Like, 6/15/-50

About a month after WTU:2 would have happened I think?

Mori is suspected for having involvement with previous terrorist attacks that have befallen the planet Ludus over the past year and a half now. So, s/he is taken in for investigation by the Ludusian government. During this, Mori is arrested merely under suspicion, but then s/he is busted out by Caledonia, who destroys much of the facility in the process, thus pretty much confirming it.

So, Mori and Cale then start to head out to the island where Hankvi's hive is, and there's a ship owned by Hankvl waiting for them. But, along the way, Ludi, Zach, Rev, and Hank start following after them, knowing that they are criminals, and that Mori's betrayed them. Rev specifically wants to kill Mori.

The gang gets to the ship, which Mori and Cale have just boarded. Hankvi is surprised that Hankvl has been allied with Cale all along, but doesn't really hold it against Hankvl probably

Then, Ludi, Zach, and Rev, start flying off after the ship

Cale uses the Subconscious Fragment to try and deal with KaiserRev; Hankvl fends off Ludi; Luciras then shows up and tries to dissuade Zach from attacking, but, as Zach goes on, she reveals that she's been allied with Cale and Mori all along, and stops Zach from chasing after them

Some fighting goes on, it seems pretty evenly matched and all; Hankvi then shows up along with Sir William, and then Cale makes everybody retreat by teleporting them and the ship to a port on Auzos. The gang doesn't know where they went, but they all feel betrayed

Mori then spends a long time on Auzos; later there's an arc where the Grey Agents summon a ghost creature to attack the gang, but this fails; later Cale disappears to go to the OKTE, Mori turns into Hamelily and is later killed by the gang (and then becomes an inner being of Lazro); other members just lay low forever until they're important

This is Alpha-Unaltered btw

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