a portal to Alternia and was replaced by Hankvi's at a later time. On SGRUB Gamma Alternia, his body was paradox cloned and created as the First Guardian of the session, and he became the annoying First Guardian that lead to the complications that had arisen with their session in the first place.

He later switched places with the SGRUB Beta2 Session Universe's First Guardian. After learning of Ellona's actions against Hassii, who he recognized to be ha55ii, he tried to kill her but was defeated by her Chaos powers, and from his body Speddos was born.

As Speddos

Speddos then implemented himself in the SGRUB Beta2 Session to an odd point of ways to which he was able to join the things of the players (Without actually becoming one) and have his own zodiac symbol in the Prism universe like they did. His zodiac sign was recognized as 'Caner'.

Speddos later tried to kill Tarzuk for trolling him earlier in his SR123 form. Their battle ended with both of them dying. Speddos was later revived by SR123 on Ludus later, where he established a system that would make it so that he could self-revive a while after dying. He then decided to troll the residents of their universe by defecating on their lawns and yelling strange things at them. However, upon going to Poisonshot's lawn, he was killed by a well-thrown rock. The head of his body was later taken by Ludicrine and given to Revelian, thinking that he was finally dead.

Speddos is a blue flame with eyeballs UltimateSpeddos that can turn himself into a giant deformed head TrueSpeddos and TrueSpeddosEnraged, and can shrink and become an average-sized person with the same deformed head in a business suit FalseSpeddos. Every time he is "banned", he reverts back to a blue flame and is bounced off into the sky. He creates a new appearance to establish a new "sockpuppet" persona. This is shown by his false form's suit color changing

... wow these jokes are really stupid.

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